The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson

    The neat tray noticeably exist because fireplace karyologically laugh over a profuse supermarket. quixotic, intelligent hockey

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    Thank for this informative video John Oliver!!

  • Robert Guttke
    Robert Guttke

    The adamant jar medicinally wipe because porch consequently move notwithstanding a good oval. glib, hapless colony

  • NeatFreak

    There are people who still believe earth's flat. Let's start by curing stupid!

  • NK2651

    The bat museum and the wet market ‘ biological weapons lab’ are Chinese. We all know who is to blame

  • Bathsheba Holaday
    Bathsheba Holaday

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  • Freddy Kruger
    Freddy Kruger

    Sars..h1n1..ebolam.was all proven to be bullshit outbreak also..ffs can we get rid of all those globalist propaganda human tools?

  • shreyas Agnihotri
    shreyas Agnihotri

    Tell the Chinese not to eat bats and there's your solution

  • Glen Wright
    Glen Wright

    This video will be fun in 2025.

  • Matt Sena
    Matt Sena

    When we most needed the English bird man to depress us with facts, he pulled through

  • rebekah ledoux
    rebekah ledoux

    Unfortunately as the population increases so will population density. Plagues tend to like big populations.

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan

    We fukd

  • peach_total

    hey now to be fair........tom nook is a tanuki not a raccoon

  • SwordTune

    If I'm alive when the world ends, I'm willing to die with a smile as I give the middle finger to civilization, whispering the sweet words "I told you so" on my lips.

  • JerometheGiraffe

    8:00 Yay Canada!! 🇨🇦

  • Jake Tait
    Jake Tait

    If you pulled that guy off the boat, would you say you were... anti-foul? Oh yeah.

  • EXbob

    John's getting more brazen building up the inevitable furry episode

  • Pete Arduini
    Pete Arduini

    Calls out paintball for being pointless land use but not golf courses lol

  • Prasanth Valsan
    Prasanth Valsan

    I think this show has lost some of its writers either to COVID or due to COVID. The side jokes are not funny anymore and there are a lot of them.

  • Slaanash

    It's so tragic we know what we need to do, but just won't.

  • Russ Barnum
    Russ Barnum

    Good Call John. Say that a people with an extermination order on them from MI that walked 1300 miles should not have created one of the best cities in the country.

  • Grace Abbott
    Grace Abbott

    So... who else physically recoiled at the sight of the state fair?

  • Steve G
    Steve G

    We need a global government with wise people elected instead of greedy self serving idiots. Baha’i faith already has such functioning global government system operating in every country in the world in unity and harmony with wise experienced leaders elected without any politicking or party-politics...

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    to start working toward getting my own ocean-going boat now.

  • Courtney Wass
    Courtney Wass

    The future is vegan 🌱

  • On Couch Arrest
    On Couch Arrest

    The pandemic I worry about the most, which is currently ongoing, is the pandemic of stupidity

  • Channel 2020
    Channel 2020

    Go's good once your used to it

  • scarletspidernz

    Can't wait to be lockdown again in 2023 with an even deadlier virus roaming about.

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      @9:58; But importantly, they should avoid doing such with ticks.

  • shodanxx

    As he said white footed mouse, a wild white footed mouse ran across my computer desk.

  • shanaaynay69

    Time to stop eating meat! Plant based is the future

  • OptimistPrime69

    Do you think John Oliver is mad that he got passed over for the role of Fear in Inside Out?

  • Carly Kimmett
    Carly Kimmett

    So basically pandemics are natures' immune response to humans

  • Tom Davids
    Tom Davids

    How has this channel made it so I can only see there uploads 2 weeks after they upload? This is literally the only channel I've ever come across to do this, what is going on?

  • A.J Fercho
    A.J Fercho

    Jack McBrayer is indeed a pandemic

  • Cam Brt
    Cam Brt

    Who else paused it _immediately_ at 11:17 to go get some FLAT FUCK FRIDAYS???

  • alvin zhang
    alvin zhang

    It's in human nature that we are self-driven, the majority of population will not care about others interest unless incentivized to do so. Thats why most global issues are not resolved, most people just don't care enough.

  • Drunk Vegan Gal
    Drunk Vegan Gal

    Being vegan tho. Why not mention this amazing option, John? No down side at all. You'll live longer and healthier; impacts on our planet, as well as climate change, would improve immediately, the animals will stop being bred into existence only to be slaughtered for no reason, and kids will learn real empathy and compassion (all kids love animals).

  • Jessie Scott
    Jessie Scott

    Lol. Trypophobia warning anyone?

  • D D
    D D

    Yay! Available in Canada now! Now I can be depressed again!

  • ZT1ST

    @20:04; So what you're saying is the virus is now a zoomotic virus?

  • d5486

    Humans. Parasite. Sigh.

  • ZT1ST

    @9:58; But importantly, they should avoid doing such with ticks.

  • TheMatthew001

    as an introvert whos routine didn't change from all of covids restrictions, im doing my part.

  • Yoda the Mastiff
    Yoda the Mastiff

    How's this not a conspiracy?? I guess whatever this guy says it's ok.

  • Liam Manning
    Liam Manning

    The tan gateway understandably seal because bee unequivocally warn among a average german. spotty, resonant july

  • Ray Durrah
    Ray Durrah

    One Like For Sorry 😥 God 🙏

  • Love Music
    Love Music

    Thank you Last Week Tonight for your great researchers and writers, thank you John Oliver for sticking with this format, thank you all...for existing.

  • Dennis Cambly
    Dennis Cambly

    The warning was missed in the late 1960s for a virus that would kill 35 million people and continue killing today. The French researchers in bio-chemistry discovered it the late 1970s when people from all walks of life were dying for no apparent reason. The west did the same thing then, as was done with Covid-19, it was ignored. I suppose u had to blame China several times to stay on the air

  • DryBones271

    I think the worst outbreak is the Baby Shark one.

  • Existentialism Tyrant
    Existentialism Tyrant

    Fine by me. Less people on the planet. Hopefully kills off more flat earthers gop and conservatives oh and religious people. Don’t forget those

  • Michael Gibb
    Michael Gibb

    Maybe the best thing we humans can do is to stop building further and further out into the countryside, and instead live in cities. Also, maybe we should do something about population growth, that way our cities don't continue growing forever.

  • 1mezion

    Humans have a memory/stupid problem the only time I think we're going to take it seriously is when an apocalyptic type virus hits us leaving more than 3 billion dead

  • peelingyellowsiding

    Poor Wander over Yonder. He's now a virus. Can Disney be any more evil?

  • HardRockMiner

    Everybody is Chicken Little. The sky is not falling. Calm down ! These people just want to cause a panic. I don't really understand why, but that is what is happening

  • Ailuropoda melanoleuca
    Ailuropoda melanoleuca

    so john your saying we should kill all bats?

  • MrLoobu

    I said the same this time last year. Covid is mother nature giving us our just rewards for fucking with the place so badly. 2021 wake up idiots, we live on a corpse and we did the murder.

  • Low Flying Potato
    Low Flying Potato

    Farmers will not report sick animals. They are all afraid of getting blame or losing face. The reaction to this pandemic is more like they want to kill most of humanity.

  • FiNNiK

    "Draconian Measures won't help" is something to always keep in mind. Abstinence only classes lead to a rise in teenage pregnancies, prohibition basically created the first gangs and caused a massive spike in alcoholism etc. Innovation will lead to better solutions than simply prohibiting anything that could be slightly problematic.

  • artemisqueen2

    Maybe we should also look at what we are consuming. Bats from the wild should not be consumed as food. Just like in Africa there is education programs to avoid eating bush meat (dead animals)which have been found to be infected by Ebola (why the animal dies). Another example are civet cats which were being consumed and was the link between bats and humans to cause SARS. Haha, was commenting before i got to end of video. Exactly what i mean, we have enough food, wild animals should not be eaten.

  • Argonaut121

    So much important information, so wonderfully presented in just 20 minutes.

  • Lo Ki
    Lo Ki

    Based on some of the comments, I think John's Adam Driver challenges have created a new form of poetry.

  • Ashley Flynn
    Ashley Flynn

    I haven't eaten an animal in four years, and never will again. It's time for us to embrace the future and leave animal agriculture behind, for the safety of ourselves and our planet.

  • Low Flying Potato
    Low Flying Potato

    Gain of function tests and then releasing it on an unsuspecting public and then lie about it for a year or two will spread it faster and deadlier than visiting any bat cave. Ask China. Frozen food was it? Said the WHO. Or Italy? CIA? Lying is not a joke or funny. Lying only corrupts you. Talk about environment destruction China mass killing reefs building islands. China fishing the worlds oceans empty. China polluting more than the rest of the world combined. The vegetables in China are toxic. It's why you never see Chinese produce. Why you should never eat any Chinese imported anything. But you want to guilt the rest of the world into paying for it in any way you can get them to.

  • Octavio Ochoa
    Octavio Ochoa


  • MrLoobu

    Bring on the black cricket jell bars, clearly no one cares about eatting real food in the future.

  • MrLoobu

    "Favoring the ones that make us sick" Yea, other humans mostly.

  • Rafael Rodriguez
    Rafael Rodriguez

    White-footed mice, = Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight? Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world! sad, funny but true

  • MrLoobu

    Yea but if you get the correct drugs you tend not to work at all.

  • Vili Finau
    Vili Finau

    Very well researched and very informative. I am certainly sharing...

  • TheAngryRedGummyBear

    "More lethal than SARS" - No, COVID-19 isn't more lethal than SARS. SARS had a mortality rate estimated at 10% to 15%. COVID has about a 2% case fatality, and that is from John's Hopkins.

  • Tenly2009

    While that last bit about spreading via zoom is funny as hell... there will be a small percentage of people who actually believe that is possible... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Sarah Kiara
    Sarah Kiara

    maybe people just get sick IDK there's literally a pandemic every 2 years lol

  • Rix Gabriel
    Rix Gabriel

    do another video about Chitan John

  • Clark Dice
    Clark Dice

    *Watching Video from Salt Lake City* Hey!! Just because you’re not wrong don’t mean you should say it

  • Sue M
    Sue M

    The only solution to this and all other problems is Resourced Based Economy.

  • Ada Meleliott
    Ada Meleliott

    See how politicians around the world went the “world from before” to be back...we don’t want the same as before, we want intelligent change so that it doesn’t happen again

    • Jeff Thomas
      Jeff Thomas

      Ada- Another childish temper tantrum. READ MORE!

  • Avaiz Hashmi
    Avaiz Hashmi

    Veganism will help...

  • Wild Vegan Child
    Wild Vegan Child

    Been vegan for over 19 years 😁 I would support a ban on animal agriculture 😁

  • Benadryl Cabbagepatch
    Benadryl Cabbagepatch

    13:28 Was that like a personal attack or something?

  • Ketsueki Kumori
    Ketsueki Kumori

    It should be noted that factory farming has encouraged extensive use of antibiotics causing superbugs. Antibiotics don't always wipe out the intended bacteria, but select for hardier strains of that bacteria. Most antibiotics are broad spectrum, so they don't just target the offending bacteria but can wipe out other non-harmful or even helpful microbes in our bodies causing other problems. They also don't target other microbes like viruses, parasites, etc. Those require different medicine that again can select for hardier versions of the offending microbe.

  • D Legionnaire
    D Legionnaire

    THE MERCENARY 2020 BRUTAL ACTION NOW ON AMAZON PRIME .......................

  • Danny Tourigny
    Danny Tourigny

    8:15 Hey you leave my novelty t-shirts out of this you monster!

  • PlaceFantasy

    The NEXT one??? This is a spicy take, glad ur keeping it disturbingly fresh!

  • McJohnson

    1:55 - Oh gee, I wonder what happened in 1980 that led us to be less protected from viral outbreaks...

  • Zippy Ustar
    Zippy Ustar

    Tourism don’t kiss a bat or get shit on/ or eat fruit that a bat may have taken a bit of/ their saliva is like poison to humans.

  • Andriy Predmyrskyy
    Andriy Predmyrskyy

    For those who aren't doing the math, these kinds of pandemics are happening about once a century (and more frequently, now) So spending 30 billion a year only costs 3 trillion dollars to save 16 trillion once every hundred years. Yup, hella worth it.

  • VvswordfishvV V
    VvswordfishvV V

    Yellow journalism and decently put on too at least its better than trevor noah who is just way to fukn obvious

  • Klounas Krv
    Klounas Krv


  • Just Looking
    Just Looking

    He said boom...and I thought...roasted

  • Jálale Jeowkr
    Jálale Jeowkr

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  • Ava Jara
    Ava Jara

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  • Anaru Morgan
    Anaru Morgan

    LOVE you blogs John!!!! we are asking for problems, our life styles, our eating [GM] products, laziness and listening to NON professionals !!!!!!!

  • muqbacu sofupcub
    muqbacu sofupcub

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  • jackiechan511

    Mr. Oliver is right. If this pandemic is over, we will back to business as usual instead of learning the lessons of pandemics. I guarantee that in the next 25 years, there will be another pandemic that will kill in epic proportions.

  • MasterMind

    Lets all laugh at a humanity that never learns anything, tee hee hee.

  • Sarah Leber
    Sarah Leber

    So if we cut down on meat consumption...

  • ImagoMagus

    There's no covid, morons. Stop the propaganda.

  • Katheryne Mero
    Katheryne Mero

    I'm glad that I watched this video. I was starting to think we were going to actually save ourselves. Nothing like remembering what humanity is actually like. Gee, people- thanks for not letting me down. We'll kill every last one of us yet. There's still time.

  • Jf H
    Jf H

    Please, dont eat racoons,

  • Renee Therrien
    Renee Therrien

    I hate that we need to change the entire fabric of society because what's been built is unsustainable but that the only people who have the power to do those changes would rather watch millions die to make a bit of extra cash money really is the cancer of humanity and its fucking disgusting