Sabre cooks Nutella cupcakes for Sockie's birthday - Watch Another Video below...

  • Norris Nuts Cooking
    Norris Nuts Cooking


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      Can you put The Recipe in the Chat??

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      Hi sockie can I get a shout out I am your biggest legend

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    A really good way on how I measure my nutella for baking is by using cups because I am from the USA and I place some wax paper in the bottom of the cup and then fill it up with nutella or peanut butter and repeat for how many cups I need without getting messy!


    375g nutella 150g self raising flour 2 eggs 226g unsalted butter 210g nutella 240g confectioners sugar 2 to 3 tablespoon heavy whipping cream

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    Niveen Mayas

    You guys are so nice and the fact that you guys do lots of things on camera makes me feel less insecure and I love you guys so much :)

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    It melted cause u didn’t wait for them to cool

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    Sabre :finnaly my brain is back in my body

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      Me: laughing

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    make something healthy

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    Not Sabre eating raw eggs

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    Cooking tip: WAIT FOR THE CUPCAKES TO COOL (NOT in the fridge)

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    Sabre: don’t look at my hat it’s not important Me: stares at the hat the whole time😂🤣

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    For biggys birthday but has to be red with a Gucci edible paper sighn

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    Skittle s cup cakes

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    Btw once you take the cupcakes out of the oven you have to let it cool for 45 minutes or like an hour before you decide you put frosting.

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    Antar Sidhu

    where is the recipe for this

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    for all of the American legends!! cupcake: 1 and 1/2 cups of Nutella 3/4 cup of self raising flour 2 eggs buttercream: 1 cup of unsalted butter about 1 cup of icing sugar (confectioners) 2-3 tablespoons of heavy cream enjoy! :)

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    lets take a moment of silence, pause it on 3:30

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    HEY SABRE! I know you got ur 1st period so her are some tips! -When you get ur 2nd period usually there’s ALOT of blood so be prepared! -take warm baths -eat dark chocolate to reduce cramps -don’t drink caffeine -drink a lot of water -don’t eat fricking spicy food -try not to laugh a lot or else blood out of....ya know Hope this helped 💗

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    after cooking the cakes dont put them in the fridge because you will melt the icing so leave them on the side

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    I’m just gonna have a bit of this batter Sabre: takes half the batter of the spoon 😂😂

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    Why does biggy throw out the butter?

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    Ur supposed to leave it in the firinge to cool

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    Naz or Biggy

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    Hi Niamh here, just made these with my mammy...just waiting for them to cool...just wondering how long should they take to cook? love the Norris every day..looking forward to getting merch so please hurry so we can here in Ireland xxxx

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    if its melting cause the cupcake is hot when u are making it after u take it out of the oven u have to wait until its cool then put the icing

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    2:07 Nooooo Sabre!! You're meant to have 2 different bowls (one for dry's one for wets) then after you make the two batters you combined them

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    saber you need to let the cake cool compelitly then cool the icing to just for a better hold just trying to help byeeee

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    i made this at home and its so good thank you sabre!

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    The cupcakes 🧁 looks so good🤤😦💩

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    brook and gracies youtube channel

    226g unsalted butter 210G Nutella 240G CONFECTIONERS SUGAR 2-3 teaspoons heavy cream

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    one question norris nuts WHY WOULD YOU PUT A RUG IN A KITCHEN OF COURSE ITS GONNA GET MESSY LOLLL #norrisnutsarethebest

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    Okay so, you put the icing in the bag incorrectly. You’re supposed to put the bag on a cup and tighten it, then add the icing in, then tie it, then cut a hole to frost with it. Also, love you guys, and Sabre, don’t say you’re a bad cook. You’re the best!

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    Sokie is the only one who as two photos of herself on the photo for there channels Not trying to be rud 😀

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    Sabre Eating The Ingredients; 2:50 3:30 3:34 4:06 4:36 5:21

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    At 2:07 Sabre sounds like Sockie

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    💛0:40 Yellow reminds me of Sockie too💛

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    7:48 self-rising flour*

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    Sabre-- You have to hold the far end of the piping bag-- the wider part, with one hand and with your good hand you squeeze from the holding hand to the tip of the bag

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    2:25 Lookup " What it takes to make a wedding cake-- Tasty" on LTwhite!! Hope I helped!

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    no i looked at your face couse your pretty [ im a girl]

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    Atthe beggining I was kinda confused when socie was like *Its on*

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    Don't misunderstand me....Im watching ur videos for a long time and witnessed that you all need to learn hygiene as in this video how you have licked nutella from the phone shows that you need to learn it.........however I know that you are good at heart and love your siblings a lot and I appreciate it ....and not gonna leave watching your videos...pls understand...i know its bitter but truths are always from India

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    aren't you supposed to put the icing tip in the bag!!!

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    The deference are the eyes and mouth :)

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    Tip: When cooking cake or cupcakes let them cool for 15-30 minutes. I'm a super legend! They looked soo goos

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    I wanted to do it but where is the how many degrees for Nutella cupcakes in oven

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    Sockie would like yellow

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    ......... Do you like cupcakes?? I do

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    Sabre- *Licks phone Me-.....💀🦠😷 🧽🤲🧼

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    you need to leave teh cakes for at least 10-20 minutes before u ice them cause the butter in the icing will melt from the heat

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    Emma Counihan

    bestie you should have used the rest of the batter and made more cupcakes

  • Asfiya's Diary
    Asfiya's Diary

    sabre your weighing it wrong the 150g is the total weight of both eggs and the flour you have to measure it seperately and the same with the nutella and i think taht all of the nn do this but i didnt check properly.

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    spotted the diffrences real poo iceing real has face 8ceing dosent

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    How long dose it take to cook

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    Sabre you are a very good cook. Just do not get stressed and be calm, sure that will make you the best cook.

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    Next time when you make the cupcakes Sabre letCool for at least 15 minutes

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    you should try and make soufflé pancakes

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    its actually called a cupcake tin 😅

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    Make sure to let ur cupcakes cool down before decorating them to have the best cupcakes!! :)

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    Ty norse nuts you made me into cooking

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    I don’t think this is a cooking channel I think it’s a baking channel maybe it’s just me idk

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    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Sabre: This icing looks like... I don’t know

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    just saying for next time, the little white piping bag thingy is meant to go inside the piping bag, that will make it much easier.

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    I think sabre has a problem of not letting the cake to cool down :/

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    Here's a tip NN, when adding flour or anything else to a scale measure what's already in the bowl and then add 150 it will come out better that way :)

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  • •{}Gachå błuė Møøn{}•
    •{}Gachå błuė Møøn{}•


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    evrything you/norris nuts make looks amazing

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    I made these cupcakes twice and they are SO GOOD! 100% recommend trying it! Btw love your channel! You guys are my favorite youtubers ❤️

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    nobody: Sabre: oh little nutela got on the phone, ( licks phone )

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    Hi Norris nuts I've been one of your biggest fan since the green screen days I would really like them To see this so pls like this comment it's ok if you don't and also I'm using this recipe for a school bake sale love you guys have a blessed day

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    I'd choose blue


    Hey Sabre!! Love you so much, just a tip though, the icing is melting because the cake is hot and the butter in the buttercream icing is melting and it is supposed to be room temperature 😁❤️🥰

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    Delvin Rojas

    The icing is going off to the side because you mix the icing to much

  • Delvin Rojas
    Delvin Rojas

    Sabre when you are cooking in the oven you have to make sure no other pans or pots are inside the oven only the one with the cupcake batter

  • Olivia Mahecha
    Olivia Mahecha

    Just a little cooking hack... when you put the icing in the piping bag put the bag into a cup and wrap it around the edge then put the icing in! And also remember to alway wait for the cupcake to cool before you put any icing or toping on it! Hope the cupcakes come out delicious! 😁

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    little •ღ• elf

    wow that looks like! idk-

  • Aesthetics With Katie Katie
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    i am billie eyelash

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    Hey, you didn't mentiond in what temperture should I bake these cupcakes and how many minutes. Maybe you can answer me, please. 😊

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    Good job Sabre you did an amazing job! x Just to let you know the whipping cream your supposed to whipp until its thick thats why its called whipping cream. Good job though!! xx

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    They look so good

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    the norris nuts probaly wont see this but i hope they do a last to eat and leave uber eats

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    sab u need to sift the flour that is why the flour clumbs were in your batter

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    I've made a wedding cake 🍰

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    I can't go to the movie theater but I do watch the NN on friday because it the best day and your vídeos are amazing!!

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      I been a fan since I been born!!

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      Can I get a shoutout?

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    Jose Luis Hernandez

    I made the cupcakes and they are good and delicous!!

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      I think that how you spell ''delicous?''

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    Sabre: yellow reminds me of sockie for some random reason Me: I Thought That Was Just Me lol

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    Sabre:I’m just gonna try the batter just to make sure it’s not poisonous ☠️ Me:I’ll just use this excuse for eating in my cooking tiktoks

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    Sabre u are awesome and also all of u norris nuts are the best 😍

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    you meant to put the icing in the fridge for a little bit of time if you want it not to melt

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    sabre: *spills batter on phone* also sabre: *liCk dA bAttA oFf*

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    i trid the recipe with my mom and my whole family LOVED IT and so did i so make sure to make it

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    Hi norris nuts Can you make a nutella macaron pleaseee ive make it and its so good I think sockie will like it 💗💗

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    I am a 100% legend because I know that you guys when you are naughty you guys have to eat bananas 🍌 for breakfast 🧇

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    Zinnia Brassart

    saber here’s some tips even though your sister could probably tell you this. 1. yes, you have to wait for the cupcakes to cook, because if not the icing will melt. 2. to get the icing into the bag easier place the bag into a cup and scoop it in the bag. :)

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    Is it just me, or, does sockie and Sabre sounds the same

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    She does not need to put them in the fridge you cool them and then decorate

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    ghkl t897h54ruoduitg mt0 hytfgmtmgptfhfjth,tpm,8u y ;l89r5 8y8 r9gth mrtg77 78rmtg0