How Well Does BLACKPINK Know Each Other? | Netflix
BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa compete to see who knows each other best in the newest edition of Who, Me?
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How Well Does BLACKPINK Know Each Other? | Netflix
Record-shattering Korean girl band BLACKPINK tell their story - and detail the hard-fought journey of the dreams and trials behind their meteoric rise.

  • Preetae xoxo
    Preetae xoxo

    "I'm JISOO" hits different

  • WebsTreX

    Jennie and Jisoo are the kind of people I want to surround myself with!! Pure gems

  • Tanusri Mandal
    Tanusri Mandal

    Jisoo is such a mood. She can sleep all day, can fight with TV, can drink 3 bottles of milk at one time and more lmao


    Jisoo; "i'm jisoo” Me : THATS SO C U T E

  • Nitu 278
    Nitu 278

    I wonder who’s fan is Lisa😭 I heard she is exo’s fan😭

  • Ha? HAHAHA
    Ha? HAHAHA

  • Poppy Freda official
    Poppy Freda official

    This was amazing!

  • Nurtac Heydarli
    Nurtac Heydarli


  • Gemini

    why I'm not surprised at all that Jisoo is top class student

  • blackpink's baby
    blackpink's baby

    That's right. Jisoo could only speak what language she's comfortable to. You need not to criticize or force her to speak English just because the other members could. She's fine like that. I love her like that.

  • Sanswrang Brahma
    Sanswrang Brahma

    Lisa have somany facilities but i need best friend like jisoo

  • Duki Ski
    Duki Ski

    I love it

  • The Best TikTok Compilations
    The Best TikTok Compilations

    At the beginning: Hi this is Jennie Hi this is Rosé Hi this is Lisa And Jisoo be like: I’m Jisoo😎

  • Khushi saini
    Khushi saini

    Rosé: Lisa kept drinking banana milk.. My mind.. JK:Hey banana milk is mine...

  • T-REX Gaming
    T-REX Gaming

    0:09 ufff

  • Purple hearts For Vsoo
    Purple hearts For Vsoo

    Protect Kim Jisoo ✨

  • Sudad Haytham
    Sudad Haytham

    #rosé is the best

  • Sudad Haytham
    Sudad Haytham

    I love rosè

  • Nelly Suonpää
    Nelly Suonpää

    Who has the worst English. I think Jisoo

  • danny dov
    danny dov

    jennie at a flea market in all chanel: it’s expensive, i’m a student

  • 주디Joudy

    Chaennisoo: See u on Netflix Lisa: si u onnn netfliix

  • atul singh
    atul singh

    I will not subscribe

  • pervert clown :D • 7 years ago
    pervert clown :D • 7 years ago

    Damn they are cute and funny lol

  • Maniha Tanveer
    Maniha Tanveer

    Fact : Everyone wants an unnie like jisoo.

  • Arvilyn Kate Nicerio
    Arvilyn Kate Nicerio

    나는 BlackPink을 너무 사랑합니다! 그들은 내 영감입니다❤

  • kara

    No one: Jisoo to the TV: *what's wrong with you?!*

  • kara

    *mai mee tang ka* iykyk

  • Alex Illingworth
    Alex Illingworth

    ALL THE COMMENTS ARE ABOUT JISOO! as they should be😌

  • Lijo Litty
    Lijo Litty

    Blackpink ❤️


    Jisso look beautiful with pink lips😍

  • Poushita Reddy
    Poushita Reddy

    Omg jisoo she is amazing human

  • Ma. Sandryl Musni
    Ma. Sandryl Musni

    I cant stop watching 4:54 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • 164Sharmin Binte Helal
    164Sharmin Binte Helal

    I Love Rose 💗💗💗💗

  • BlueRabbitz

    Jisoo's "huh" at 3:23 was so cuteee

  • Hamna Bilal
    Hamna Bilal

    I'm so happy to see that how jisoo understand their every eng sentence...

  • Aditya Gamer
    Aditya Gamer

    blackpink in your area

  • Srivarshini Shanmuganathan
    Srivarshini Shanmuganathan

    Jisoo : cutie pie😍 Jennie: cutie pie😍 Lisa: cutie pie🤩 Rosé : cutie pie🤩 When they all are together: OMG!!!! That's toooooooo cute....☺️☺️☺️😍😍

  • Lisa Rose
    Lisa Rose

    Hi blackpink

  • joe anonymous
    joe anonymous

    BLACKPINK I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baby Dollers
    Baby Dollers

    All these girls are so damn cute I wanna smack them ughhhh.. I say Jeannie 1st then I think rose then sometimes Lisa and sometimes jisoo.. what ya say.. Lisa and jisoo maybe tie I think. Lol

  • Dara Murphy
    Dara Murphy

    Im english so I dont understand korean

  • Sanjay Malviya
    Sanjay Malviya

    Did they go school plz reply🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Arijit Das
    Arijit Das

    Today i realise i told kinda lile ros in pronouncesion but iys rosey lol

  • Bilal Sarfraz
    Bilal Sarfraz

    0:09 I am Jisoo. Jisoo talks like a cute friend. ✅✅✅ Whenever she talks, it always brings smile 😊😊😊

  • Izzah lele
    Izzah lele

    So cute when jisoo said "not yet"🥺 she's like a baby

  • Frank Hohl
    Frank Hohl

    Hi charley Jisoo Jennie Roes Lisa BLACKPlNK

  • Aditya Saputra
    Aditya Saputra

    Jisoo cantik sekali

  • Sylvia Chen
    Sylvia Chen

    The conscious sandra pharmacokinetically move because fine pertinently wander towards a eatable bay. womanly, old destruction

  • Afrin mohhamed
    Afrin mohhamed

    Jennie photo Rose photo Lisa photo jisoophoto😃😃😃

  • Vida Asefy
    Vida Asefy

    Jisoo ❤️❤️❤️

  • Saad Hasan
    Saad Hasan

    I want to know your age

    • sreeji p s
      sreeji p s

      Jisoo-26 Jennie:25 Rosé:24 Lisa:24

    • sreeji p s
      sreeji p s

      Who's blackpink members?

  • Bella Mathena Mendoza
    Bella Mathena Mendoza

    Why there’s alot of comments with alot of like even me😢🥺😅

  • Charmine Salayo
    Charmine Salayo


  • Divya Sonwane
    Divya Sonwane


  • Divya Sonwane
    Divya Sonwane


  • wong yi syun
    wong yi syun


  • Dushto Mon
    Dushto Mon

    please speak english

  • hobiverse

    jennie is rich but tries to get out of paying for things if she can't get a discount...why not just help small businesses??? she can afford it

  • Zahra123

    6:16 with you're boyfriend?😏

  • nani panaratu
    nani panaratu

    Did anyone notice rose’s laugh at 1:59

  • Margaret Wesley
    Margaret Wesley

    Rose is cute when she's confused 😂❤️

  • Auz _Woz
    Auz _Woz

    2:52 hahahahahaha

  • Morgana Ilmirak
    Morgana Ilmirak

    In a paralel universe, they are siblings, Jisoo is the oldest sister, Jennie is in the middle, Rosè and Lisa are twins.


    They are so sweet and fun to watch. And I am really dying to be a friend of Jisoo. I just can't stop admiring her. Anyways, this was a fun video. Liked it. Keep it up. - Sana

  • Keisha Arraz
    Keisha Arraz

    and this is not the first time I have watched this HAHAHAHAHA ilysm, pinks!

  • niraja vurla
    niraja vurla

    So cute❤️❤️

  • Maureen NAL Aryee
    Maureen NAL Aryee

    Jennie that laugh😂😂😂6:54

  • Aisyahtul Khansa Khumaira
    Aisyahtul Khansa Khumaira

    0:09 Hi I'm jisoo❤️❤️

  • Anustha Mishra
    Anustha Mishra

    I am india

  • Anustha Mishra
    Anustha Mishra

    I did not know korean

  • N LC
    N LC

    Woah - Lisa's Korean has improved TREMENDOUSLY!

  • Akhilesh Kumar
    Akhilesh Kumar

    So cute expression while explaining by rosè😘😍

  • Blink official
    Blink official

    Lisa-Lisa-'hi this is lisa' Jennie-'hi this is Jennie ' Rose-'hi this is rose' Jisoo-'Jisoo-'I am jisoo'💖💖

  • Eleftheria Tigka
    Eleftheria Tigka

    Jisoo is so funny! She always makes me laugh! Wish I could meet all the members!

  • NyokouChannel

    Jisoo yelling at her TV is too damn relatable lmao

  • Fiza Anjum Sheikh
    Fiza Anjum Sheikh

    Hyyy I am Jisoo 😍 it's so cute 😘

  • Zyrel Kathleen Libang
    Zyrel Kathleen Libang

    I love rose and lisa, they are both pretty and kind

  • Afsana mim
    Afsana mim

    I like Jennie

  • Comfort Pale
    Comfort Pale

    My bias is 1 Kim jisoo 2 Lalisa monoban 3 kim Jennie 4 park cheayoung But Blackpink is my Bias

  • Fiker Zelalem
    Fiker Zelalem

    I remember when lisa taught them thai at night when they we're Shopping🥰🥰

  • Velu Subbiah
    Velu Subbiah

    4:32 at this moment I realized that all the beautiful people present in this world drinks banana milk.... I also know one handsome guy... often drinks banana milk ( jungkook bts) So the moral is... *everyone start drinking banana milk* Warrenty is JISOO BLACKPINK AND JUNGKOOK BTS That's it😍🤷‍♀️😁❤⭐

  • 문클로저정국

  • A amy
    A amy


  • A amy
    A amy

    Ngl the media makes Jennie look so much like this rich channel girl (i mean she is rich) but she's so down to earth. She's like the rest of us when it comes to buying thingd 😂 bargaining and buying cute little things. She even said she bought the same trousers as Rose once, hers were only 15 dollars and Roses were 1,000 dollars.

  • shiron radiation
    shiron radiation

    They know really well english all of them but still twice is my biased with broken english 😀

  • Hazel Hopper
    Hazel Hopper

    1:57 oh jisoo’s huh could fill a 45 litres of tub with cuteness

  • Seeta talmale
    Seeta talmale

    Hello 😊 So , may i interduce myself I am Neeraj 🤟Call me Nj 😊

  • Alisha hendini Putri
    Alisha hendini Putri

    Jennie cantik banget 😍

  • Kiva Arbuj
    Kiva Arbuj

    I love you black pink

  • Lenzal Afonso
    Lenzal Afonso

    Rosé in the thumbnail is like : wtf b*cth ?

  • Megan Hughes
    Megan Hughes

    I love how Jisoo calls Rosé Chaengie its so cute

  • هلو انا ملاك •_•
    هلو انا ملاك •_•

    ليسا مثل كأنو حكت عرب!!0:30

  • Nora the explorer
    Nora the explorer

    Fun fact:the pictures they are holding are on netflix and can change it to a blackpink member

  • Mamta Mishra
    Mamta Mishra

    My favourite is jisso

  • Alita Pardo
    Alita Pardo

    Did next flix remove this scene?

  • blackpink meme
    blackpink meme

    Lisa Lisa

  • blackpink meme
    blackpink meme

    love you Lisa

  • blackpink meme
    blackpink meme

    Lisa queen

  • Blackpink in my heart Queens of the whole world
    Blackpink in my heart Queens of the whole world

    I love and miss them so much

  • Sobi Jilen
    Sobi Jilen

    Why no one talking about rosé see is so cute her voice is also cute...🥺