UFC 257: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview
Former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor shares his thoughts with Jon Anik after being defeated by Dustin Poirier in the UFC 257 main event.
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  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool

    I wish they had subtitles for Conor LOL

  • Duane

    Conor "great is still level below me" McNugget

  • Jakob Terrana
    Jakob Terrana

    That single tear when he starts talking, this was hard for him

  • ناصر الدوسري
    ناصر الدوسري

    The real king 💚🇮🇪🐐

  • AUSTIN 3:16
    AUSTIN 3:16


  • Liangjin Lee
    Liangjin Lee

    Humble. At defeat. Cocky. With success. Not genuine person.

  • D C
    D C

    The excuses start at 0:07

  • James Harty
    James Harty

    Honestly Conor Dustin is not on your level your cardio is shocking for a athlete with all the money u have give up the drugs bro this is why you got KO'd not training hard enough money changes people don't fight khabib he will maul u again bro honestly facts give up the white please let's see old Conor who hadn't got a pot to piss in u might have a chance at khabib then I hope u all success just saying as it is I've done mna and went 10 rounds ur cardio stinks bro

  • Frank Wies
    Frank Wies


  • Fahad malik
    Fahad malik

    Please don't celebrate a man's defeat give him the respect he deserves for what he has done for martial arts thank You Conor

  • KD The Exception
    KD The Exception

    Conor is no longer mystic. He got sparked. Just like every other fighter. We gave him passes for tapping out. But sparked out is different. Another1

  • Afonso Reis
    Afonso Reis

    Love the fact that you call Conor fans casuals and then proceed to suport a guy that never lost in his career

    • ulf

      @Big Smoke Honestley Khabib has the most casuals now

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      Its no secret that Conor attracts the much casuals, no need to get salty bro

  • Buiss

    Good man i love how he always does his post fight and interviews after

  • Starsky To
    Starsky To

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to let himself lose on purpose to condition his record

  • S GB
    S GB

    I see to many people fighting. Look, it’s easy, everybody has a prime. Conor was the best in his prime, so khabib, and now maybe it’s dustin’s turn. No one can be a champ for 10 years. Losing is part of the game, tough times will come, time passes. It’s the beauty of the game. Let’s just enjoy it and thank all this amazing fighters for what they do. Look, I’m a Conor fan, but that doesn’t mean I have to hate khabib, his obviously the best rn (even though he retired) and will be in the history of ufc. The same happens with the rest of the competitors and rivalries.

  • Imran Farhat
    Imran Farhat

    My knee was a balloon

  • vikas reddy
    vikas reddy

    The old Connor is dead ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Blanka Rider
    Blanka Rider

    Danaaaaaaa romero is the best ufc fighter why you ignore him

  • Craziness in my DNA
    Craziness in my DNA

    He has only one weakness that's shit leg

  • Barbara Musto
    Barbara Musto

    Grazie per questa intervista

    • Barbara Musto
      Barbara Musto

      @morena.a.j thanks

    • morena.a.j

      Your so gorgeous!

  • Del Rey
    Del Rey

    Peace has cost your strength, Victory has defeated you.

    • Dinamita


  • Hassan Muhammad
    Hassan Muhammad

    Khabib best of the Best😎🔥🔥🔥

    • Cassie


  • hen ko
    hen ko

    Past: R.I.P Khabib vs Tony Present: R.I.P Khabib vs Conor 2

    • Cassie

      mediocre trainers! If only Ronda had ditched Edmund and gone to an elite training camp, who knows what she might have done. People will be saying it after Conor retires if

  • Sourabh Pathak
    Sourabh Pathak

    He definitely looked a changed man..then before

  • J Joneski
    J Joneski

    Drink more whiskey drunky. You look 50 already.

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    This is a lesson to always check the leg kicks...

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      Big respect for conors honesty

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu

    I didn’t want Conor to lose for one sole reason: Jake Paul making another callout video.

  • Mike Hansen
    Mike Hansen

    Conor went from 17 million to 2 million views. People are forgetting about him.

    • Mark Tube
      Mark Tube

      Second best selling PPV of all time but ok👌

    • Cassie

      The winner Dustin Poirier: 1 000 000 $. The loser Conor McGregor: 5 200 000 $. When a loss turns not so bad...

  • Maxwell

    thank god conor speaks fine, he got knocked unconscious in there😔

  • Markhor 475
    Markhor 475

    I guess Conor is the Don Logan of MMA now.

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      CHICKEN comone hahahahahahhaa

  • Miketrt

    Connor looks like he's aged 10 years in the last few. Think it might be over for him. A real champion, he was great.

    • Miketrt

      @Thorn380 I don't know, My gut says it's over for him . I think his mind is not in the game like it used to be

    • Thorn380

      Looks can be deceiving. We cant just judge after one day after the fight. Shit takes time bro. People seem to either forget that or are that unaware of productivity

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    Officially: an era ends 😢

    • soinhu foitu
      soinhu foitu

      After his arrogance was silenced by Kabib, Conor was not confident.

  • Aejonflux

    This is why I'm not impressed by many unbeaten fighters loss brings humility. Humility adds depth.

  • Maria Gauna
    Maria Gauna


  • Chris samwell
    Chris samwell

    Conor lost because he did not train with Artem Lobov GOAT anymore

    • minij hooi
      minij hooi

      Mcgregor Keok....wkwk

  • CloudsBeyond

    Conor NEEDS to ditch John Kavanaugh and his current trainers! But Conor probably won't do it. This is the Ronda Rousey story all over again, natural talent hampered by very mediocre trainers! If only Ronda had ditched Edmund and gone to an elite training camp, who knows what she might have done. People will be saying it after Conor retires if only he ditched Kavanaugh, etc........... Kavanaugh has taken Conor as far as he can, a new elite training camp (Jackson-Wink MMA etc) will really challenge Conor and improve him. CONOR NEEDS TO FORGET LOYALTY AND THINK ABOUT HIS LEGACY.

    • Mark Tube
      Mark Tube

      Sad but true...his trainers got nothing to offer him no more... you either evolve or regress, you always need to learn new things

  • Mike Heller
    Mike Heller

    Get that snarl back man.. stop all this humble bs

    • MKI

      lol he has many fake personality... if you like that wwe is for you buddy...

  • ST ARS
    ST ARS


  • Guy Zman
    Guy Zman

    Let's face it, he owed the Mob a dive after what he did to them in the past. It wasn't the same man...no swagger, no trash talk etc...He knew going in what he was going to do. The only reason they let him live was becuase he's a national hero. Hopefully with the debt paid off, we will see the old McGregor on his return.

    • MKI

      lol you people have endless excuses... lame af


    Big respect for conors honesty

  • mohamed rebbah
    mohamed rebbah

    The lowest viewed mcgregor’s octogan itervieuw

  • Daniel Ryder
    Daniel Ryder

    Looks to drained looked good at 170

  • anti khore
    anti khore

    The winner Dustin Poirier: 1 000 000 $. The loser Conor McGregor: 5 200 000 $. When a loss turns not so bad...

  • TS 61
    TS 61

    You know thats what a REAL LOSER is if he would beat khabib last match he would be still gaggling and trashtalking and thinking hes the best thats why he is a real loser who cant lose like a real men he lost against khabib he was humbled and now again before the match he talked like he was coming as a champion but you saw dont watch this guy its only timewaisting poirier is a real champion he was silent before match against kabib too and even he loses or wins he is a nice man who can lose and win but MC CHICKEN comone hahahahahahhaa

  • Mistis Ae
    Mistis Ae

    After his arrogance was silenced by Kabib, Conor was not confident.

    • Thorn380

      Ok bud. No confidence at all. Pfft. Psychology Major here. We're not in his head. Only he knows if he's confident or not

    • Markhor 475
      Markhor 475

      ...and thus was cuffed, soundly and effectively, as his fate would have it.

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    I didn’t want Conor to lose for one sole reason: Jake Paul making another callout video.

    • bnegs521

      Paul has a fight booked with askren.

  • cyrus sadlier
    cyrus sadlier

    Connor just didn't look like his heart was in it to be honest I miss the old Connor lol

  • Luka Lukaa
    Luka Lukaa

    Gregor is very very kurwa xD

  • wahyu hidayat
    wahyu hidayat

    Mcgregor Keok....wkwk

  • thee Dan-islander
    thee Dan-islander

    he is soooo washed lol he has 1 fight at 155 :) he sucks a big irish one

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      His Spirit is over...

  • Tony Doe
    Tony Doe

    In like a lion, out like a lamb....beginning of the end

  • Jay Scott
    Jay Scott

    Most humble

  • Rais Arapi
    Rais Arapi


  • MGundayao81

    Stay off crack kids

  • Ҩ᭄ŞĤᗩຊ༒ҠĤᗩᑎҨ᭄

    chicken boy loser conor

  • chapinero017

    Always humble in defeat. The Return of the King shall see brightness soon enough c:

  • Cassie

    "It's hard to wake up when you're sleeping on canvas" C. McGregor ©

  • Christopher Okwi
    Christopher Okwi

    😢 true

  • jenelyn galagnara
    jenelyn galagnara


    • morena.a.j

      Wow your gorgeous!

  • Huss Star
    Huss Star

    I think the cocky McGregor is a better fighter

  • Carl T
    Carl T

    Weak slow no rhythm change of style and stance wtf hard to watch

    • Cassie

      I feel so bad for Conor, the guy is such a legend

  • patience and resistance
    patience and resistance

    I do not need him , sell your cheap booze and puch old men . Leave and count your money .

  • Maverick Mafketel
    Maverick Mafketel

    I guess he didnt predict deez tings

  • Max Schmidke
    Max Schmidke

    His Spirit is over...

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos

    Conor fall has begun due to his laziness and he’s found dead leg as scapegoat😂

    • Ryan Deptula
      Ryan Deptula

      It's not a scape goat. It happened in the fight

  • thebooky161

    Why the hell are the views so low? He got like 17 million after Cowboy, even though this is a loss it should do a lot more. Khabib's last one has 21 million. Even Dustin's has done a bit more. Very surprised. 2 million is nothing for a McGregor post fight.




    bwahahahahahaha bwahhahahahaha bwahahahahahha bwahahahahaha

  • Club León - TKD - HKD - T ́aiChi - Gimnasia.
    Club León - TKD - HKD - T ́aiChi - Gimnasia.


  • Theavengersofficial

    Conor will come back beat Dustin, then come back beat Nate, then the holy rematch and beat Khabib in Russia 2nd Rd tko!

    • LaCosa x
      LaCosa x

      @Stringz PubgM Conor would have to learn insane ground game to have a chance

    • slowpoke4321

      I wish there was a laugh react button

    • Stringz PubgM
      Stringz PubgM

      extremely possible up until the khabib part...sorry but khabib style will win over Conor 11/10 times

    • 627283 8383
      627283 8383

      And I'll become the next supreme leader of the world

    • Boky

      @Aman On CloudyNine ahahahah

  • Joe Shaw
    Joe Shaw

    Bye Bye Bell-End !

  • Brock Kyle
    Brock Kyle

    Shaved head Conor never does well he needs to grow his hair out again

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    Khabib: "Lets be honest Dana, these guys are not on my level."

    • LaCosa x
      LaCosa x

      The only reason khabib is good because of his wrestling bro if he couldn’t wrestle his record would suck balls he’s basically Ben askren but way better but conors name will always be bigger unfortunately

  • Heather Anderson
    Heather Anderson

    Beautifull Thanks.🔝🔝🔝

  • Afonso Reis
    Afonso Reis

    I feel so bad for Conor, the guy is such a legend

  • Knife Fight in the Big City
    Knife Fight in the Big City

    *I'm a big supporter of Khabib but as a fan of the sport I felt bad for Conor and wish he comes back stronger.* 👊 *Tony Vs Conor* *Dustin Vs Oliveira* *Chandler Vs Gaethje* *Dan Hooker Vs Makhachev* *Felder Vs Kevin Lee*

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon

      I bet $1000 on Porier. Bovada send that check

  • Paul close
    Paul close


  • Joszef Rviz
    Joszef Rviz

    Poirier vs. Olivera should scrap for the belt next, yes? It's the ONLY fight that's makes sense. Do the rubbermatch later when Connor wins a few. Chandler should pay his dues like everyone else, right? Khabib VACATED. It was a bad decision to try to change his mind or to wait him out. When a guy says he's done, well then, he's done! His decision should be accepted, righ'? That belt really should be sitting on Dustin's mantle at home right now.

  • Антон Дмитриев
    Антон Дмитриев

    Довыеббб... . нет больше контора мокдака. Это с многими случается. Кто много выеживаеться. Что посеешь то и по жмощь.

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn

    Did he say “the epitome of class and cm’s name at the same time??? 🙈😂😂

    • Thorn380



    Bla bla bla 😅

  • Robert Sprouse
    Robert Sprouse

    He got knocked T F out. 😆

  • SimulacronX

    "I'm in space. I'm just on another level". "I'll put on a show tomorrow night. You're in for a treat!"

    • Thorn380

      It's called confidence bud. Once u feel a big dose of it, you'll understand

    • laskin riubn
      laskin riubn

      Both fighters are still VERY talented and extremely dangerous, but tremendous respect for Poirier for becoming the first to KO ole Mystic Mac.

  • LokenZone

    Conor OVERRATED McGregor

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    when conor talks like this he gets the public behind him, fair play to you conor

    • oisin bradley
      oisin bradley

      fair play to u too

  • Arif Efty
    Arif Efty

    Mactapper 😂😁😆😆

  • Shikhar Meh.
    Shikhar Meh.

    and from this day on the ufc was never the same again..

  • Cheryl Clark
    Cheryl Clark

    *Conor lost bc Dustin was the better fighter, period!* He came in with a game plan. Conor should’ve stuck to his traditional wide karate stance, bouncing on his toes, throwing stabbing front kicks etc, but he decided to remain flat-footed & box most of the fight. Dustin KOed him fair & square, so I honestly don’t think aggression had anything to do with it. Conor changed his style & had he not, this fight could’ve went a little differently, but Dustin still woulda chopped them calves👊🏻

    • toijg avnnr
      toijg avnnr

      He got battered

  • Click Clock
    Click Clock

    My business broke , i need money 😂

  • Dale Cannon
    Dale Cannon

    Hit the golf course Conor,MMA is for real fighters,not smak talkers

  • rain shaw
    rain shaw

    I bet $1000 on Porier. Bovada send that check

  • rain shaw
    rain shaw

    Give him Tony next. Let's see if he wants to stay in this game or if it's time to move on. He never was the best. Keeps it entertaining though.

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Maximus Decimus Meridius

    You forgot you're craft mcgregor,

  • MizzzyMike

    His accent has gotten stronger

  • GeeShinee 17
    GeeShinee 17

    I honestly believe Connor beat himself No, I'm not trying to lighten up for Dustin, What I'm saying is great. You have to stay ahead of the competition and I don't think he's doing it and he's trying to become this new family a man who all politely surrendered. Conor McGregor needs a Trash Talk. He needs to take a break from the competition while talking to swaggy. be who you are To be great. You have to maintain your competitive edge.

  • Never quit
    Never quit


  • Hempearth

    Conor McGregor is a true inspiration to us all!

    • Hempearth

      @I want to Burn the world He got Fookin even more awesome! Thats what champs do!

    • I want to Burn the world
      I want to Burn the world

      He got fooked by Dustin

  • Rocktown501

    McGregor vs Poirier 3 just might be EPIC if Conor manages to get his groove back, especially now that he knows how much improvement Dustin has made over the last 6 years. Both fighters are still VERY talented and extremely dangerous, but tremendous respect for Poirier for becoming the first to KO ole Mystic Mac.

  • Bash Zaman
    Bash Zaman

    What a wanker

  • Paddy Theosophist
    Paddy Theosophist

    Conor booked an appointment for a jab, didn't have to wait long for a second jab,......and then got a third, forth, fifth, just to make sure.