The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.
Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:

    • Seyiekheto Sale
      Seyiekheto Sale

      Cm on even if dey dont give chargers in the box. Pple need to buy a charger out of box . At the same time the companies are still selling chargers thus production is alwys on.

    • Mathias P
      Mathias P

      You’re saying that sustainability is important, that there is too much packaging. Have you ever counted the amount of devices that only you ordered and unpacked? 😀 And yes, you would get more subscribers if you say that you are eco friendly. But, you would also have to show that you actually are 🙃

    • 09 Umer Khalid
      09 Umer Khalid

      Apple and the other brands following the footsteps of Apple are just going greedy not greenery

    • MD BEEN
      MD BEEN

      Hi i need some help

    • one man army
      one man army


  • Albulescu Filip
    Albulescu Filip

    The whole move was so that they can ......suprise...make more money. They don't give a fu**k about the environment!!

  • Laurence Bryant
    Laurence Bryant

    And wireless charging takes longer.

  • kri4o

    Just FYI, you haven't been getting AKG sound, or Harman Kardon OR JBL sound for the past 4 years. Harman was purchased by Samsung and the quality of the products with the AKG brand has been steadily declining.

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma

    Environment activism is in wrong direction

  • Will

    Already feeling eco-friendly

  • Shot Caller
    Shot Caller

    Can you do motorola tests

  • Grant Currin
    Grant Currin

    Companies should get negative points like they do for the ice cars vs electric cars, when they make bad products and or eco desicions...

  • DevilBlackDeath

    "This is how business work" : By abusing people's trust and attempts at doing good and selling a lie ? As far as I remember the open market was about competitivity and delivering the actual better product WITHOUT lying. Besides that would be somewhat fine if some of those brands didn't spend all their time and energy trying to make people as uneducated as they possibly can.

  • Dima is a tree.
    Dima is a tree.

    Samsung users always laugh at Apple users when Apple changes something, but then a few months later Samsung does the same thing. Happens every year lol

  • Godlysunfury

    Haha all this go green.

  • Arcy Joven
    Arcy Joven

    I love the point where he uncovers the reality that every consumers are facing when it comes to packaging and accessories. But I think, on the other hand, we must understand that these manufacturers are only looking at their own perspective. We as user, needs to be responsible when it comes to the use of our accessories. I have a charger which is 4 years old, but it still works great and awesome.

    • Dima is a tree.
      Dima is a tree.

      But that’s the point he made. You’re paying extra for fast charging but you’re definitely not getting fast charging with a 4 year older cube. With a better charger you can probably charge your phone twice as fast as what it takes currently with your old charger.

  • Rohan Dick
    Rohan Dick

    Eco-friendly is the most stupid excuse for.. More money

  • Ace M
    Ace M

    Companies only care about profits, the people in those companies design electronics in such a way that they fail when the warranty expires, we can no longer replace batteries on most phones, their goal is to get us to spend more, if lawmakers forced warranties to say 5 yrs, the reliability of products would be more robust, i think the EU enforces this, but the US does not I purposely bought an old washer and dryer cause the new versions just keep breaking A few products are built to last, Vitamix for example

  • Stephen Foster
    Stephen Foster

    They’re not and weren’t even giving you a fast charger, u have to buy that separate anyway sooo... I didn’t need a charger with this new phone and neither did anyone I know

    • Dima is a tree.
      Dima is a tree.

      I did and everyone else in my family did too cause we didn’t have fast charging cubes. They add fast charging to the phones and charge you more cause if it but then expect you to buy the fast charging cube.

  • Siraji Plays
    Siraji Plays

    Is it only me or anyone else feels like that this video is sponsored by “Anker” 👀

  • Katie Reads
    Katie Reads

    I just got the AirPods Pro and the stupid thing without the charger is, it’s not a lightning cable to usb, it’s lightning cable to usbc. I’ve never even seeming bricks like that in stores

  • ItsInvis Mitell
    ItsInvis Mitell

    The benefits of the style option

  • Bryle Corachea
    Bryle Corachea

    New subscriber 🤙🏻

  • Bryle Corachea
    Bryle Corachea

    Nice accent

  • Wilson Rosa
    Wilson Rosa


  • RamadaArtist

    If smartphone companies were legitimately concerned about environmental impact they would abandon the 2-year obsolescence paradigm. The environmental impact of the materials used in the circuitry and electronics are *drastically* more detrimental to the environment, (and also harder to recycle and more dangerous for the workers to reclaim, all of which typically only happens *after* the used phones have been shipped from their primary markets to a developing country where any recycling, if at all, actually happens,) than all of the plastic and cardboard that goes into packaging.

  • Frederick Konnerup
    Frederick Konnerup

    I like how he said that we "silently" lost the earphones, like no one noticed?

  • Kreigs Commissar McCraw
    Kreigs Commissar McCraw

    We want to be eco-friendly! Makes you buy more plastic products

  • Benjamin Kennedy
    Benjamin Kennedy

    I love not having a headphone jack in order to make us buy adapters. More boxes, more stuff yay..

  • Rivanshu Rao
    Rivanshu Rao

    amazing man you bring amazing facts out

  • TeamWake-N-Bake

    I just went from a s9 to a s21 and was wondering this, so convienent this popped up 🤣

  • gurl rockz
    gurl rockz

    It looks hypocrite to me.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

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  • Aaron Paulley
    Aaron Paulley

    Packaging is, for the most part, 100% recyclable by most city's recycling programs. I have a drawer of about 20 chargers that I can't recycle, at least not easily.

  • Sercil

    When you bring it to repair because the battery died on you: "Have you been using the original charger?"

  • Sercil

    I don't buy new phones frequently. It's completely normal for me to skip at least 2 new models before getting a new one (which is ACTUALLY an environment-friendly thing to do), so it's very common that the new one has either a completely different charger, or mine is completely underpowered and will take 3 times longer to charge it. Over that time, I've lost some, broken some, repurposed them for other devices, lend them and never got them back, sold them with the old phone, or given them away. I will have to buy the charger extra, every single time from now on.

  • paradoxelle

    I specifically saved up to buy a new phone that was old to get one the last phones that has headphone jacks- headphones have been completely removed from iPhones for every phone past the SE. Headphones went before charging. Back in 2013 iMacs lost their cd drives. The reason the they use their own systems and they change it is because third party stuff keeps figuring out how to make stuff to charge iPhones despite their efforts to keep their charging setup special so that they can make you buy their charger. I’m not buying a new phone until this one dies and if Apple is still doing this stupid charging no earphones bs when it does I’m not buying Apple again until they stop their nonsense. Everyone should do the same so they’ll change their tune. If people don’t buy their products they will have to improve it to entice you to buy it.

  • Guy

    Great video! I have never gotten an included case, bug have heard of cases being included in other countries.

  • Dominic Ayanda
    Dominic Ayanda

    Thank u man it never made sense to me

  • AK87Berlin

    I bought an iPhone 12 pro and since apple did not include a charger, I said fuck it and bought 3rd party charger. I'm not going to stuff more money up their asses. Even the lighting cable is from 3rd party, however some of that money still goes to apple for licensing the cable...sigh But anyone should stop buying apple chargers.

  • The Industry Management Team
    The Industry Management Team

    I predict they’ll start selling the iPhones with earphone jack and other components for a higher price

  • George J93
    George J93

    The real reason: dumb as shit people will keep buying overpriced pieces of shit. The end.

  • melody d
    melody d

    Thanks for that vicdeo. (well explained and fun to watch) They are tight asses and want us to pay for the charger and the headphones, and the cables and adaptors.

  • RtrdedN00B

    If they really wanted to be eco friendly, they would've given you the option to pick your box with or without a charger, there i solved your problem, and the version without a charger can be 10 bucks cheaper so there is also monetary insentive to consider buying one over the other. But this is capitalism we live in so this isnt how things work until its too late.

  • Thor Nielsen
    Thor Nielsen

    Welcome to economics.. Knock on effects! That's why all this green nonsense is making everything worse. And less green.

  • Andreas Kipper
    Andreas Kipper

    Want to do something for the environment? Buy a new phone when you need one and not because there is one.

  • xwatchid

    1:23 My digital life the past 25 years.

  • Alec Silva
    Alec Silva

    Want the real reason why Apple doesn’t give a charger in the box? Apple are fucking money hungry scammers who will do anything to get money out of you!

  • Sunny Balls
    Sunny Balls

    Really really nice video, same can be said about products like air conditioners which cools us but end up heating the planet.

  • Sky Watcher
    Sky Watcher

    They can say whatever they want. Bottom line is money. They r losing money by sending u a charger tho what we pay for these phones we should get a lifetime supply for FREE

  • S3G Photography
    S3G Photography

    Luckily my Xiaomi 11 (europe version) comes with a 55W charger xD

  • FlaymeGoddess21

    i knew it was a huge scam from the beginning! lol

  • Spence The Fence
    Spence The Fence

    Apple is going green, just in money

  • xEx xEx
    xEx xEx

    Free cases? The US calls Bullsit

  • Somadev Kj
    Somadev Kj

    13:03 mins on how mrwhosetheboss exposed apple

  • dpiper2580

    Beyond stupid and paranoid


    I got s21plus case for 40 use, but thank God had 25 watt fast charger of note 10

  • Frank Ramsey
    Frank Ramsey

    Well said Mate. They just want the true fans to buy the official charger. It’s just for them to make more money. They saddle people coming off a 24 month contract to now have to buy a USB C type connection.

  • Haitchie

    Gallium nitrade, good to know. Excellent informative video, keep up the good work.👌

  • Maya Manalao
    Maya Manalao

    Just what I was thinking when I saw their "eco-friendly boxes." Well said!

  • Ityaboykris

    Ehh maybe just phones not tablets/ipads.

  • Classic

    Agree on charger but earphones included in box are usually trash...

  • Jeremy Delgado
    Jeremy Delgado

    The alive rain reversely watch because approval certainly milk following a profuse coal. brave, threatening supply

  • RichyRichGold

    I like Apple but if they really cared about the planet they would include high quality chargers made out of recycled plastic that last a very long time so you don't have to buy a new one.

    • RichyRichGold

      @Kaysar Mance It was an exaggeration, I meant one that lasts a long time.

    • Kaysar Mance
      Kaysar Mance

      U can’t have a charger that will last forever

  • Martell Tha Cool
    Martell Tha Cool

    Blame Apple for setting these horrible trends

  • Sakura J
    Sakura J

    If they really wanted to save environment, the move should've been not to make mobile phones anymore. Like instead of saying use old charger, they should say use your old mobile phones or don't buy new phones and try to protect your old phones so that you don't need to buy new ones. Project should be where we can send our old mobile phones to them for an upgrade. But they just want money.

  • oDqno

    Can anyone suggest me some good phones for the same price as iPhone X or xs

  • Tony T John
    Tony T John

    Smart solution! Instead of stupid green ideas by big tech companies!

  • Sanjeet Villa
    Sanjeet Villa

    Like legends say "This is Business"

  • Phil Blum
    Phil Blum

    TBH, I got bored 1/4 of the way through, but if you conclude that it is not environmentally sound to take out the charger and ear buds, I disagree with your analysis. I think we all tend to have more of those items than we actually need because they've been given away for free with each prior phone. And when we trade the phones in, contrary to your assumption, we rarely include the chargers and ear buds that came with them. So lower the phone price, and if anyone actually needs the charger and ear buds, they can choose the ones they really want and pay for them with the savings from the phone. And those of us that don't need them, great, we keep the difference. And the environment does benefit.

  • PàperHat

    Good thing my phone has a charger when I got it..

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin

    apple just wants to fuck over their customers . this is why i dont have a apple

  • SmokeyOwOs

    Taking something out, charging the same for the product and selling the charger separate for three times the price. Classic capitalism.

  • John Marvin David
    John Marvin David

    They just do it for additional money

  • İsmail Eken
    İsmail Eken

    Year 2035: +Dad, did you do anything to stop climate change? -Yes, I bought phones with no chargers and headphones.

  • skelly chang
    skelly chang

    I think that what they have to do is making bundles, and thows bundles are available on the store or Om the page and if the custumer whants he can get it on a reusable box premade by the company

  • israa

    2050: You have to pay an extra 2300$ for the phone if not, you just get the and the box.

  • small pp boi
    small pp boi

    Legit next they are going to take the phone

  • Coolfondue

    i really hope a company doesn't bite on this bs, i will gladly buy a phone with everything in a box than this crap

  • Sto bek
    Sto bek

    Money money money.... that's it....

  • Daniele Venanzi
    Daniele Venanzi

    Xiaomi DOES actually include its new 65W GaN charger with the global version of the Mi 11. In China, you can either choose between a charger-less version and another one with the charger included. The 65W GaN is no common charger: it's not just incredibly fast, but you can also use it to charge USB-C compatible laptop computers and tablets. The charger alone sells for €35 in stores in the EU

  • Malik lxml
    Malik lxml

    Buy nokia now

  • not a thing
    not a thing

    Now am afraid of day which can be predictable after this ... Not giving adopter and cable to laptop.

  • Sienna Flores
    Sienna Flores

    The bad river originally claim because drake centrally gaze aside a jagged woman. annoying, lyrical drain

  • Mubashir Ahmed
    Mubashir Ahmed

    They are entirety self centered.

  • Andre's Fun and Games
    Andre's Fun and Games



    How can we charge without charger ???

  • PumarisX

    Can't wait for Apple to start producing cars. No charger included and sure, why not having MagSafe for your car as well so supercharging can consume 1MW and charge the battery at 100kW rate :) Greed Apple, I mean green Apple.


    I'm just triggered that someone said they got a free case with their phone

  • Sidney Abenojar
    Sidney Abenojar

    Companies: Nothing ecological, just business

  • Mustafa Filiz
    Mustafa Filiz

    ive had a samsung s2, s3, s4 s5, sony z4 note 8, note 10, and definetly will not upgrade to a new note if there's no charger. Not because i cant afford it but the insult.

  • Jose Pita
    Jose Pita

    Agreed Apple shouldn't have started the trend... Funny thing is only when Samsung and others followed did people start freaking out...

  • S.T octopus N
    S.T octopus N

    let’s protest these stupid things.


    I'm very rough user I don't buy iPhone

    • Paweł 1988
      Paweł 1988

      Dunno, I am still using my IPhone 8- no problems at all

  • Ari gold
    Ari gold

    factor in stealing from friends and coworkers chargers. LOL ohhh boyyy.

  • RenamedRL

    Stuff you producers, just to selfish to care about anyone else. Only yourself

  • Brian Y
    Brian Y

    The companies think the consumers are idiots. But then... the consumers keep buying them anyway. Who is at fault here? Consumers.

  • Gjorgjo

    8:35 Smartphone companies: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • haidar 112
    haidar 112

    It's actually funny to me that some apple sheep would defend on what apple is doing right now (I'm not even joking, it's true)

  • Ti hi
    Ti hi

    You need to make a company

  • BillyOnLinear-

    People in 2060: We have removed the screen to help the environment

  • Tanzim Ahmed Bihon
    Tanzim Ahmed Bihon

    Foul concept by phone comapnies!!! 🤮

  • Ricardo

    The real reason is money, I learned that today the hard way when apple refuse to look at my recent broken 27" iMac 2011 model. Its not because they can't, but they want you to buy a new one. Even when the 2011 high end model just works fine for 9/10 people nowadays. 250GB ssd, 3.2Ghz i7 and 16GB RAM and the max upgraded videocard for that time of 2GB!. And than they told me with cold eye's. Its trash nowadays. Look you don't gave me a new charger brick and headphone because that is good for the eviroment. Sure fine good reason, but than telling me I have to trow away a great machine? No you can't fool me anymore for that reason. Its just about the money. Not the customer or whatever. Apple lost my trust after 10 year of use. I can bring my windows pc to any place even when its 20 years old and they would still look at it and trying to fix it. But apple? NoNo spend another thousands for 5 year support? f*ck them. Great products worst support after when you need them.

  • Jarett Simoneaux
    Jarett Simoneaux

    Subscribed for mother nature