LALISA (A Documentary Film)
[ This is a FANMADE video ]
Happy birthday, our happiness, Lalisa Manoban.
This is for you, @Lilifilm Official
You are loved by millions of people around the world and you inspired each and every one of us with your story. You had a dream and you made that dream come true through determination, hardwork, patience and passion.
Thank you, Lalisa.
We will stay by your side, forever and always.
We love you. 💛
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    • jungkook lisa
      jungkook lisa

      @Venus Jupiter plz English

    • Venus Jupiter
      Venus Jupiter

      블랙핑크 볼때마다 각국 공주들이 모여서 아이돌하는것같음 ㅠ 다들 너무 이쁘고 고급지게 생겼어..

    • jungkook lisa
      jungkook lisa

      OK I really love Lisa hi you plz post bts all boys LTwhite channel Bangladesh plz

    • Kan Piw
      Kan Piw

      May I ask when the new one is release? I’m waiting for the new one. Anyway, Thanks for working hard for Lisa 🙏🏻

    • zeyzey ist
      zeyzey ist

      We love you Tin

  • Nadra Boukadida
    Nadra Boukadida


  • Kookie Lily
    Kookie Lily

    I literally shed tears while watching this. This girl had gone through so much hardships in her life to becoming who she is now, and yet there are still so many people who are hating on this sunshine. My heart sinks when reading some mean comments about her , and the fact that she's probably know about those haters who going around and spread bad rumors about her really make me upset. Lisa-yah , please stay strong for us. Just focus on your solo career , we'll always got your back and supporting whatever you do. Let's always walk on the flower path , our shining gem Lalisa Manoban 💜

  • SwasT .S.
    SwasT .S.

    I love her personality, everything about her. Lots of love and power to our girl.💗💗

  • ken mac
    ken mac

    Good job Tinxlisa.. We appreciate your effort for this 🥰🥰🥰

  • Jayanti debroy
    Jayanti debroy

    I wan't to meet her but not as just a fan but as an strong idol like her . I'm from india and it's so hard for me as my parents don't support me in this at all . Moreover it's in a different country . But I know I will not give up

  • iAME LiO
    iAME LiO

    I don't hate you Lisa 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • iAME LiO
    iAME LiO

    I hope people realise that Lisa is a human being and she is not Someone who don't get hurt who cannot cry She's a human even though you hate her a lot care about other people feelings She's living her life and I don't want her to live her life caring about others feeling I hope she could stay strong LISA stay strong keep smiling even when it hurts I don't expect you to see this word but Please be strong!!!!! Fighting!!!!!!!!

  • Tuğba Akdağ
    Tuğba Akdağ

    Türkçe altyazısı için teşekkürler

  • Annisa Nuricha
    Annisa Nuricha

    I'm crying hhu


    Lisa es muy fuerte que lucho por sus sueños y lo consiguió, ella tomo en camino estrecho y no el camino ancho porque entre mas dificil se ponia mas posivilidades avia y logro debutar, ella es un ejemplo a seguir, cuando empese aber blackpink por primera vez vi a lisa y no podia quitar la mirada de ella y ahora se que no me debo de rendir y debo tomar en camino estrecho para lograr lo que quiero, lisa es la persona mas hermosa y humilde que lucha por sus sueños que he visto en mi vida✨ Con amor. Una blink❤❤❤

  • Diana Rosemary Bautista
    Diana Rosemary Bautista

    She had this great tallent that cannot take from her..indeed born to be talented..godbless you lisa in so many ways🙏🏿💕

  • lalisa

    i’m still here and still crying

  • are you kirring me irriyaa?
    are you kirring me irriyaa?

    just because she trained in YG doesn’t mean she had it easier. big companies means that LESS idols make it, it’s always that small % of people that get chosen. many don’t debut after training for years and years. LISA endured so much and is still enduring hate comments and xenophobia, PLEASE always shower her with love (and the other members as well💖💖)

  • Puthumai Thamizhan
    Puthumai Thamizhan

    Oh my god !! I am crying here ...😭😭😢😢 we always love you lisa ... you are the gorgeous girl in the world ...keep going my girl are my inspiration...we are always supporting you ..plzz don't give up ... i love u more than i could ever imagine #lisalove....💕💕💕🖤💖

  • Praeporn Chaiyarut
    Praeporn Chaiyarut

    Love Lisa

  • Raja Gukguk
    Raja Gukguk

    Lisa i love you so much, you are my inspiration, many people love you, one people make you broke but one thousand people to protect you, to keep you, and always to love you, give you smile to world every day lisa, not to care how many people to hate you, we are here, we are always for you lisa, i love you so much Lisa❤❤❤ (sorry if my english very messy) :,)

  • Sweta Kurre
    Sweta Kurre

    "I wann be one of part of them" ( i want to be like her a kpop idol )

  • dee

    Honestly when I first heard blackpink "Kill This Love" (That's the first blackpink video i've ever watched) when I first saw Lisa she was my bias straight off. I just love her so much. I don't know why people hate on this human being. She's the reason why I started loving kpop and rapping in korean

  • blue hair color #saveralhp
    blue hair color #saveralhp


  • Jennie kim
    Jennie kim

    Спасибо вам всем особенно Лисе я ей плогодарна, люблю тебя Лися,теперь я буду бороться за своей мечтой 😞😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😍😘😘😘😘😂


    we will always love you lisa

  • eqraa

    In 12 years old Me : still watching mickey mouse Lisa : in yg audition

  • Margarita Tirta Nata
    Margarita Tirta Nata


  • bekti untuk kerjaan
    bekti untuk kerjaan

    i cry watched this lisa"s documentary.. love you lalisa manoban

  • Juジュミ-

    Netizen Hàn vẫn luôn thượng đẳng. Họ chỉ tôn thờ người thuần Hàn. Nhưng thế giới thì không, Lisa luôn đứng số 1 trong Blackpink. Ko có Lisa thì mình cũng chả quan tâm blink. Vì Lisa tài năng và đáng yêu thật sự . Love Lisa

  • •jlfxx27_yt•

    Congrats for the 7M views after how many months I came back here again and see your channels success keep it up ... I observe that when this documentary was released many channels had copied this kind of documentary too but this is the best so far ... ORIGINAL IS ALWAYS THE BEST .... CONGRATS

  • Ta Uh ei
    Ta Uh ei

    Thailand proud of you lisa คนไทยภูมิใจใจในตัวพี่นะคะ พี่ลิซ่า🇹🇭🥰🥰

  • Kardeşler oyunda
    Kardeşler oyunda

    İyi ki doğdun Lalisa. Iyiki idolumsun. İyiki Blackpink oldu.

  • naomi kim
    naomi kim

    lalisa i love you so much you are my angel costud 🤍🤍🤍❤❤❤💜💜💜💜

  • Ahgase Kpop
    Ahgase Kpop

    The more you hate her, the more we will love her..

  • Sahyra Tiscornia
    Sahyra Tiscornia

    llore durante todo el video al tan solo ver todo lo que sufrio :(

  • The Fire Head
    The Fire Head


  • Jellie Yong
    Jellie Yong

    We always love you Lisa 😍🥰😍 I'm so very proud of you ☺️☺️ I watch ur documentary film I'm crying because I love you very much someday I will meet u with my daughter ..

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  • 6C12Annanya Pathak
    6C12Annanya Pathak

    Proud of Lisa I love her so much

  • LALİSA QUENN #WeLoveYouLisa
    LALİSA QUENN #WeLoveYouLisa


  • shereen suresh
    shereen suresh

    Lisa deserves it she has problems but she done it congrats Lisa manoban

  • Aditi Kushwaha
    Aditi Kushwaha

    After watching this video .. I just have one question in my mind... How can someone hate her..?



  • Nuray Hesimova
    Nuray Hesimova

    Turk yokmu

  • Maya Hindubi
    Maya Hindubi

    I wish if owr love Lisa see this video and my coment for now she not lowly and all the blinks and Blackpink whit her and to all the hates you are juste jalous , fool from owrqueen

  • Mey Hour
    Mey Hour

    We love you lisa 😘

  • Kean Sokhorn
    Kean Sokhorn

    Lisa Greatest Idol Ever🥰

  • 2 B Lady Diana Flores Ñique
    2 B Lady Diana Flores Ñique

    Hello today I wanted to make a promise, okay? Lisa is my inspiration like many other people, but she is the main inspiration, I promise to follow my dreams of being a kpop artist, and when I achieve it I will thank Lisa personally, do not think that I am crazy, no, that I will do and show you

    • Sweta Kurre
      Sweta Kurre

      @陈陈学磊 thanks dear I hope ur all dream come true

    • 陈陈学磊

      @Sweta Kurre sincerely hope you can achieve your dream

    • 陈陈学磊

      i sincerely hope you and people who have dreams like you can achieve your dreams despite the difficulties behind

    • Sweta Kurre
      Sweta Kurre

      I also want to be kpop artist worlds best dancer not give up

  • min jo
    min jo

    Is Korea a racist country? Southeast Asia from Korea. Muslim, black. I've never seen them discriminated against by foreigners. Of course, it is true that illegal immigrants living in Korea who do not respect Korea more than Koreans who are hostile to Korea speak Korean and play Korean cosplayers are not very friendly. But isn't it the same in any country? Isn't it the same for someone who can't be kind to those who are hostile to their homeland? But don't put Lisa on the same line as this situation. It's definitely a different fact. Also, using Lisa from Black Ping Korea is a racist country and all Koreans are sensitive to the nuances of hating Lisa, and it seems that only other races in the world love Lisa. With this video, all Korean entertainment companies are now trash. Many overseas LTwhiters use this video to edit and utilize videos such as racism and beauty addiction, and a lot of fake news has been made and circulated, making it a country of garbage. Watching this, I watched the tears video and read a lot of articles. Some people think that her Korea treats her Lisa as her dog, and drives her as if she hates her for her racism. Don't get confused with humans who pretend to be Korean And you don't seem to know Korean culture very well. If Korean fans didn't like Black Ping's Lisa, they wouldn't have been able to become a star in Korea. No, if there were such racism, the entire Black Pink group would have been difficult to survive. One of Korean culture is the habit of seeing everyone as one. With a culture that values ​​loyalty and consideration, she was able to survive because she recognized and loved Lisa as an imposing Black Ping member. If Lisa had been racially discriminated against as a Southeast Asian and hated it, the group called Blackpink would have been difficult to survive. K POP originated in Korea. Black Ping originated in Korea. If the group had not been loved by Koreans and fans when it started in Korea, would it have gained the power to enter the global market? Based on the love of Korean fans, he made a new song and went out to the world. Don't insult Korea with videos like this. Because it makes no sense ~ !!!

  • блекпинк Асьема
    блекпинк Асьема

    Лиса самая добрая храбрая человек такие люди рождаются лишь в сто лет Лиса мы тебя любим не сдавайся все мы тебя и вашу группу поддерживаем не слушай слухи о том что говорят они не умеют что такое добрата и любовь они просто завидуют он поплотятся что плохо обзывались такие люди ни что мы тебя очень сильно любим ЛИСА не сдавайся и не плач ты добрая у тебя добрая сердце ты особенная пусть твои желания збудится жаль что не могу стобой встретится и взять автограф я живу очень далеко мне всего 13 лет я всегда мечтала встретится с тобой пожалуйста принимай своих фанатов как твои сестрёнки мы тебя так любим когда я буду дополнительно взрослой я надеюсь могу встретиться с тобой и РОЗЕ С ДЖИСУ И ДЖЕННИ надеюсь этот день настанет и получу от вас автограф если это мечта моя сбудется то я бы взорвалась от счастье я сейчас учу корейский язык что бы смогла могла с вами встретится конечно вы не можете прочитать что сейчас вам написала но надеюсь эти что сказала дойтут до вас

  • Prlly Trnton
    Prlly Trnton

    I love you truly from the bottom of my unworthy heart, tinxlisa.. Thank you for making this.

  • Akari

    WOW... THIS IS AMAZING!!! ❤️❤️

  • Lesly Rojas
    Lesly Rojas

    Un modelo a seguir, es una estrella que siempre brilla en donde esté, es muy talentosa, tiene un buen corazón, es humilde a pesar de toda su fama, la mejor persona que he conocido en mi vida, I love Lisa 💖💗😗

  • sandies coundy
    sandies coundy

    I am crying when i watch this, so emotional!!!!

  • aditya dey
    aditya dey

    i have nothing to say but one thing i love my queen lisa ❤❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘💘💘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍more than my life & so many blinks love u queen stay strong

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    Halit Demirhas

    Is it great

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    WhAt ThE hEcK uNnIe!

    Hi blinks please vote blackpink for best music video and best Fandom on iHeart awards 💜🤩

  • Tina tiano
    Tina tiano

    the first blackpink video I watched was from Lisa lisa its a girl i love a lot everyone will want to be like her before i don't listen to kpop now i'm happy to have known that kpop exists, and lisa i love you everyone loves you 💖

  • fatma ulug
    fatma ulug

    I love you lalisa manoban

  • Nurshaliza Hamdan
    Nurshaliza Hamdan

    Stay strong pretty


    Me parese algo estupido criticar a alguien por su nacionalidad

  • Angun Angun
    Angun Angun

    Lisa luarbisa



  • tanu AGARWAL
    tanu AGARWAL

    There is one girl which inspired me to dance and sing I love her so much if she was not here I always think that I was ugly and so on but the movement she told that beauty comes from inside I love you so much if I got one wich it will be to be like you thank you for inspiring me

  • Varissara Midam
    Varissara Midam

    We are always support you You’re the best we love you Lalisa Manoban

  • Lola

    omg, thank you so much for subtitling this video in portuguese, by the way I cried a lot haha

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    Nam Trung


  • Marlyn Crystal
    Marlyn Crystal

    Siempre será nuestra lisa love lisa😘🥰😇


    Lisa is best , 👍💯

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  • Ayşe sinem Yılmaz
    Ayşe sinem Yılmaz

    Seni seven bir türk blink❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Venus Jupiter
    Venus Jupiter

    블랙핑크 볼때마다 각국 공주들이 모여서 아이돌하는것같음 ㅠ 다들 너무 이쁘고 고급지게 생겼어..

  • Aayushma Das
    Aayushma Das

    love you lisaaaaa♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • D'vorah Domagtoy
    D'vorah Domagtoy

    I'm crying right now.. a lot of people mistreated and discriminated Lisa just because she's thai, without thinking and considering that she's been through a lot since her trainee days. I pray that those people will enlighten there hearts and mind and respect not just Lisa but all of the Black Pink member.

  • Maymay Ayuban
    Maymay Ayuban

    I love you black pink dont jilos your member you are papular girl.

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    Ödev Arkadaşım

    Türkler yokmu

  • Lia

    Eu chorei vendo isso pqp----

  • Vanshika

    There's nothing wrong with being a solo stan but don't hate the other members...all of them are sweet and caring Angels

  • Banana Milk
    Banana Milk

    Am i the only one who got emotional here?


    Lisa çok güçlü bir kadın . Onunla gurur duyuyorum. Güzel kızım benim ...

  • Manuela Kim
    Manuela Kim

    Lisa, if some Koreans doesn't like you for not being a pure Korean still have the rest of the world who sees past your race. You deserve all your achievements and more.

  • فاطْمَـةة

    محد جاي يبجي..

  • Kesorn Weston
    Kesorn Weston

    This is such wonderful video. Thank you for putting this up together ❤️

  • Shirisha N
    Shirisha N

    Why am I crying watching this at 1:30 am

  • Liyana R.
    Liyana R.

    She has the killer dance move.. her parents must be so proud of her

  • Star [सितारा]
    Star [सितारा]

    My lisu❤️ Love u❤️ so much

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    Songul Kaya

    Onun milyon dolarlık gülümsemesi var...👍

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    เรื่องของกู Channel

    Wow this video make me cry . It's the most video .thx you guy

  • 有關係就沒關係

    Love you Lalisa

  • Pilar González
    Pilar González

    Lisa realmente es una reina Lisaaa te quiero mucho!! ( ≧Д≦)

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    She is very good, Lisa, I love you.

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    •jeon yeji• 전예지

    #protectlisa please

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    Maria Alejandra Patiño Rubiano

    Todos los blinks que estamos en Colombia apoyamos a lisa la queremos mucho 💕😍🥺😘


    lisa is the correct deffination of angel

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    Saniya Ulahannan

    imagine lisa seeing seeing this

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    Nicole Gulac

    Lisa is pretty but stronger girl. That change my life, her smile makes me happy and stronger like her

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    JBG Videos lisa🤩

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    I love you Lisa because you are lisa

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    chang chang

    Oh my god. I'm just out of control. I can’t hold my body. My hole body is only saying lisa lisa lisa lisa lisa lisa She is just incredible. Awesome.

  • Valerie Castaño
    Valerie Castaño

    Gracias Lisa por motivarme a seguir con mis sueños y aunque ya es muy retrasado FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS 😙😙💓❤💗 sigue siendo tu misma

  • 나는 바누크탄을 사랑한다.
    나는 바누크탄을 사랑한다.

    I hope you see Lisa If you see my comment is not also I want you to know that you are loved and who hates you he just wants to destroy you do not give up to them and prove that you are strong we are all with you Lisa and also we love you very much do not give up we love you we love you we love you🥺🖤

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    이쁘게 잘컷구 잘돼서 너무좋다 리사😍😍😍😍