Casually Explained: The Food of the World
Watch out Pewdiepie, I'm coming for your tunnbrödsrulle. Pigmentally challenged gang rise up.
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  • Pingvino

    Do not disrespect the tunnbrödsrulle! *angry swedish noises*

  • Ross Gustafson
    Ross Gustafson

    As a fellow Canadian, I am deeply offended that you missed out on Donairs (poor drunk man’s gyro at 2am) and Slurpees (frozen syrup water made by our American overlords that you drink when it is -25 degrees in a blizzard).

  • Jed Robin
    Jed Robin

    This man is a genius

  • Lovivo


  • Luqman Abdi
    Luqman Abdi

    African food slaps.

  • Giovanno Nantes
    Giovanno Nantes

    I was waiting for Filipino food

  • Max Kathirgamanathan
    Max Kathirgamanathan

    Something's wrong he seems happy while recording

  • Mohammed ali Nyei
    Mohammed ali Nyei

    *sad African food noises*

  • Lilly Pad
    Lilly Pad

    I live in the usa Ik our food is definitely not the best but God at least its not uk food

    • Roaxial

      how dare you disrespect our cold beans and burnt toast

  • GDBrightBird

    African food ... *ad plays*

  • plasmacannon 11
    plasmacannon 11

    Surprised there was no mention of a “Danish” which is decently famous

  • MR ONO
    MR ONO

    Norwegians invented salmon sushi, and a trade agreement with japan makes it so that its basicly illegal to make salmon sushi for profit in japan without it being norwegian salmon

  • Lachlan Turnbull
    Lachlan Turnbull

    I am Scottish right and I’m my defence 2 words Smoked salmon

  • Alvboi

    Ive never seen anyone eat a tunnbrödsrulle personal it looks desgusting and im a swede

  • Shadow

    There used to be a place called pho king crab. I didn't get the joke till my junior year of highschool.

  • Treacherous J Slither
    Treacherous J Slither

    Disappointed that you left out Africa. But not surprised.

  • V0r4xiz

    I've been to Sweden plenty of times to know how atrocious their food is but a fuckin hot dog in a burrito just takes the fucking cake, man :D Like what's wrong with you people? Snorted one too many Surströmmings, I suppose.

  • V0r4xiz

    2:40 "And that's what we've contributed the last 150 years. You're welcome." Canadians in front of the screen: AND TRIVIAL PURSUIT, HELLO?

  • Skedaddle Skadoodle
    Skedaddle Skadoodle

    bruh i thought he was going to go “*AFRICAN* foofoo- *K O R E A N*”

  • KurtkaN

    Turkish people getting ready to crucify him after the baklava bit:

  • Nguyen Tony
    Nguyen Tony

    It's cringe that our Vietnamese restaurant has pun in their nams

  • מינ טאובר
    מינ טאובר

    Ilove french fries in my shawarma, and I'm from Israel so it's some what authentic

  • Not really an optimist
    Not really an optimist

    tunnbrödsrulle, yes

  • Inferno Flame
    Inferno Flame

    This video was incredibly accurate especially about America

  • mosenco f
    mosenco f

    if for italian food you only mention pasta, pizza and gelato, you missed a lot of delicious food

  • AM gamer
    AM gamer

    I live in Montenegro and we do eat baklava

  • Mokongthe3

    African food: ......

  • Melissa

    Nan bread = bread bread

  • callan sandwich
    callan sandwich

    UK is the fish and chip country not Australia

  • Marc George
    Marc George

    I love how most of the world thinks Indians just live off curry we do btw

  • Wilzon 360
    Wilzon 360

    fun fact (might offend people but it’s the truth): panda express is not real chinese food. its just fast food but it somehow convinces people it’s genuine chinese food but its only chinese food if it takes 30 minutes to prepare and has rice

  • FeaR x Complex
    FeaR x Complex

    Stamppot rookworst where is da dutch

  • Clover Paulsen
    Clover Paulsen

    African: FuFu


    It took me a second to understand the Africa one

  • Sohail Khan
    Sohail Khan

    and I know about Ayahuasca because of Vsauce

  • ostkorvbacon

    Never had Tunnbrödsrulle with sausage. Kinda wanna eat it. -Swede

  • Rob uy
    Rob uy

    U forgot Russian,South Pole ,new zea land,and Serb food

  • Terry McKeel
    Terry McKeel

    If the Africans had internet they'd be mad

  • Sahil Ghosalkar
    Sahil Ghosalkar

    I live next to a restruant called... pho king

  • Lukas Persson
    Lukas Persson

    Swedish meatballs are regular meatballs what other meatballs are there

  • Jason R.
    Jason R.

    Try Pupusas my dude

  • Arakaki

    where's sopa de macaco? :(

  • Vinícius Andrade
    Vinícius Andrade

    LMAO african food i feel so bad

  • ThatOneEspeon

    "Oh no we forgot native american! Wait, that's not a country we took it." The Republic of Lakohta: Am I a joke to you?

  • FrankThePrank

    Why...why did the Oktoberfest shtick got me so hard!!!??? I have a stupid sense of humor 🤣

  • Quartz 1922
    Quartz 1922

    I was like “wait he forgot the Philippines” but at this point it’s just if Vietnamese and American food made a baby and it was shat on in the process

  • The Mazter
    The Mazter

    But Tunnbrödrullar and Raggmunkar is actually pretty good!

  • Pranit Hadatgune
    Pranit Hadatgune

    Where's indian food

  • Samuelle

    i was so excited for the african food though😭

  • Big Jamie
    Big Jamie

    Jamie Pride

  • QuabbL 6
    QuabbL 6

    I live in Sweden, here we eat dill with raw smoked salmon, and potatoes

  • Harrison Rogers
    Harrison Rogers

    Nothing like a big dumb greasy bab at 4 am outside the club

  • Emily La Morella
    Emily La Morella

    Me waiting the whole video for Belgium food🧍🏽‍♀️

  • HPVRStuff

    As a brit I'm really offended but have to completely agree the only food I ever get is food that was invented by other countries

  • bdubbs

    turns out the french fries in the kebab is pretty authentic, at least for as long as fries have been mainstream. And thank you greece/turkey (dont @ me) for it.

  • izuck

    Sadly he never tasted bulgarian food

  • Михаил Пенев
    Михаил Пенев

    A commercial started right after African food

  • Saddpie

    As a swede I can confirm that our food is a lunchbag, and you should all be very jealous

  • andrew

    The African food got me so bad

  • Gustav Karlsson
    Gustav Karlsson

    We have a guy in Sweden named Tunnbröds-Janne. He invites young guys to his home and serves Tunnbrödsrulle. Little do they know one of the hot dogs is his wiener. True story, i used to work with him.

  • Mikkel Mjøs
    Mikkel Mjøs

    the only thing he ate in the Japan one was something Norway made

  • Aakarshak Asiwal
    Aakarshak Asiwal

    Canadian nails how to say naan.

  • vinci

    This is the best video ever made

  • Jakub Maciejewski
    Jakub Maciejewski

    Pierogi ! From Polan

  • Gabriel KK Ixleirindeviçon
    Gabriel KK Ixleirindeviçon

    Emapanadas are not fried, it is baked >__>''

  • Антон Ткачов
    Антон Ткачов

    France: no crouisuannte mentioned? 0_0 Italy: add tiramisu East Europe: pierogy, borsch and vodka

  • Ass Poopie
    Ass Poopie

    Oh yes my favorite African dish 🍽

  • giorgis

    Yeah in Greece we basically are 34% made from home made geometric pastry

  • Никита Розвод
    Никита Розвод

    damn easters european food is the most diverse out of all of those 😎

  • The Legacy Show
    The Legacy Show

    Bro what the fuck? You got American food wrong bro! There weren't no beer, and no motor oil fried bacon chicken wrapped donut powder sprinkled on a steak.

  • Hapukurk

    when america suddenly invented hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches and fish and chips the moment british people left

  • Wesley Ackerman
    Wesley Ackerman

    I used to live near a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Kim.

  • Protobart

    “Not to brag but I’ve been eating food for my whole life” WOAH LOOK AT THIS GUY!

  • Jon Cossey
    Jon Cossey

    I'm so glad someone from my island is this god damned funny!

  • RoseyStudio 10
    RoseyStudio 10

    I'm part Swedish, and according to my mother (she's the Swedish parent), a cuisine Scandinavians enjoy is liquorice and pickled herring. And I have to say...I personally like pickled herring. So yeah, just so you can know. (Also, my mom's recipe for Swedish meatballs are incredible!)

  • Ege Küçükgirgin
    Ege Küçükgirgin

    4:16 oOOP

  • 祈りのRailgun

    Yes, Canadian spent the last 150 years to master the art of poutine, you’re welcome ladies and gentlemen.

  • Thomas Brand
    Thomas Brand

    There's a Vietnamese chain called Pho-king Way, and my family used to laugh at it because of how similar it sounded to "fucking way." Then my sister's Vietnamese friend told us that really was how it's pronounced and we thought it was hilarious.

  • Wolvernight1 206x
    Wolvernight1 206x

    1:34 A Valencian just turned deathly pale with dread and disgust, while running to the nearest window to promptly jump off of. I hope you’re happy with your description sir.

  • monkeymane

    Nice. not using an entire continents culture for a worn out joke

  • illusionary -
    illusionary -

    American food: anything fried, fatty, or un-healthy ( not a exaggeration )

  • Aidan Moody
    Aidan Moody

    There is no comfort better then a sweet black women calling you honey after serving you hot coffee at a highway side dinner

  • Family BOFU
    Family BOFU

    I like the vids but he offended everyone, and missed a lot of important dishes for different cultures.

  • GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios
    GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

    I’m British and I don’t like any British food that I can think of

  • Espen Asper
    Espen Asper

    Imma pull a technicality on sushi which is actually a Norwegian invention not Japanese

  • Comrade Svanticki
    Comrade Svanticki

    Får bara säga att tunnbrödsrullen ser fan god ut. Har aldrig hört talas om den dock..

  • Larry Larrossa
    Larry Larrossa

    “There’re no kebab places in my whole city” _looks out the window at the kebab place right in front of my house_

    • freddy46

      That fact horrifies me. I don't eat kebab much, but the thought that I could get one in less than 10 minutes is really valuable to me.

  • Benbejaming

    Poutine built different

  • Jeb

    eille tabarnak tout le monde sais que la poutine c'est quebecois mon grand T'AU KEBEK ICITTE T'APPROPRIERA PAS LA POUTINE AU CANADA MON GROS CRISS LES CANADIENS SAVENT PAS FAIRE DE BONNE POUTINE YA TROP DE JUS les quebecois savent faire une bonne poutine miam miam

  • Rachel Stewart
    Rachel Stewart

    Fries in shawerma can be very authentic, depending on the location. Still feels weird to me too, though.

  • Fenrir

    It took me a bloody second to realise the African food joke :D

  • Mark Ziemba
    Mark Ziemba

    Haha that video was funny and accurate, accept for that one part you said about my country which was completely wrong and now I’m angry.

  • Hentaii Daisuki
    Hentaii Daisuki

    angry Gordon Ramsay noises

  • Jim Lego
    Jim Lego

    Good video 👍 Continue the hard work

  • No YeLLInG On THE BuS
    No YeLLInG On THE BuS

    All hail the poutine.

  • Jeffrey Hill
    Jeffrey Hill

    "Or what westerners call..." cue Little Ceasers ad. I wasn't watching but listening and laughed out loud

  • BugNugget Plays
    BugNugget Plays

    "You know I'd do anything for the queen" *IT SMELL LIKE SIMP IN HERE*

  • arix bb
    arix bb

    omg i hate when people say babUshka. its bAbushka. the A is more loud. Not the U 😂

  • Far Hama
    Far Hama

    as a middle eastern man myself the fries in the shwarma and kebab make it more authentic

  • sucheta misra
    sucheta misra

    0:31 I too love eating japanese but I have never tasted any of there food