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  • Dragonaut72

    I wanna try the thick water

  • Safresh 27
    Safresh 27

    Oh hi rubiuh

  • Mikey Chan
    Mikey Chan

    It’s crazy how stupid both xQc and his chat are.

  • Angelina Callahan
    Angelina Callahan

    id rather have some fully automated car than some random dude/ girl who is creepy

  • Carter DJ
    Carter DJ

    Fun fact: Crushed up diatoms (not live ones) are actually used in our toothpaste to clean our teeth.

  • oof

    I saw a baby box in Korea and thought it was a joke but it's actually real. I talked to the people inside and they said mostly younger people who were raped, ashamed, have no money and don't agree with having an abortion were abandoning their new borns to die so they made their clinic. Their English was as good as my Korean so for sure I missed some details but just being there and seeing so many kids abandoned to die on day 1 was very crazy.

  • Lucky Johnny
    Lucky Johnny

    The baby box is so the baby won’t be thrown in the trash or thrown in the river and such

  • G I S E L L E
    G I S E L L E

    2:20 💖💖

  • ManoftheXDs

    The Daily Dose actually was watched first, and the Animals = LULW was watched second, I'm not sure why the order was changed

  • Andromeda

    React harder 😡😡😡

  • Valinor

    None of this shit was funny unfortunately

  • foed

    I wish they had babby boxes in my country bc abortions are illegal and people will just throw their baby's on the side of the road and leave.

  • XxZaheer WolfxX
    XxZaheer WolfxX

    3:36 look that chat that face ew

  • Elizabeth Walters
    Elizabeth Walters

    Damn that 7 min unusual memes comp turned into 3 mins saj

  • ksawik 1212
    ksawik 1212

    People may he wondering why other humans watch this, because were fucking lonely and want to hear a human voice when watching these sometimes

  • Eddie Cômera
    Eddie Cômera

    0:53 is this Kurt Coubaune

  • James Joseph
    James Joseph

    The baby box is just a nice temporary storage facility for a soon-to-be organ donor.

  • Bob The Great Reee
    Bob The Great Reee

    10:24 Chat are so stupid, baby saving station is a lot better than slaughtering the baby in an abortion

  • TheDemon_HD YT
    TheDemon_HD YT

    4:18 THE CHEF: ._. XD

  • Lord Ryu
    Lord Ryu

    It's been legal to drop your baby off at Firestations withing the first few days, I don't know the exact timeframe, for a long time. At least now they have the boxes to keep the babies warm and safe. Also for the EU chat spamming "only in america" EU does this shit too.

  • C3rberuSs D0GG0
    C3rberuSs D0GG0

    Thats gotta be at least 3 baby's a day right??

  • PRPLrainn

    I think xQc and chat were confused about the whole baby box thing because Daily Dose said they are for people who dont want to take care of the baby as in they are lazy fucks not wanting to take care of the child.

  • HuntedbyHunters

    I don't know why the baby box is so weird and controversial for you guys. NA???

  • cosmo

    xqc: ugly cat whole chat: :O

  • Postermaestro

    wtf is "the pad"?

  • A Random Guy
    A Random Guy

    10:30 someone in the chat said thats a oven

  • bagle spelled wrong
    bagle spelled wrong

    9:46 shane dawson

  • KvizY

    Xqc surprised by a baby box is so pepega, we have had them here in europe for 20+ years

  • T M
    T M

    Man in the comments really said "a drive through for babies" I lost faith in humanity lmao

  • ً

    Chat is just filled with virgin reddit users.

  • Samuel Al Hayeed
    Samuel Al Hayeed

    We have something like "baby box" in Poland. But it's called "Life window" (okno życia) And tbh it's better than leaving babies in the dumpsters...

  • Mark Rowling
    Mark Rowling

    Wait I don’t know what’s odd I need answers

  • Bloodlust Paradox
    Bloodlust Paradox

    "My tummy" Just say stomach

  • m ・ ́ω・
    m ・ ́ω・


  • Eyal Green
    Eyal Green

    I'm not surprised that the 99% virgin chat doesn't realize that people can have babies accidentally...

  • Skuffe

    I knew he was a moron, but thinking a baby drop box is a joke is so fucking sad for humanity.

  • FructoseComa

    dude the first clip of the oven falling on that guy has me nervous as hell

  • good vibes yah
    good vibes yah


  • nikolas nastos
    nikolas nastos

    Do you remember your clap the meme one

  • Vergil

    Why is xQc so baffled by the baby box. Theres alot of immoral liberals out there who would rather choke their baby out, throw it in the river, or throw it int he garbage than keep it themselves or go through the trouble of giving it to a care. So instead they can just put it in the baby box to at least save the life.

  • Roh

    Wtf? Do life windows dont exist in USA? Holy shit why everyone was so shocked? Holy shit, im scared.

  • Raijin.i

    The amount of people in chat that haven't heard of the safe haven box is actually surprising.

  • Zen LG
    Zen LG

    i like how xqc just takes a second to realize the joke and laughs

  • Tendai Simbanegavi
    Tendai Simbanegavi

    "OMEGALUL NA, in my country we just ditch out kids in toilets or drop 'em into rivers...imagine trying to prevent the deaths of newborns." Yikes

  • Reaper00

    chat never gets old widepeepohappy

  • filip_boucek

    The babybox isn't an april's fools, here in europe they are actually really common

  • KringlaN

    Pizza clip chaotic

  • Tvde1

    8:06 failrp

  • jas

    most of the comments on this video are the same ten people arguing about abortion and adoption under different threads. lol

  • Tiffica

    yall wtf is 'the pad'

  • Cori Horton
    Cori Horton

    Yay he watched daily dose of internet! :D

  • Itsafish


  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill

    The safe haven is so people won't put them in dumpsters or on the side of the road

  • User name
    User name

    Better then throwing the babies in a trash can

  • finn

    why is everyone freaking out about the baby box thing? the fireman get the baby and bring it to an adoption center

  • Xander Murphy
    Xander Murphy


  • Liam

    I love you chat ♥️

  • Addison Craig
    Addison Craig

    I love you X

  • DKC


  • luckky

    at the fireman baby thing someone in chat really fucking said da baby lesgoooooooooooo

  • PagMan Productions
    PagMan Productions

    I love seeing the animals = lulw in chat after he mentions unusual memes

  • Avengers Level Threat
    Avengers Level Threat

    First three seconds be like "UnusualMemes? Iseranewwa?"

  • gd G
    gd G

    5:34 anyone got a link to that video lol

  • YobB1n

    0:01 shoulda watched dark necessities instead

  • Jaaay

    Am I the only one who thought he was saying "Gaming on a horse, tonight" in the outro 😅?

  • lizard

    Imagine dumping your baby. Imagine needing a baby box. How about don't fuck around? Like what???

    • lizard

      @User name Ok, so everybody has to just put up with it. We live in a society.

    • User name
      User name

      People are always going to why not have these precautions so they dont put their babies in the trash can

  • Ethan Benton
    Ethan Benton

    10:30 To the people spamming this is horrible D: in chat, you don’t have any fucking idea what your talking about

  • Ethan Benton
    Ethan Benton

    9:55 Kkona pro life

  • Ethan Benton
    Ethan Benton

    @xQcOW the baby boxes are for if your like in high school and you accidentally get pregnant and aren’t in a proper financial state, or the other person left you, or your just don’t have time to care for a newborn but you still don’t want to get an abortion, it’s just a way to make sure that the baby can still live a happy life without ruining yours in the process 🙂

    • JJbomb

      I dont think I would live a happy life knowing that Just me existing in this world caused somebody to see me as a negative thing so they abandoned me to strangers, could just be me tho

  • Hahaurmum Microwave
    Hahaurmum Microwave

    I love how when the Daily Dose of Internet guy said "later", xQc said "later" too, and also recited the intro as well. Time stamp if anyone needs it 7:06

  • SnipZ 08
    SnipZ 08

    Yes another of these

  • Nobody Cares
    Nobody Cares

    Imagine getting rejected by a monke

  • Ceedub

    1:18 saving for later

    • Hanani Plays
      Hanani Plays

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  • Captain Death
    Captain Death

    Just don't have the baby

  • SleepyHollow

    That firestation baby box thing could be solved with abortion lmao, just abort the baby instead of sending it into the broken and abusive foster care system

  • Christian Cacho
    Christian Cacho

    No shot. Cant believe that safe haven thing is real.

  • PBear

    Animals actually do equal funny in my opinion

  • Smith

    no X the baby box was an incubator

  • Azuma G
    Azuma G

    NA...what the actual F?!

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis

    It's pretty fucked up they have to have the baby drop box but they started making them so people would quit leaving unwanted babies in random locations or throwing them in the literal trash. Sad.

  • Francisco B
    Francisco B

    They should name that box "The too late term abortion box"

  • Wuhanflu

    Lmfao imagine if you show up to drop your baby off and theres a line

  • Josh

    my reaction was the same to the baby box

  • lino

    he reacted to a 7 min vid in 3 mins ?

  • NaClO

    Mr editor why do you always play the clips out of order? He clearly already reacted to daily doze before unusual maymays. pls fix

  • finn

    3 minute unusual memes wtf?

  • Predy

    10:49 this is for women who dont want abortion or just throw the babies idk at trash or somethin

    • Johnathan

      It’s to prevent people from abandoning them. Pretty smart. I prefer abortions though as it bypasses all these issues, but to each their own.

  • Blood Wolf2609
    Blood Wolf2609

    instead of animals = lulw i wish chat would switch to humans = not lulw

  • KingKongCreeper

    Jesus, some of these comments about the baby box stuff are so braindead. Its better to give the baby away to people that can take care of it than leaving it somewhere to rot and die

  • Markos

    6:41 That was fastest diss like in my life

  • gudang

    10:00 WHAT!!!????????

  • Vyze

    When xqc misses 2 good clips because he went to get the pad

  • General Blorp
    General Blorp

    10:55 actually useless talent hahaha damn. Ahem I mean own your true gurrrrrrl or whatever

  • VaultF

    Sam Bridges aproves.

  • Nikeon Oui
    Nikeon Oui

    He skipped the whole unsual meme dansgame

  • ToadCubing

    10:22 TriHard i see myself

  • aytrka

    Damn, that Biden meme made me remember the old Unusual Memes days FeelsStrongMan ANIMALS = FUNNY

  • Zach Wagner
    Zach Wagner

    XQC’s chat are the true Kkonas lmao

  • Olivia Cooper
    Olivia Cooper

    The firehouse baby, I remember mom mom always joking about how she’ll drop us off there.

  • Holo TWW
    Holo TWW

    Chat really showing it's age and general knowledge level not knowing about baby drop boxes. By the way they were started in europe centuries ago.

    • JJbomb

      Ive litterly never once in my life heard of these, they must make it real slick