Casually Explained: The Spectrum of Intelligence
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  • chipotle enema
    chipotle enema

    rats are actually one of the smartest animals there are they are up there with humans and some apes because they know that they have the ability to think

  • I'm bringing dabsy back
    I'm bringing dabsy back

    I can turn water into room temperature water

  • Adrian The Genuine
    Adrian The Genuine

    Intelligence Of Spectrum 😳

  • M. Martin
    M. Martin

    "Without rehearsing beforehand"... ouch, that hurt

  • Spencer Vezina
    Spencer Vezina

    Elephants are smarter than gorillas

  • Derex

    oh god i forgot about harambe until now

  • Alex Olivers
    Alex Olivers

    I think the weirdest thing for me about this video was being a 'gifted' person, but not at all relating to the category in this video because I'm academically intelligent, but socially, I'm incredibly stupid. (Btw people in the comments, please don't come after me for this. I know people think that if you share your intelligence that you're boasting or compensating, but I swear I'm not. Usually people seem to think this when they see someone talk about how smart they are a lot, but when this is the only thing that you've ever read from me, you wouldn't know that I don't actually talk about this very much, it's just relevant to the video. Also I may be wrong about everything within these parenthesis, because as I said, I'm a social dumbfuck so idk)

    • Alex Olivers
      Alex Olivers

      @Blart Versenwald III This made my day

    • Blart Versenwald III
      Blart Versenwald III

      at least you made it clear what you were saying :). also, I think maybe you can get away with saying "academically intelligent" more than saying "intelligent" because it implies that you're not intelligent in some other areas, and that you know it. all in all 10/10 excellent comment, demonstrated solid grasp of empathy

  • Unknown Cloak207
    Unknown Cloak207

    3:24 daaaaaaaannnnnnggggg man did Jesus like that

  • Caeman Lipsey
    Caeman Lipsey

    Big oof when you said “gorillas are one of the only non-human animals to use tools. Man, so many animals use tools. Bonobos and orangutans are two. Crows can make and use tools as well. Tool use is a VERY poor indicator of intelligence. It generally means they have some but possibly not a lot of intellectuace

  • The Fishing Nomad
    The Fishing Nomad

    0:55 How'd you get James Earl Jones to do a voiceover on your channel.

  • NaginiRiddle

    Was just waiting for birds to be the highest on the intelligence scale and was not disappointed to see a duck 😅😅😅

  • Nathanael ADDED
    Nathanael ADDED

    i can plug a usb in 1 try

  • Hay. Y
    Hay. Y

    This guy is addictive

  • Michael Konečný
    Michael Konečný

    Not true with the gorillas, some birds can use tools as well...

  • Kevin Hadley
    Kevin Hadley

    Watched this one twice. Gold.

  • Nemo Vulture
    Nemo Vulture

    2:50 but you want to join the military...

  • Maria Alejandra Castilla Berdugo
    Maria Alejandra Castilla Berdugo

    I can grow my own hair🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Coco Zeng
    Coco Zeng

    Who saw the duck at the very end?

  • Hudson Crhonos
    Hudson Crhonos

    Requesting a haircut before rehearsing ?! Is that even humanly possible ?!

  • Joseph Hamilton
    Joseph Hamilton

    “Google hire me please” always kills me

  • Benikuto Ryos
    Benikuto Ryos

    "knows how to plug in a usb after only 2 or 3 tries" Alright, I'll give you that...

  • DaBakonAder

    what if i can plug in my usb in one try?

  • King of Rivia
    King of Rivia

    OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH Last line was really clutch🤣😂

  • Uhualleskleber

    im not a jew hahahaha

  • Crispy and Spicy
    Crispy and Spicy

    Yeah jesus can turn water into wine But he can't turn water into depression

  • Antoine B
    Antoine B

    Yo dude, next time use a boolean for your condition, not an int

  • Jadan Toribio
    Jadan Toribio

    Then there’s anime characters when they have to make a decision

  • Leroy Kortkamp
    Leroy Kortkamp

    The abrasive ferryboat literally rejoice because humor scientifically pine on a zany adjustment. jagged, lazy brick

  • tobiasmueh

    Anti-semitic cheap-shot just for kicks? Please dont.

    • 「 Deadpoppin 」
      「 Deadpoppin 」

      shut up

  • Mercury Howard
    Mercury Howard

    im one of those people you call "selectively intelligent" i apparently am smart cus i did well in school with advanced classes and have a lot of practical knowledge and skills, but i also walk into sliding glass doors and cant do 6x5 without a calculator. i also am frequently forgetting what im doing and seem to have a talent of hitting my head when walking through doorways despite being 5'2". dont make fun of my size, said im of irish decent so my excuse is im a leprechaun.

  • Vincent

    2:30 lmao I have a friend like that

  • just.a.dreamer

    This channel... Chuck Norris is crying in the corner because he laughs so hard

  • just adam
    just adam

    What a judgmental fella I've heard enough by

  • 99 Hank
    99 Hank

    Casually Explained: “Some Elephants are thought to be as intelligent as an 8 year old child” Me: *carefully awaiting a description of what that makes the elephant capable of mentally* Casually Explained: “So Pretty stupid” That shit had me dying! 😂

  • Herbert Grunkin
    Herbert Grunkin

    Wowowowowowow what’s that last sentence about huh

  • Robert Eischen
    Robert Eischen

    You're not a jew? I call bullshit! I mean, I don't know many Jews. But, for sure if asked I would have guessed you were.

  • Frankie Porter
    Frankie Porter

    From a zoology standpoint. This is an epic fail.

  • Sofia Zhang
    Sofia Zhang

    Jessica watching this: 👁👄👁

  • Luke Savitch
    Luke Savitch

    That Jesus line was hilarious tho

  • User Jen
    User Jen

    No one got the duck reference at the end?

  • Qclub_4 *
    Qclub_4 *

    Btw rats are one of the smartest animals on earth and you ranked them above lizards

  • g

    As a JEW, I approve this video! LAUGHED OUT LOUD!

  • User_0

    Honey badger also use tools...

  • Lord_Ewens

    Edgy jew joke

    • Milo The Impaler
      Milo The Impaler

      Lord Ewens has his panties in a twist.

  • Freddy Couples
    Freddy Couples

    Duck go quack 🦆 Me smart

  • Paul Song
    Paul Song

    Mice and rats are highly social and highly intelligent.

  • African Warlord
    African Warlord

    I'm not in the high level spectrum of intelligence

  • bruh

    Remember, to plug a USB in first try you need to see where the foam is in the port and the USB itself, and then plug it in a way that the foam WON'T jam into each other, so they slide ontop of each other.

  • Dromedda

    having all ur variable names and methods lowecase is bad practice and i would recommend adopting camelCase Or PascalCase for easy readabillity. Also What language is it supposed to be? C++? either way you wouldn't write "return(0);" and instead it is just "return 0;" But hey what do i know, im just some guy studying Software Engineering... i mean a nerd on the internet who spends my entire waking time writing minecraft mods that no one downloads... :(

  • •

    Ok fuck you at the end

    • Milo The Impaler
      Milo The Impaler

      Go cry kid.

  • Ju !
    Ju !

    1:14 to all french people here, be careful, "les dauphins sont des violeurs. Ouais, méfie toi des apparences " so DON'T DROP YOUR CHILD in a dolphin enclosure

  • Terracraft

    Nice and early

  • SSam Cobalt
    SSam Cobalt

    Pristine edge

  • Colin M
    Colin M

    Did anyone else go straight from this to a video about "how to open clamshell packaging"?

  • Brad Wilcox
    Brad Wilcox

    my god this one was fucking gold

  • psytronx

    `checkifeaten()` and `noteaten` should probably be boolean instead of int

  • Т1000 Youtube
    Т1000 Youtube

    Him: calls 8 year olds stupid Me remembering third grade: f0+k you

  • Nick Fikatas
    Nick Fikatas

    I loved the defensive way you said "I'm not a jew"

  • kaio ferreira
    kaio ferreira

    What is the duck in all of the videos

  • zamira r
    zamira r

    Once this kid in middle school who called me the r word and bullied me because everyone though I was inept when in reality I just got zero sleep which is bad especially considering I have bipolar and I was failing school because of how depressed I was. One day I asked him to quiz me to prove I wasn’t incompetent, he quizzed me on social studies he gave me about ten questions I got about 8 or nine or so right which was cool considering I put zero effort into the subject, on the last question he cut me off deliberately, claiming that because I put the answers into my own words instead of memorizing the definition from the reading I was wrong, despite me being able to answer the majority of the questions correctly without even studying the material

  • Christopher Cranefield
    Christopher Cranefield

    I just go to the same barber for the last 10 years so I say "Same as last time!" I love it

  • Ifeoluwa Adeyemi
    Ifeoluwa Adeyemi

    "Stephen hawking advanced our understanding of the universe" "Ducking smoked him at 100 meters" What a burn man. MADLAD.

  • Buba Vunga
    Buba Vunga

    nobody: elephants: WE LOVE FORTNITE WE LOVE FORTNIT3

  • moo qoo
    moo qoo

    0:55 spot on impression of zefrank1 and his true facts videos about animals! no idea if that was intended or not but its hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ertiza Kazi
    Ertiza Kazi


  • Mark Lamberton
    Mark Lamberton

    No one wants to talk about the harrambe reference?

  • Carlos Hernández-Blanco Alarcón de la Lastra
    Carlos Hernández-Blanco Alarcón de la Lastra

    Well.... I'm not a jew

  • usefulnuisance

    That friggin pizza cutter 😂


    0:19 wtf!!

  • Mister Peach
    Mister Peach

    just casually explaining yourself to be a fuckin anti-semite...

    • 「 Deadpoppin 」
      「 Deadpoppin 」

      shut up

  • trailorboi :/
    trailorboi :/

    So I’ve been binging your channel for the last hour and I’m so grateful I bumped into your content. Thank you 😌

  • Mark is trying
    Mark is trying

    Gifted individuals are supposed to be good at social situations? I was certified gifted as a child and am one of the most socially inept people you will find.

  • Cee

    He burned Jessica with that "a triangle" lmao Pyramid scheme

  • Set arri
    Set arri

    i guess im just stupid not lazy

  • mehmehmeh las
    mehmehmeh las

    I'm not a jew🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    *sees fucks with ducks *likes video

  • it's Kasem
    it's Kasem

    The end got me!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • James Matthew Belgica
    James Matthew Belgica

    eyy complete the code for function swim and checkifeaten at 0:19

  • Oliver Barber
    Oliver Barber

    You ACTUALLY sounded like Morgan freeman🤣

  • jomy10

    “If you thought dropping your kid in the dolphin enclosure was fun...” Oh no Rip Harambe

  • That One Crow
    That One Crow

    This guy and sam o nella are the guys who teach me everything

  • Tucker Bergeron
    Tucker Bergeron

    2:00 I felt personally attacked by this

  • Aaron Long
    Aaron Long

    Otters use rocks which should rank them

  • crhasty12

    Paused for the jellyfish C++ code at 0:20 and was delighted by the nugget of joy that was.

  • Stilyan Dimitrov
    Stilyan Dimitrov

    The haircut one OH MY it hit the stop ;_; im that guy

  • Nicolas Pereira
    Nicolas Pereira

    cool it with the antisemitc remarks

    • Milo The Impaler
      Milo The Impaler

      Grab a rope and take it to a forest Nicolas, do not come back.

    • 「 Deadpoppin 」
      「 Deadpoppin 」

      shut up

  • SolaraPacifica

    While I may be more intelligent than a jelly fish, I unfortunately invested those extra intelligence to feel depression.

  • Daoud Sylla
    Daoud Sylla

    Him, at the end of the video : - oink oink oink oink oink LTwhite English subtitles : - franck ribéry quickly

  • Krish Bb57
    Krish Bb57

    "I'm not a Jew." - Casually Explained 2016

  • Erin Troiano
    Erin Troiano

    am jelyfsh

  • UnderGrowth

    Being able to request a haircut without rehearsing before hand. That hit home

  • TheRedMooncorp

    Why did you have to make that last joke? It made me really uncomfortable and even if it were meant ironic, many low key antisemites won´t take it that way and feel encouraged. Why just why? It made me really uncomfortable -.-

    • Milo The Impaler
      Milo The Impaler

      @TheRedMooncorp I think you're the one who's hurt, over a joke. But I guess for people like you, anyone can hurt you anywhere. It's just who you are.

    • TheRedMooncorp

      @Milo The Impaler Shhh its ok sweetie pie, whoever hurt you can´t hurt you here.

    • Milo The Impaler
      Milo The Impaler

      No one cares that you feel uncomfortable. Fuck you, no one cares about you.

    • TheRedMooncorp

      @「 Deadpoppin 」 Ok at least you are consistent

    • 「 Deadpoppin 」
      「 Deadpoppin 」

      @TheRedMooncorp buhuuuu joke make me write big argument

  • The middle man
    The middle man

    I can turn wine into bad decisions

  • Bob Banana
    Bob Banana

    He did NOT just make that Harambe joke

  • David Schaftenaar
    David Schaftenaar

    Here's my hot-take: Intelligence is a talent. Talents are freebies we're all born with to some degree - People who happen to have more of it have done _jack shit_ to earn it. Talent does not deserve praise or respect. There's not a lot of things I find more off-putting than someone clearly coasting on talent alone. You can recognize them by their smug aura of unearned superiority and their showboating. I used to be like that myself, that's how I know. We should admire hard work, skill and dedication way more than we do.

  • The Demon God Valos
    The Demon God Valos

    "I'm not a jew"

  • كمال ابن القاضي منصور
    كمال ابن القاضي منصور

    "the best way to give up on your dreams is to type them on youtube done by a 5 year old chinese girl" My youtube history after this: - 5 year old chinese girl starts a revolution -5 year old chinese girl becomes a president -5 year old chinese girl starts WWIII

    • كمال ابن القاضي منصور
      كمال ابن القاضي منصور

      -5 year old chinese girl is publicly excuted via open fire due to war crimes

  • Ragnell123

    It’s not my fault I have no idea what hair would look good, and even if I did, further have no idea how I would/should convey it to my barber.

  • L P
    L P

    you do know mice and rats are super smart right?

  • ThrownSoFarAway

    4 years old and I still feel the need to comment about the mouse cord sticking out the back of the mouse.

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