Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts
And he makes the big return on his bday!
Fair number of people mentioning the spelling of extravert as extrovert, which is much more common and I probably should have used it in hindsight, but for context, extravert with an A is usually preferred for the "I'm doing a psych report" format, while extrOvert is more common in everyday common use to mean outgoing.
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  • BlackDynamiteMN

    The movie thing is 100% accurate absolute shit first date spot

  • Highlander Bones
    Highlander Bones

    Here is a question for extroverts and my fellow introverts Do you have social anxiety?

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      Introvert: No I don’t I don’t like being social but anxiety and not liking being social are two different things

  • le cat
    le cat

    Im just not having anything in common with the others, I actually like having a conversation with someone, its just the fact that I need something to talk about

  • muderbuder

    2:46 just trust me

  • Masv1pe

    Thought it was extrovert

  • Bo

    bro i experience more, reflect more. i just eat all the information and then think about it a lot and then vomit it back up again different at everyone else again

  • Donshowmethoseads Soannoying
    Donshowmethoseads Soannoying

    I thought I was extroverted when I was a kid, but I just realized that I was as introverted as I am now. I have been a talkative introvert since day 1.

  • Thevingoa

    and I am iron.. superman. Can be introvert reporter or extrovert Homelander lol

  • Harribo ;P
    Harribo ;P

    Ambiverted? Hah. More like Omniverted.

  • This statement is false Nothing is true
    This statement is false Nothing is true

    I don’t even know how to make plans my friends just show up and tell me to get in the car Kinda like that one guy when I was a kid

  • A N
    A N

    “you’re probably just on some other kind of spectrum” I ALMOST CHOKED LMAO

  • Bored Marshmallo
    Bored Marshmallo

    "The accident" *concerned* "Being conceived" Oooooh *understanding nod and relating*

  • SeaKayBee

    Texting with extroverts: "hey lol" "hi" "hru?" "good wbu?" "pretty good tbh. Wyd??" "nm hbu?" "same lol" *meme* "lmao" "ikr" "i gtg" "k" "bye ttyl lol"

  • Ahmed Mostafa
    Ahmed Mostafa

    So yeah Five starts

  • R.E.O. Speeweed
    R.E.O. Speeweed

    I would consider myself an introvert, but I can talk to most ppl just fine without anxiety, I just like being by myself.

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      @R.E.O. Speeweed also you said you can’t talk to people fine without anxiety and I simply asked who said you need anxiety to be an introvert why because your sentence implied that if that isn’t what you meant then instead of trying to argue just correct yourself

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      @R.E.O. Speeweed okay first of all it wasn’t that hard but okay I mean unless you genuinely find it hard to read anyway you should understand a simple mistake

    • R.E.O. Speeweed
      R.E.O. Speeweed

      @Sacred warrior lots of ppl say they have social anxiety talking to ppl, so like to be by themselves, I dont have social anxiety but I like being by myself, I never said you needed anxiety to be an introvert, I was just pointing out that some do. Also, punctuation, your sentence was confusing to read.

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      Who said you need anxiety to be an introvert two different things 😂 my friend has social anxiety she has panic attacks over too many people being in one location and passes out introverts simply just don’t like being social

  • GuppyLife

    You misspelled extrovert

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett

    I don’t like talking to groups of people, only one on one. But everyone I meet are in groups, so I can’t talk to anyone. And I need social interaction to be happy, and texting works. But I need to ask them for their full name to find them on social medias to talk to them, but they’re always in groups, and I don’t like talking in groups, only one on one. So it’s a cycle of loneliness

  • Adrian The Genuine
    Adrian The Genuine

    Kawabunga DUDE 😂

  • Shawn Loftin
    Shawn Loftin

    Does 20% of the video need to be expressvpn?

  • dggdvg0

    Introverts, introverts, stays away from people all days

  • Nini Nyoko
    Nini Nyoko

    Yay, I'm average And yes, that can change, I was clearly extraverted in early childhood, then I had a phase of being bullied severely where I was quite introverted and now I keep the balance with a bit more introverted characteristics (except online) because of the pandemic

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      Average is actually considered extrovert since they take up most of the population but why is it you feel the need to fit in anyway?

  • Ranch Dressing
    Ranch Dressing

    Theres also omniverted

  • Adrixis :D
    Adrixis :D

    So guys... tell me about how many sexual experiences have you had Porn does not count

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      I’m 15 😑

  • Torrio Torres
    Torrio Torres

    You earned the like

  • Demee Grace Arcala
    Demee Grace Arcala

    I only talk to people when they first talk to me if they're not talking to me but I like what theyre talking about i'd most likely to join in I remember that one girl I met on school she was very talented and pretty,she also seems to like science I thought I was ambiverted but im actually just avergae

  • Denzell David
    Denzell David

    I've always thought it was spelled "Extrovert"...

  • Bangtan 소년단's bitch
    Bangtan 소년단's bitch

    I like talking to people a lot and im an extrovert but the thing is...i can't

  • Klarigi

    Is it just me who never knew extrovert was spelt "extravert" ?

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      It isn’t 😂

  • Entrex

    i feel like im both depends on the mood

  • Ashish Ranjan
    Ashish Ranjan

    Only introvert can understand how challenging their daily life is..

  • Cloud_Boy

    I’m a introvert but why do I some days I’m extrovert rarely?

  • Cyber craft P.G
    Cyber craft P.G

    And Ambiverts at the corner be like : 👁️💧👄 💧👁️💅

  • loki ig
    loki ig

    This one dude that gaslighted me for a year told me I’m rude for never talking to him. I said sorry, I’m just really introverted and he said “oh, don’t worry, you can work hard and get better” 🧍🏻

  • Milkeiji

    idk who I am so yeah ambiverted lol I like being home, being alone, being social, being everything whatever

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      Being social with strangers or with friends?

  • Voicebox The One and Only
    Voicebox The One and Only

    I’m neither. I’m a redditor For legal reasons, I’m not an actual Redditor, and this is in fact a joke, I do not have a Reddit account, and I am certainly not a Redditor myself, and I am not specifically hating on redditors. It’s just a fucking joke.

    • Voicebox The One and Only
      Voicebox The One and Only

      @Sacred warrior better prepared than a long, hostile comment section!

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      No one said anything chill 😂

  • Nate Phelps
    Nate Phelps

    It's me all over lol

  • Jechann

    im introverted, please dont missunderstand me im not telling myself or other introvert/extrovert a special ones because to me everyone is special and different, no matter what. i just want to put my experience about what the content being said. everytime i grow up i always try to made up myself to be more active in social (well i was always shy and awkward as a child, but i know its not mean if i shy im introvert and vice versa.) and then everytime i grow up i tell myself to try make a lot of friend and be more open, active socializing and relax. but i always fail no matter what i do and how i try to set my mindset... later on im became less shy (thanks to the practice i give to myself even if i still cant so active in socialize that makes me not so shy anymore) and i realize that im not really socialize not because im shy, its because it really draining me and i cant take any topic "freely" without thinking that makes me less talk if im in some circle (im not lying if im in crowd for about some minutes i could be really tired even if i do nothing and makes me dizzy and its true that happen to me, especially bcs i also more sensitive to surroundings) im always being a listener than a talker i really cant just bring up topics to a small talk. if i start to talk something it'll be complicated and people tend to be bored and ignore me.(i could understand, so im not taking it to heart, thats not the reason i less talk) but people will talk to me if its about asking for advice and something like that. i really enjoy to be with myself alone and its really feels like "charging" me again. i can be a talker and cheerful person just to one person that i trust the most in my life and he always makes me comfortable. so for me this thing is real and not because of the environment (bcs i always been in cheerful and "loud" family and environment), and it cant change by growing up. maybe its more like when we are growing we will just be wiser, in my case its impact on how i really really shy become not shy to people but still socialize lesser, i can do presentation well because its free to me to say what i want to say and already make the script but i still not good talk to ppl because i will always overthink what i should say or answer. but if its about advice thats mean that people want to hear what i think not what they want to hear so i enjoy it. again, everyone is special and different. please be respectful to each other ^^ note : even to my friend, im the same im not suddenly extroverted to them XD

  • Nyarlathotep13 Nyarlathotep13
    Nyarlathotep13 Nyarlathotep13

    So, introverts are smarter. Just kidding, I know that wasn't the point. Anybody who refers to their own conception as 'the Big Accident' is brilliant, intro or extroverted. Also, based on voice and the description and approximate time reckoning, I'm pretty sure I dated the same girl as the narrator.

  • Aubrey

    top five anomalies that can't be explained number one *I'm an introvert and my boyfriend is an extrovert*

  • Subhranil Hazra
    Subhranil Hazra


  • Super Colonel Bingus
    Super Colonel Bingus

    i actually used to be very extroverted slowly, i realized i hate people and everything about them

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      if you talking about being a small child then yeah because children see the world differently back then on another kid my age lemme say hi and possibly play a game of tag or something


    For me I like making my class laugh,but at home I like mor privacy,at school I know most of the popular kids and make sure my closer circle of friends are ok and like being social it’s...complicated

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      What year are you in?

  • No Name
    No Name

    I saw someone say extroverts cause climate change on Reddit. 😟

  • King

    To me I feel like introverts are just people who are extroverted in video games but say nothing in irl. But then again that's just me.

  • Evan Wasylko
    Evan Wasylko

    I took that personality test thing and I literally got 49% to 51%

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      I took about 7 different ones and I got 94% introverted every time and yes that exact number so I should probably just say I’m an introvert you can say you are bit of both 😂

  • Spicy Ruin
    Spicy Ruin

    Well i guess im introverted otherwise i tend to get harmfull

  • Annie Ross
    Annie Ross Naturalmente, la teoria esistente contribuisce alla preparazione e all'implementazione delle condizioni appropriate per l'attivazione. Essendo solo una parte del quadro generale, molte personalita famose formano una rete economica globale e, allo stesso tempo, sono descritte nel modo piu dettagliato possibile. In generale, ovviamente, un livello profondo di immersione presuppone modi indipendenti di realizzare la priorita della mente sulle emozioni. A proposito, gli stati indipendenti sono ambigui e saranno presentati in una luce estremamente positiva. ちなみに、政治プロセスの要素はグローバルな経済ネットワークを形成すると同時に、考え方によってのみ制限されます。行動の主要なシナリオを考えると、幅広い資産との協議は、既存の財務および管理環境における質的に新しい段階です。 次のようなことを言う論争の的となる見方があります:伝統的な生産、ナノテクノロジーを追い出し、現在の困難な経済状況を克服しようとする人々は、関係当局によって客観的に検討されました。今日の経済アジェンダには開発モデルの定義と改良が必要であるという事実から、私たちは先に進むことを余儀なくされています。

  • Asphalt

    I have anxiety, overthinking and depression so am I extrovert or introvert.

    • Sacred warrior
      Sacred warrior

      well the anxiety part idk depression yikes and overthinking I do that too so I’d say you are more on the introverted but only because the anxiety might make you lean more towards it most of the time

  • Axien Rose
    Axien Rose

    Nothing since the big acccident: being conceived

  • tommyogurt

    You're not ugly, You're just poor

  • D L
    D L


  • Eden Faulkner
    Eden Faulkner

    Hey ima introvert- WASSUP

  • Azuka Yuukanna
    Azuka Yuukanna

    I am just average

  • Plutenox 0__0
    Plutenox 0__0

    There are people who hangout alot with frnds and still say they're introvert. Me : (literally don't even talk to family members and spend 25 hour/a day in my room) being introverted isn't that easy dude.

  • Vanillemor

    My sister is a bigass extrovert while I'm a bigass introvert. She always told me that I was doing something wrong because I didn't enjoy meeting people as much as she did. I've eventually learned that there's nothing "wrong" with me, that I'm just an introvert and need to recharge my social battery frequently, but I still feel self-conscious when I haven't done "enough" with people in a while. I hope that'll change in the course of my life!

  • Scribbled

    “Oh boy I’m not doing anything on sunday 😃..........” *f e l t*

  • nisa The mona lisa
    nisa The mona lisa

    Him explaining it but my not understanding a word👁👄👁

  • IntoTheAbyss

    2:04 LOL

  • Lexi Frogue
    Lexi Frogue

    2:19 - 2:28 I quote this every day.

  • Syed Asad
    Syed Asad

    the reason why the comment have so much likes because most of them are introvert here

  • Epistimon Kapetanios
    Epistimon Kapetanios

    I am an introvert, and I was the only introvert in my school and neighbourhood. I was a bullying victim my whole victim. When I was going in middle school, the whole class was organizing surprise parties for everyone exept me.

    • roblox loser
      roblox loser


  • Adam S
    Adam S

    The "extrovert experience more, reflect less" and introvert "experience less, reflect more" thing is so insanely accurate.

    • Thevingoa

      Reflect more mostly when working alone or online but before internet, extrovert done more things as work was more physical. There should be a balance & knowledge of our weakness & strengths👍

    • rip ant
      rip ant

      @Winston oh lmfao my brain is dead, thanks man

    • Winston

      @rip ant by reflect it means like to think, like thinking about things

    • rip ant
      rip ant

      @Winston what do they reflect

    • Winston

      @rip ant how lol

  • Emmanouil Katsarelias
    Emmanouil Katsarelias

    sry, is it "extravert"?!

  • Bastian M
    Bastian M

    i am a ah av ave average 👁👄👁 👀

  • New Me
    New Me

    "Oh no, I have to see Sindy on Sunday, what can I do avoid that"..... -Introvert



  • idk

    I usually say oh, boy I'm not doing anything on sunday and I haven't seen my friend for a month I should ask him for coffee.. But I end up not doing it and stay at home. So what does this mean? :d

  • [Captainfaz] ]
    [Captainfaz] ]

    I’ll be giving a five star review

  • Aman

    An introvert's greatest pleasure is when a travel plan of them gets postponed.

  • Biscuit

    Is anyone else wondering why the dog's collar looks drawn on? Just me? k. 0:40

  • David Dziekpor
    David Dziekpor

    Anti social extrovert🚶🏾‍♂️

  • Alen.mp4

    i think im a lemon

  • Easton Jenkins
    Easton Jenkins

    Why does this comment have likes???

  • jaun bruh
    jaun bruh

    I'm and extrovert and I guess I got the gift of being social and being smart so hell imma ride that wave as long as I can

  • arif _raziq
    arif _raziq

    I feel so scared if you make a horror video cuz the faces that you make is kinda scary

  • FizzyFezzyFuzzy

    People think they're funny and super relatable by saying "Oh yeah I prefer marrying my dog and stay inside in blankets all my life eating chips and I'm scared of humans"

  • Ander Kaltzakorta Utgård
    Ander Kaltzakorta Utgård

    Being introverted just means that being with people drains your energy. You also dont feel as comfortable with people as you feel when you are alone.

  • Timotei Ermenkov
    Timotei Ermenkov

    im introverted af i thought i was extroverted

  • Ella Ben Ami
    Ella Ben Ami

    I thought he made the extrAvert mistake on purpose until all the people in the comments wrote it like that so... umm isn't it spelled extrovert?

  • bluiessa

    idk i dont have friends i dont want friends im socially awkward and feel better alone am i average? amm i even a little bit extroverted because of that one time i had to speak in zoom class cuz nobody was saying anything in the breakout rooms

  • ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ_TheFatCat_
    ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ_TheFatCat_

    I am average but mostly introvert but I’m the loud one in my friend group(yes only one good one but I make friends and easily) but in when im at home: introvert

  • Netman648

    I was surprised when I've found I'm extrovert using those test things. Mainly because how everyone thinks and says introverts look like.

  • A rat with internet access
    A rat with internet access

    “Hey bill, what’s the worst type of person besides... predators...” “Well Jimmy, it’s an extrovert that is extroverted around introverts.”

  • Watermelon Pug
    Watermelon Pug

    What the fuck is a people

  • M & Artroom
    M & Artroom

    I see what you did there with the *extra* vert 🤣

  • Michael Loffredo
    Michael Loffredo


  • Boetenkloetsen

    Ok duud

  • Antonis Kapa
    Antonis Kapa

    I'm more of an Introvert one than a Extrovert one. What i mean by this is That I'm A Bit off The Average, I'm bit more introvert But i Have Extrovert Bits. I don't really gettin' out Much While my Classmates do, but i Can Have a Conversation For A Lot period of time at my best situations. I'm not a Single type Person (not in relationship, but in Personality) Which prefers only one or two things and that's it and I Mostly Search For new stuff and Dig Deep. My Conclusion is That I'm Introvert but With Extrovert Things

  • Maxtheweeb

    Bro I'm pretty sure I'm an introvert I was confused because someone asked me to be their friend on the way home

  • asdasdasdasdads

    i had a freind who was a true extrevert he wad always be excited talk to everyone but he was to extrovert that everyone hated him

  • Simarjit Kaur
    Simarjit Kaur

    i have social anxiety 🙂

  • Natalie Wang
    Natalie Wang

    the thing is...i am an extravert i wanna meet people but IM LAZYYYYYYYYYY

  • AoNeko -YT
    AoNeko -YT

    So what you're saying i'm an introverted regardless ;-;


    thank you that was hilarious! haha

  • Qaspi

    I may be an extrovert but I’m always so fucking awkward

  • Groundwaves

    This girl I knew thought that I think being introverted is quirky, I didn’t even know what quirky meant at the time

  • s.d

    no no, he might have a point here

  • Bakkah

    Nah, it's not unnecessarily the case. The difference between them is the way of their thinking. The rest is experience matters...

  • Christopher Ellis
    Christopher Ellis

    Like, at home! Yabber is not Communication.

  • Bill Buyers
    Bill Buyers

    People who try vs people who don't. There fixed if for you.