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  • J C
    J C

    that califoria bit was real relatable

  • Jobrino

    Man I love all your videos but this was a serious masterpiece

  • Dark Squirtle
    Dark Squirtle

    Glad I am down here in Australia where we only really need to worry about dropbears and can drink from 18.

  • Ottie J.
    Ottie J.

    Nuclear subs AND aircraft carriers, cmon man

  • theReal Fish
    theReal Fish

    Oh!! I had to think about that "black people should be free" for a microsecond, and I loved it when I got it😂😂

  • Insaniac


  • Dogetuberyt

    We ARE the best country ;)

  • Sum Dude
    Sum Dude

    As a Mexican I can confirm laws don't exist until police see a tourist or someone with money

  • Brandon McMahan
    Brandon McMahan

    The half-assed American response to Covid was overkill, as clearly demonstrated by the differences in death rates in stricter vs more lax states. Everything else about this video made me laugh though, as always.

  • Ben Engle
    Ben Engle

    "I was at Disneyland waiting in line for a churro and I kid you not, there were 3 or 4 mobility scooters in front of me with very hefty people..." WALL*E

  • TheJaco26

    2:45 why is this so accurate?

  • Kay Proper
    Kay Proper

    This thumbnail did not include Hawaii. And even though I've never been there, I'm offended. 😠😢

  • alejandra pan
    alejandra pan

    LMFAOOOOO “or latinamerica where laws are things police make up when they see a tourist” yo im pissing myself

  • Khawar Ali
    Khawar Ali

    I wish if i had a teacher like you.

  • xedication

    you still can't drive

  • smushbrain

    u r funny :)

  • Ben Bowland
    Ben Bowland

    Nice touch putting the googly eyes in the welding helmet

  • Bob Klassen
    Bob Klassen

    You plugging express VPN is very sneaky

  • RaLiBoBs isRaami
    RaLiBoBs isRaami

    Halo 3 references gets a like 😚

  • ツE

    O I L

  • General G
    General G


  • lauren

    he’s saur sick for the black people should be free joke lmfao 😭✋🏾

  • Heavenclone

    I think most of this sarcasm is so well done that a lot of americans won't get it :(

    • Heavenclone

      @KDH2130 no u

    • KDH2130

      That's dumb

  • Terminator Productions
    Terminator Productions

    ah new zealand the land that can't be found on maps and globes

  • DaKrazyK

    2:45 in some parts of Canada the drinking age is only 18 which I think makes the most sense because that's the legal age for everything else.

  • A Dude
    A Dude

    As a kid I was exposed only to American cities . Now as an adult, rural america is very beautiful. If I have the money I'd change my nationality and maybe move to Utah.

  • William Hayward
    William Hayward


  • Kyran grant
    Kyran grant

    Bro 500,000 is wayyyyyyy to much for a country that size india and China has much less

  • EditorialJoe

    "So anyway, that's my argument against universal healthcare." And LTwhite and Canada both let you get to 3.46 million subs? Now you have at least 3.4600001 million.

  • Robert Cruz
    Robert Cruz

    Not gonna get pinned

  • Jaca van Heesch
    Jaca van Heesch

    4:18 thats the most american thing i have ever heard

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    4:15 I like how one of the scooters is just empty, probably the dude just got kidnapped

  • Raggum

    The legal drinking age in WV and the rest of the deep mountains is "The police are tards. They won't get us alive!" sorta deal.

  • harryantino

    4:24 lol

  • Varun Negi
    Varun Negi


  • G FN
    G FN

    “Black people should be free” *puts colours wrong way round* 🤦‍♂️ Abraham Lincoln was Republican

    • G FN
      G FN

      @yasio bolo What are you on about weirdo

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      at parties, the type to yell “RACIST” at anything that offends u

  • Abhinav Moudgalya
    Abhinav Moudgalya

    His jokes and plot follow the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle...

  • Abhinav Moudgalya
    Abhinav Moudgalya

    His jokes and plot follow the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle...

  • Micheal Masslock
    Micheal Masslock

    Fuckin Florida

  • He Who Battles
    He Who Battles

    I was not expecting a Cyberpunk 2077 reference in this video.

  • Zach

    What is sad is the fact that he is a amazingly funny sarcastic LTwhite comedian, but because of that very few will ever realize what a genius he is and how well he writes. Not many can pull off a double an tundra that well. Not only was it perfectly said, it had my ass rolling on the floor laughing. Sometimes in this jacked up world all we need is a good laugh. Keep up the great work man I love this channel and it's content.

  • Athene Ho
    Athene Ho

    Hey do America Lite! Our home and native land

  • RTaR - R P T
    RTaR - R P T

    No need to explain.

  • Just a Lonely guy
    Just a Lonely guy

    first video i saw when i saw that art o man i had to sub best art

  • Dod [Дмитрий]
    Dod [Дмитрий]

    Америка это что такое?

  • CoolBestia 2nd
    CoolBestia 2nd

    Yeah that's pretty much it 😂

  • sein ひ
    sein ひ

    “Too anxious to answer phone calls” not even 10 seconds in and he got me :(

  • CyberPirate2008

    Make more videos please. Use Express VPN to watch TV shows from other geo locations to get some inspiration.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    Vai estudar porra

  • Damian Lillard
    Damian Lillard

    So your telling me “locking down” And funneling more ppl thru LESS EXITS in Walmart during LESS HOURS and LESS OTHER STORES led to saving lives? You sound like fun at parties, the type to yell “RACIST” at anything that offends u

    • Damian Lillard
      Damian Lillard

      Lockdowns save lives according to mr.narrator man. Were being controlled like sheep huddling more ppl into less space during less hours and less store cause small business closed and Walmart remained open

    • Markus V.
      Markus V.

      you arent really making much sense

  • a very chronic tonic
    a very chronic tonic

    in Michigan we generally keep to ourselves, but Michigan is different in allot of ways, I think its cause all the shit that went down in flint and Detroit. Allot of people fall in and out of crime here and don't like to talk about it.

  • Bob The Asian
    Bob The Asian

    As an American I love how accurate this is, especially the Twitter part

  • Kayla M
    Kayla M

    2:33 that joke took me a second😂😂

  • Unjo Gratis The Forbidden Monkey God
    Unjo Gratis The Forbidden Monkey God

    Damn this guy is funny. Subbed. Keep up the good work bro 👍

  • Felinehand

    Tbh making fun of people who say they have mental illness is a low blow dude, especially when you compare them side by side with white supremacists like they're both equally bad. Like even on the off chance these people are lying about having mental illness, its still a bad move to mock them, since you'll probably just end up hurting people who are actually mentally ill and try to be open about it as a way of combating stigma, or to try and cope with it.

  • Tommy Flynn
    Tommy Flynn

    from about 1:01 to 1:10 you just poached trumps debate speech

  • Aditya

    Why is Russian the only language in the subtitles

  • Nicholas H
    Nicholas H

    Why was this one not funny? Genuine question.

  • DM Arcanum
    DM Arcanum

    2 extremes California Hollywood - Florida men

  • Rakha Abshori Setiawan
    Rakha Abshori Setiawan

    It isn't America when you don't have guns

  • The Stray Sheep
    The Stray Sheep

    You know what? Thanos was right.

  • Alexander Bartram
    Alexander Bartram

    God. It took me a few seconds but fucking lost it and my sides died with skull emojis at "black people should be free".

  • BNGamesReviews

    As a consider it.

  • boi boi
    boi boi

    Dang I didn't realize you'd be based

  • Control Z
    Control Z

    Most covid deaths are by elderly people in nursing homes. So, no, locking everyone inside of nursing home petri dishes didn't result in fewer deaths. Free states had fewer deaths than lockdown states. The lockdowns have been a disastrously moronic idea.

  • Emanuel Sanchez
    Emanuel Sanchez

    How the hell did this man make a youtube channel with an artform that is the equivalent to a preschooler drawing.(No offense man)


    Watching this after the Apsuh exam....

  • Joaquin Vazquez
    Joaquin Vazquez

    Why is Texas America’s shlong 😂

  • AndyRock1

    I think your humor has reached levels that make it difficult for even your most discerning channel patron to grasp. 😉

  • Bree The Bitch
    Bree The Bitch

    This is one of my favourite videos you've ever made thank you❤

  • Zach Turner
    Zach Turner

    Dude that’s not a lifted F150... It’s a lifted F450

  • Dawson Demro
    Dawson Demro

    This has massive Sam O'Nella vibes

  • AsianCurls

    Can you casually explain Standing Desks???

  • AhKeelU

    I can almost guarantee the majority of the likes are from Americans because we like to laugh at our country, even the patriots. And the majority of the dislikes are also Americans, because "my self diagnosed mental illnesses are valid!", and the left doesn't understand humor. And now you know why improv is a thing.

  • Raven Manuel
    Raven Manuel

    America is a continent, not a country.

  • Timmy innit
    Timmy innit

    This is America, speak American.

  • chumleyok

    Why do Casually Explained videos get auto captioned to Russian? HMMMMM

  • Mundane

    I was expecting the average pessimistic haha 'merica bad, but this was surprisingly wholesome :)

  • UngusBungusFilms

    Welp, you have a good night

  • Derek Handson
    Derek Handson

    The USA, the crackpot of the world. That crazy kid in class who kind of smells and you don't want to go near

  • Rumple-chan

    And that's *MY* argument for wanting to flee to New Zealand. I'm surrounded by dead-brain idiots kowtowing to megalomanic robber barons while that little island just past a law for extended grievance period over miscarriages.

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips

    we do have a lot of nuclear subs

    • Markus V.
      Markus V.

      @Greg Daweson why dont you mind your own damn business greg

    • Greg Daweson
      Greg Daweson

      Why don't you get a job.

  • C guy !
    C guy !

    “To truly live the American dream” damn right electric wheel chairs guns food we think is exotic and fire works what more do you need

  • Mike T
    Mike T

    The shut downs weren’t country wide though, a lot of those deaths could be prevented

  • Extra Timmyish
    Extra Timmyish

    This man knows American culture schockingly well for a canadian.

  • Nora

    Haha the thing about alcohol and europe is true 😅

  • Elijah Anderson
    Elijah Anderson

    Had to take a step back and reevaluate my life after he said "Black people should be free"

  • Nick Beck
    Nick Beck

    I checked out and disregarded everything you said after “As a Canadian”

  • The Stig
    The Stig

    He woke up and, as a first Canadian ever, chose voilence

  • Tristan de Sade
    Tristan de Sade

    Honestly, given not the mere size, but given the percentage of obese, narcotics use and lack of universal health insurance, I am very surprised corona death toll in USA is not larger. On the other hand, true number of corona deaths in USA is much lower than half a million. That is because methodology used aimed at inflation of those numbers. In reality, many of deceased died with corona, not from corona.

  • Adhunik Manav
    Adhunik Manav

    What? South didnt want black people to be fr.....oooooh!

  • Regan Bond
    Regan Bond

    God I love this country

  • NeverSaySandwich1

    "I saw on reddit" Your first mistake was going on reddit

  • Wheezer

    Americans say Canadians are nice. This Canadian says AMERICANS are nice. That is a stretch of a compliment And it made me smile.

  • airpeguiV2

    who got tricked by the trampolines website??

  • Spud

    How da fuq did i get a notification of this when i wasnt subscribed

  • bill dipperly
    bill dipperly

    Everyone was obliterated in this one. Only our northern neighbor could know us so well lol.

  • Jayesuu

    u explained it with the thumbnail wdym.

  • Inferna Craft
    Inferna Craft

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one pointing out that the US's death total is a result of population over response, the UK has arguably had a harder response to things such as lockdowns and it has more deaths per capita than the US

  • Beans

    "Black people should be free" Damn, the rest of the world won't like that one