The Future Of Reasoning
This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
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"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
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    Don’t go to 13:27 worst mistake of my life

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    15:30 "They're not 'mistakes', they're 'features' " -Todd Howard

  • Dismythed & JWA
    Dismythed & JWA

    Drawing reasons from conclusions is called "rationalizing". We can gain control of our reasoning by avoiding rationalization. However, this happens to be what evolutionists like v sauce do when they try to reason out why we are able to reason. They conclude that "we evolved, therefore, here is the reason." Yet, their conclusion and the subsequent rationalization is fundamentally flawed for the massive gap in proof and knowledge. We also reason better when we question our own perceptions, as well as trust our memories when we are being gaslighted. It is only when we don't trust our memories that those memories may be edited by external input because we assume that input to be true over our own memories. Trump, and both sides of political media, manipulated memories of weak-minded people who do not trust their own memories, prefer to select memories that suit their worldview (denial) or leave their memories and/or thinking up to politicians. That is why the world of mankind is circling the drain right now.

  • James Benot
    James Benot

    If we emitted 0% that would mean we would die. Me thinks you need to rethink your statement. Take a look at minute 3:50 an up for ten seconds. All of you should be dead?

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    there isn't another channel that makes me think more than this one

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    Perfect length video to make sure I’m well asleep before it changes on me

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    Love the longer videos

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    Upvoted as soon as he mentioned Timothy Morton

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    A second over thirty minutes, hey. So, the editing of this video revolved around stretching content and shots for advertising.

  • Dismythed & JWA
    Dismythed & JWA

    How to get consensus? One supreme ruler: Jehovah God. We don't have time to wait for mankind to "evolve". Either change happens now or we would die. Thankfully, God will be taking control soon so that mankind doesn't kill itself. These last days were prophesied nearly 2,000 years ago.

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    Drew Patel

    Michael is responsible for the intellectual growth is a whole generation.

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    Christopher Villaran

    1:57 I missed this

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    Patrick McCormack

    What of the critics? Is reasoning outdated, less than sufficient?

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    That's what happens when you've not heard of Abraham; bla bla bla bla bla bla...


    Evolution? Amazing how a 150-year-old broken theory is still believed after DNA scientists destroyed it. "To Darwin, the cell was a "black box" and its inner workings were utterly mysterious to him. Now, the black box has been opened up and we know how it works, Applying Darwin's test to the ultra-complex world of molecular machinery and cellular systems that have been discovered over the past 40 years, we can say that Darwin's theory has absolutely broken down." - Michael Behe “Life did not evolve first on Earth. The immensity of complex coded and precisely sequenced information is absolutely staggering. The DNA evidence speaks of intelligent, information-bearing design. Complex DNA coding would have been necessary for even the hypothetical first so-called “simple cell(s)”. For life to form by chance is mathematically virtually impossible.” - Sir Francis Crick (Nobel Prize for physiology/medicine) "Mathematicians agree that any requisite number beyond 10*50th has, statistically, a zero probability of occurrence (and even that gives it the benefit of the doubt!). Any species known to us, including the smallest single-cell bacteria, have enormously larger number of nucleotides than 100 or 1000. In fact, single cell bacteria display about 3,000,000 nucleotides, aligned in a very specific sequence. This means that there is no mathematical probability whatever for any known species to have been the product of a random occurrence-random mutations (to use the evolutionist's favorite expression)." - I.L. Cohen "To put it at its mildest, one may question an evolutionary theory so beset by doubts among even those who teach it. If Darwinism is truly the great unifying principle of biology, it encompasses extraordinarily large areas of ignorance. It fails to explain some of the most basic questions of all: how lifeless chemicals came alive, what rules of grammar lie behind the genetic code, how genes shape the form of living things." - Francis Hitching See Less

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    Jared Mallard

    Fantastic video as usual

  • Seven G
    Seven G

    If nobody remembers or observes a particular thing or place, and it is later rediscovered, was it always in the same place? For instance, if I set a glass of water down, and nobody truly observed it in that moment, can it be in a location different than its original position when first observed? This may be a strange or dumb question but I am interested to know the answer. I suppose some of it would come down to probability curves

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    Damn that ABCD burgers place sounds good right now

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    This is the content i subscribed for, it has a terrible long count of months since the last good Vsauce 1,2, or 3.

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    Bill Gates? The guy who wants to hoard all the vaccines? No thanks.

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    I'm surprised Vsauce still exists...

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    Stupid Anon

    Someone asked me to watch this and give me their thoughts. As I watched this video, I took notes on it. I was more interested in parts where I disagreed with Vsauce, so that is what I chose to focus on. I figured I would post them here just to see what happens. . . in the spirit of the video's argument. Vsauce video notes; 9:37 "If reasoning is so great, why are we the only species with such a sophisticated grasp of it? Currently-accepted most likely answer: the complexity of the human brain results in extra processing power, which gives rise to our ability to reason. The human brain grew how it did due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors (genetic factors predisposed us to take advantage of environmental factors, such as more temperate and mild climates, larger food-sources of calories and lipids, and ideal mates). 9:38 "If it's purpose is truth and good judgment, why don't we all agree on everything?" Odd teleological phrasing of that question. It is strange to ascribe a 'purpose' to the advent of reason, from an evolutionary perspective. Reason allows one to take advantage of truth and good judgment, of reliable knowledge, but reason is not the motor for action, desire is. We don't all agree on everything either because we're operating from different sets of facts, or different base assumptions, or even different goals, goals as dictated by our desires. It's not necessarily reasonable, or 'unreasonable' to want someone dead, or to want to eat a particular food, but reason can certainly aid one in realizing those desires. This is just approaching the is/ought question from another angle. 10:08 "The world is not a logic puzzle." Not necessarily, no, but looking at it as though it were might still aid us in understanding its problems and acting accordingly. 14:29 [Vsauce's point about facial expressions and body language]. These are not things that are untrained though; they might seem intuitive, and in a sense they are, because we have such a good grasp on them, our ability to process those things has been trained into us at a deep level, and so we respond by [albiet cultivated] instinct. 15:02 "They're all just guesses." No, they're not. They are inductive inferences. 17:28 "They each have their own unique values, dispositions, and experiences" [Explanation and examination of the social theory of the purpose (or more generously, function) of reasoning]. I think it is fair to say that reasoning (rationalization) is a tool that we can use to increase our social standing, but it can and obviously does apply to many other things more practically useful for survival. 18:46 [Vsauce's 'ABC Burgers' example]. The problem there is that he is pressing his friend too much. In a real conversation, you're not going to get beyond the second reason before getting a 'fuck off I already told you I'm not eating there.' 19:07 "Using reason as it evolved to function." [Stronger and stronger, or at least more aggressive, arguments]. 20:02 "[Confirmation bias] is a problem for the intellectualist view of reason." Is it? It is certainly a difficulty or obstacle that one must overcome, but that does not mean it is necessarily a problem for the intellectualist view of reason; not every facet of our being is ideally suited to our current circumstances. We have confirmation bias due to our instinct and our ability to recognize patterns, both traits that helped our ancestors survive to pass on those traits. Sometimes, traits that we evolved that were valuable at one point, are no longer so now. 20:47 "The confirmation bias at least halves the work that must be done." Not necessarily. There is value in different perspectives, because different people can see different angles and draw different ideas up from the same material, so that what one person might have missed, another will see. Ergo the real, observable social advantage is in having different pairs of eyes on the same set of material. 21:19 [Vsauce's 'ask the audience' argument]. This is epistemologically dangerous. In questions of more general knowledge, this tactic can often be extremely effective for arriving at a correct answer, but 'the crowd' are often ignorant of specialized knowledge and other important details. 26:36 [Jury argument]. We've seen the weakness in this, because Derek Chauvin got wrongfully convicted. Vsauce's hard hold on an expansive notion of democracy is I think, one of the major factors that has brought him to acceptance of the social theory of reason, but there are significant challenges to that theory, and more than a few value-judgments that said theory depends on.

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    I was interested in this video until you mentioned bill....he couldn't keep his shitty operating systems from being plagued with viruses..... Now he is an expert on vaccines and saving the planet? No thanks.

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    Ok, I get it. It was an episode about how much I'm polluting and how I should change my way of life. Sure, when Elon Musk, Bezos and Gates will start using carts like in the 1800s maybe I'll think about buying an EV. Until then, uhh... no.

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    Sooo,,,,,peer review becomes the popular B.S. That's the scientific method for you. I've said for many years, nothing good EVER comes from a crowd. These are really good videos, thanks. Imagine if medicine described symptoms with math and ignored the CAUSAL disease. That is EXACTLY where physics is now! Cause comes AFTER the description. Laws, rules, and math are NOT CAUSAL. They CAN BE a perfect analogy. Modern causality come after that B.S. Put that in your book!

  • Glenn Swart
    Glenn Swart

    Wrong. A person is smart, people are dumb in crowds. We give poor reasons because we cannot reveal our true motives or are not sufficiently aware of our own motives, or as social ritual or political expedience. Trying to get us to conform to the globalist agenda is a shitty thing to do if you are parading it as the opposite of what it is. We don't need a big centralised government or lottocracy, we need grass roots, separate communities not controlled by centralised corrupt government which are puppets of dynastic wealth and power.

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    Mario Arenales Gonzalez

    Quotes about the death of millions because of science are being deleted. Welcome to the fall of America. You don't have the freedom of speech to speak out anymore.

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    How about you don't get to make decisions for me and I wont make them for you? We don't have leaders. We have representatives. If you premise is flawed then your REASONING is too.

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    Assuming that all are able to be rational. I very much doubt that this is the case. So many people have no idea of even how to walk along a footpath without blocking it for others. Then there are those who must stop at the narrowest point in any public space. The crowd is a bunch of idiots. A randomly-selected Oligarchy?


    Michael had a tone in his voice different then that of all his other videos... This video really did hit different. In a good way. Smacked me right back into reality, actually.

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    So what's the reason behind me watching this video?

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    As autistic I found some parts at the same time fascinating and totally sci-fi 😂 And of course that I have to analyze every single aspect of a person to decide if he is upset! And probably I will get the wrong conclusion.

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    He just made a great argument for socialism or atleast social democracy while partnering with a capitalist oligarch (Bill Gates). I would think Michael is a progressive. I bet they made this content well before Gates said not to wave covid vaccine patent rights for poorer countries. Pretty evil if your holding power and profits over people and thats what gates is doing

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    Sortition needs to be talked about more in the US. It is one of the most promising concepts I have ever seen, and it gives me hope that our democracy might be salvageable from the toxic grasp of lobbyist money. It HAS to become a movement in the US, and a big one at that. I really don't want our country to be stuck choosing between two flavors of a corporate sell-out for the rest of my life, especially after seeing where that's gotten us so far.

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    People have worldviews. Some conclusions automatically conflict with their worldview so they must reject them because altering your worldview takes a LOT and it's SCARY.

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    14:13 “When you notice that someone is upset, you don’t consciously think… these are all reasons to conclude that they are upset!” Me, with autism: yes definitely why would anyone do that, certainly not me

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      Wasn't mass depopulation what "god" accomplished when he told Noah to build that big ole boat? To usher in his new "agenda" ?...hmmm...I see some parallels here...

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