Which Way Is Down?
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Thanks to Eric Langlay (ltwhite.info) for producing, editing, and animating this episode with me. Thanks also to Henry Reich (ltwhite.info) for his advice and guidance.
Universe Sandbox² : universesandbox.com/
Mass vs weight:
Great Veritasium video: ltwhite.info/pack/wL9iiJKpqJ6AoZU/vaizdo-ra-as.html
two other great videos: ltwhite.info/pack/l8iVecyC2r-Ga4c/vaizdo-ra-as.html and ltwhite.info/pack/wqijgdyis6maeH8/vaizdo-ra-as.html
baseballs coming together under gravitational attraction can be simulated in Universe Sandbox 2. More math behind it can be found here: www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/2vyxl7/eli5_will_two_baseballs_a_foot_apart_in_deep/
Weight to mass (on surface of Earth) convertor: www.convertunits.com/from/kilograms/to/newton
pencil and Earth falling numbers: www.quora.com/When-we-drop-a-pencil-the-earth-attracts-it-and-it-seems-that-the-pencil-is-falling-towards-earth-Why-doesnt-the-earth-come-up-towards-the-pencil
NASA HD footage: archive.org/details/NASA-Ultra-High-Definition
Buoyancy: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buoyancy
Earth’s spin and its effect on ‘down’: www.freemars.org/jeff/Earth/down.htm
The measurement of Earth and its gravity:
Movement of Earth’s center of mass:
you get heavier before you get lighter as you descend into Earth: www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/4qfl52/do_you_get_lighter_the_further_underground_that/
vertical deflection:
practical uses of measuring gravity: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravimetry
Interactive Earth geoid: experiments.withgoogle.com/chrome/geoid-viewer
your weight when moon is overhead: www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=11639.0
Hammer and feather drop on moon: nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/lunar/apollo_15_feather_drop.html
Why things fall at the same rate: www.quora.com/If-an-object-has-more-mass-then-its-pull-on-earth-would-be-greater-than-an-object-with-less-mass-and-therefore-should-fall-to-earth-faster-Why-do-objects-of-different-mass-fall-to-earth-at-the-same-speed
Wolfram Alpha cone geodesic tool: demonstrations.wolfram.com/ConeGeodesics/
General Relativity:
simple animation showing geodesic on cone and how it causes motion DOWN in space: ltwhite.info/pack/pcl1YLN-mcxqeWY/vaizdo-ra-as.html
GREAT pbs spacetime video (watch the whole channel): ltwhite.info/pack/otyae7xjycpwfHM/vaizdo-ra-as.html
time and gravity:
tests of general relativity: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tests_of_general_relativity
great introductory texts:
“Relativity Visualized” by Lewis Carroll Epstein www.amazon.com/Relativity-Explained-Classics-Science-Mathematics/dp/0486293157
There’s also this PDF that takes Epstein’s diagrams into more detail: www.relativity.li/uploads/pdf/English/Epstein_en.pdf
“Relativity Simply Explained” by Martin Gardener www.amazon.com/Relativity-Explained-Classics-Science-Mathematics/dp/0486293157
great intro to the math of general relativity:
“A Most Incomprehensible Thing: Notes Towards a Very Gentle Introduction to the Mathematics of Relativity” by Peter Collier www.amazon.com/Most-Incomprehensible-Thing-Introduction-Mathematics/dp/0957389469/
Requires some background in relevant math topics (see above) but very very good:
“Spacetime And Geometry: An Introduction To General Relativity” by Sean Carrol www.amazon.com/gp/product/9332571651/

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    David Carter

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    phillip russell

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    David King

    In retrospect I think this has impacted me the most out of all of Vsauce's videos. Just watched it for the 4th or 5th time and I still can't believe what I'm seeing. Gravity is not a force?! WHAT??? I think my favorite quote from this is when Michael says, "Down... is always in the direction of slower time". WOW!

    • grilled cheese addict
      grilled cheese addict

      @xiao99 xiao99 what was the point of commenting in the first place if you weren't willing to explain?

    • xiao99 xiao99
      xiao99 xiao99

      @grilled cheese addict I did not offer to give you evidence, you go find it yourself. I just said that Einsteins is wrong, and I have proof, but i'm not interested in sharing it. If you are really interested, you would figure it out yourself. Like I did, there is ample info available if you dig a bit. You really think the youtube comments section is suitable to present a long explanation?

    • grilled cheese addict
      grilled cheese addict

      @xiao99 xiao99 you dropped your tinfoil hat btw

    • grilled cheese addict
      grilled cheese addict

      @xiao99 xiao99 I never claimed this was true, I just asked for proof. Its sounds just as dumb to claim its false and provide no evidence.

    • xiao99 xiao99
      xiao99 xiao99

      @grilled cheese addict no, YOU think there is some magical fabric in space called Bendable SPACETIME, so as you are claiming this is true, YOU come up with the proof. And Time dilation, length contraction and Mass increase is just way too stupid to bother with much in depth discussion. May as well claim that the moon is made from cheese.

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    Doug Dimmidome

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  • Ivar Bergstedt
    Ivar Bergstedt

    Wouldn’t down then technically be towards the center of the object with the most mass in the universe? Or does it only count if you’re in the field of its gravity

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    May The Force Be With You, And Always With You

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    Andrei Nițu

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    One-Christian Warrior

    WANT TO LEARN OF TRUTH = giants were + are real. They are the Nephilim =(children of fallen angels + human women) You see angels are all male, because God only wanted a set number of them, and did not want them to have children + multiply. The Nephilim or giants typically have 6 fingers + 6 toes as well as double rows of teeth. They live + grow for a long time, as in for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years. - Free energy is in our Bible and is so super simple that it should be positive proof of an extremely powerful SPIRITUAL WARFARE, that is going on behind the scenes, in order to cover up the simplicity of this ancient technology. This free energy technology is so old that it can be found in Ezekiel 1:16, where it is attempting to describe the workings of a UFO motor = ”a wheel in the middle of a wheel”. 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    You have encountered a random dude

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  • Justyna

    Just by seeing the title, the answer is wherever the gravitation is stronger! Of you talk about concepts wothout gravitation, then naturally there shouldn’t be down and up unless it’s designed to be down by humans so we’d call it down, but if it’s not particularly designed to be downside and there’s no gravitation then there’s no down.

    • Justyna

      I feel so smart, now he’s talking about the mass and as I wrote my og comment I kept on writing about the heaviest thing being the down but deleted it because I didn’t feel confident ah sad lifep

    • Justyna

      Just started watching the video and I’m not disappointed. Thankfully it’s about gravity!

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    Jmon 90

    Theory of Everything: Everything is Energy Matter is the condensed form of Energy All Energy is observed through the exchange of Protons Space/Time is relatively incorrect Space is The Stage Time is a consequence Gravity is The Law Law of Inverse Energy Potential (High/Low "Energy" Potentials) (L.E.I.P) Total Energy Potential between Space & Energy/Matter with Time as a consequence. (Relative of the measured potential) Space = (Balanced Potential) Allowing proton exchange unhindered Black Holes (Inverse Pressure caused by break in space due to negative (L.I.E.P) caused by over condensed energy in a centralized point of Space. Dark Energy is the overall Energy vs Space Potential per centralized location in each pocket of observable universe. Measured by proton exchange. We are missing a Piece The inverse stage in which proton exchange is hindered. Matter/Energy (High) vs. Inversion Played in Space Forced by Gravity Measured by Time

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    Scum E

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    Ben M

    Pounds are a unit of force in the imperial system (used by the U.S.A. and Myanmar) and the unit for mass is called a slug, although it is used so infrequently you will probably never hear of it again. One slug is approximately 15 kilograms.

    • Релёкс84

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  • The Drowned 23
    The Drowned 23

    I think I learned more from this video, than I did in after all physics lessons throughout this year

    • meme god
      meme god

      Same lol

  • Balazs Villanyi
    Balazs Villanyi

    I wonder what would the scale show on Earth without air.

  • NotCove


  • DVC

    down is down, not up. it's easy.

    • meme god
      meme god


  • Emil Andersson
    Emil Andersson

    Such a good video to understand relativity better. Although you should probably watch it multiple times :)

  • Dark Ashes Feral
    Dark Ashes Feral


  • Ali 123
    Ali 123

    And as always, thanks for making these interesting videos. :-)

  • Osmium Soul
    Osmium Soul

    Welcome to the last "classic" Vsauce video everyone. The production quality improves after this, but the soul of Vsauce becomes more hollow. Still love you Michael, thank you for serving the minds of all who watch you.

    • Henrietta Lore
      Henrietta Lore

      I was looking for videos like this :"(

  • RaDaR_RaPiD

    I like to think Michael is just a hollow human mold that is just completely filled up with a huge brain instead of muscles and other organs

  • Hyraethian Rabbit
    Hyraethian Rabbit

    0:46 "First things first." that escalated quickly.

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    “Now look at the sun it is not currently a black hole”

  • david ludwig
    david ludwig

    Dude should be a teacher. Kept my attention the whole time

  • iPeter

    Down is towards the singularity

  • Howard Elbling
    Howard Elbling

    You need a break like a big one

  • omar gaming droid
    omar gaming droid

    0:35 that escalated really fast

  • gokuRishi6

    Someone: falls from his roof Michael: ooooh my god everyone look that guy is doing time travel

  • han marcus
    han marcus

    its pretty wierd but rn i woke up early in the morning with huge belly pain this guy voice is calming

  • Generic Noob
    Generic Noob

    nooo not time travel.

  • A random cat with WiFi
    A random cat with WiFi


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