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@Brent Rivera

If you see this comment if you have overprotective siblings.

  • Amy Plays roblox lovies
    Amy Plays roblox lovies

    Brent:where’s the broom? Me:the broom died

  • Joshua Edar
    Joshua Edar

    I have 3 protective brothers too

  • Alix Leeson
    Alix Leeson

    Brents reactions are bloody hilarious 😂

  • Potato

    Blake: lets go to work! Bruce: beach Time! Brent: Lets eat chips! Lexi: ill go Get a Boyfriend!

  • Iris

    i think Pierson is more Rivera sister 😬🤭

  • we are bilnks
    we are bilnks

    Ok!! Blake is a that type of person that sit alone in the room whenever the party is going outside 😂

  • Jayleen Scheper
    Jayleen Scheper

    No one: Bryce: Do we have that broom still?

  • Stephanie Muniz Ochoa
    Stephanie Muniz Ochoa

    Blake is ready ready for a business meetings

  • Pranjali Mashelkar
    Pranjali Mashelkar

    It is the worst thing when you are the only sister of three brothers

  • Letti Carson
    Letti Carson

    Where do you hide the dafts

  • cutiepie 2003
    cutiepie 2003

    1:40 12 years old got me🤣🤣

  • Omar Tariq Alhathloul
    Omar Tariq Alhathloul


  • Nurliayana Ruzqini
    Nurliayana Ruzqini

    The boys have to bend down to lexi hight to be inside the camera😂😂

  • Georgina Sefton
    Georgina Sefton

    move your left hair! - Brent 2021

  • Liah Teingoa
    Liah Teingoa

    Awwww cute siblings goal ❤️😍

  • Freya Thomas
    Freya Thomas

    Lexi I love you I love your videos I wish I could see a real live on Fridays I’m at my dad’s but on Mondays but I really really really really want to come and see you at your hunter by Lexi my middle name is called Libby 💜

  • Famille Dorcé
    Famille Dorcé

    Do you have a boyfriend 🙂 ,

  • Marilyn Helms
    Marilyn Helms

    I love your LTwhite channel it is so funny and cool!!!!!!.

  • Henley Rock
    Henley Rock

    It’s my birthday today🥳

  • Sophia Ortiz
    Sophia Ortiz

    I have a question which brother is the most overprotective one

  • Ayana Asif
    Ayana Asif

    “How much did you pay mom”😂

  • AsherBro


  • Headshot Gaming
    Headshot Gaming

    Brents reaction was priceless

  • Classyguy *
    Classyguy *

    The two older brothers don't look part of the family lol

  • chelle z
    chelle z

    Alexa are you the only girl

  • It’s Bestie Squad
    It’s Bestie Squad

    They said your only like 12 LOL 😂

  • Mia  🤟🏻😊🤍
    Mia 🤟🏻😊🤍


  • Arlet Coronado Ortiz
    Arlet Coronado Ortiz

    Blake was like do you still have the broom

  • Liamte

    They are not overprotective, they are sexist

  • James Pickrel
    James Pickrel

    Blake is not saying anything

  • James Pickrel
    James Pickrel

    Why is all her brother start with the letter B

  • sxltine

    we all know why lexi's tik toks get so many views--👁️👄👁️

  • Olivia Morton
    Olivia Morton

    Does Lexi have a different mom or dad then her brothers...

  • Joker Gaming
    Joker Gaming

    Lexy what is your age

  • Peter Richards
    Peter Richards

    Brent and lexi look so different from brice and the other one (sorry i literally forget all the names lol)

  • Chiamaka Okoji
    Chiamaka Okoji

    Wait what in that hanging thiny someone watching u😭😑🥺😱😱😱😥😥😥😥

  • Klint Haidenn Liwanag
    Klint Haidenn Liwanag

    HI LEXI!

  • ruby kamboj
    ruby kamboj

    4:05 What's in ur butt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I might get cardiac arrest while laughing

  • ruby kamboj
    ruby kamboj

    You're so funny wow! Hit me so hard!!!

  • McKenzie Owens
    McKenzie Owens

    I hate when brothers in sisters do that lol y’all should let Lexi live her life at least one time

  • Midhila Manoj
    Midhila Manoj

    Broom broom broom 🧹

  • Anand Kothari
    Anand Kothari

    What's your age lexi

  • Killer Frost
    Killer Frost

    This is honestly giving me Wattpad vibes

  • xxxOREOxxxGIRL -
    xxxOREOxxxGIRL -


  • Maryam Kakar
    Maryam Kakar

    Why is brent so annoying

  • marssi

    6:56 the way Brent reacted 😂🤣

  • jade Green
    jade Green


  • Kerstin Snapp
    Kerstin Snapp

    Can there be more kind of these vids PLEASE

  • Valeria Mendez
    Valeria Mendez

    Really pretty much the only one that can make you do that

  • 黄开军

    This was embarrassing

  • Crazy Twister
    Crazy Twister

    They care and love her soooo veryy much🤧❤️

  • SquidyPlayz

    I love how everyone is dressed so casually then Blake is like ready for a Business meeting 💀

  • Marley J
    Marley J

    Blake reminds me so much of one of my friends it’s not even funny😭

  • judy khaw
    judy khaw


  • Ankur Gogoi
    Ankur Gogoi

    Lexi you have 3 brothers

  • Rinoah Ciriaco
    Rinoah Ciriaco

    Oh I thought you just have 1 brother

  • Trae Braggs
    Trae Braggs

    plot twist! they post it later

  • Patricia Swanson
    Patricia Swanson

    MOVE YOUR LEFT HAIR me: 🤔 boys are so weird

  • A random Person
    A random Person

    I’m getting Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn vibes

  • Selena dossantos
    Selena dossantos

    Ok bruh at the beginning Blake said ok Stupid like sheeeeeshhhh

  • Kamala Burton
    Kamala Burton

    Your oldest brother looks like your dad

  • Sashella Blake
    Sashella Blake

    I like when she said Andrew if your watching this run

  • Khadija Ali
    Khadija Ali

    Her eldest brother is sooooo quiet

  • Gv Buddha
    Gv Buddha

    Yes Andrew RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arjun Iry
    Arjun Iry

    Actually I like Alexa’s tick-tock Brent

  • Hakim Uddin
    Hakim Uddin

    lets see whos taller brent brice or whats his name ima call em bruce

  • Alive but dead 💀
    Alive but dead 💀

    6:58 I died of laughter 😂 Brents face

  • 2A 04 張茜瑜 CHEUNG SIN YU
    2A 04 張茜瑜 CHEUNG SIN YU

    You have MORE brothers?????????

  • Anika Moore
    Anika Moore

    Am I the only one who didn’t know she had more brothers than just Brent

  • Han Mia (Mia) Tran
    Han Mia (Mia) Tran

    You have 3 brothers?

  • Nuzaba Nazin
    Nuzaba Nazin

    Only Brent is overprotective

  • Sofia Elliz
    Sofia Elliz

    "Shut up stupid!!" HAHAHHAHA

  • Yarely Hernandez
    Yarely Hernandez

    BRO,blake is so FUNNY

  • Anngelina Mercer
    Anngelina Mercer

    im 9 and i just broke up w/ my bf

    • Rawaan Alattas
      Rawaan Alattas

      why do you even have a bf bby your way too young?

  • Shiny Fics
    Shiny Fics

    Can u try beat up prank on brothers and frds Can u try *telling my brother that a guy is hitting on me * and then u tell him to come over and hug like sweet moment?

  • I leave mean comments
    I leave mean comments

    So... who is going to intimidate your boyfriend... your one gay brother's lover?

  • Edgardo Gil
    Edgardo Gil

    Done I love your videos

  • Iva Edideyin
    Iva Edideyin

    shes 20

  • Alejandro Bailey
    Alejandro Bailey

    The unarmed fragrance implicitly colour because november hemodynamically stare vice a angry celery. true, evanescent sister-in-law

  • suizoyi Mpom
    suizoyi Mpom

    Wait lexi got another two brothers??

  • Gianna Mari Clemente
    Gianna Mari Clemente

    Yes, very overprotective. LOL

  • Zoey Chuong
    Zoey Chuong

    lol 😂


    and i thought MY brother was overprotective


    i literally like NEVER see your other brothers,

  • Space Potato 772
    Space Potato 772


  • Penda’s  Life
    Penda’s Life

    I knew you had Brent and Brice but who is that Bruce idk I just wannabknow

  • Jasmine Mensah
    Jasmine Mensah

    Funny tik tock

  • Noura Roblox
    Noura Roblox


  • SRK Be Different
    SRK Be Different

    Brics can't even completely look at those videos.. he is like ok I am done.. While Blake, watch it completely nd commenting inside his head..

  • Trumplife

    I like how Brice is not that overprotective

  • Ruben T
    Ruben T

    Lexi: "The only reason I did it was to show the viewers how overprotective you guys are of me." Blake: "Shut up, stupid."

  • Titiksha jat
    Titiksha jat

    The 3 one 🤮🤮

  • Tess Worthington
    Tess Worthington

    I loveYou Guys

  • Dania Ahmed
    Dania Ahmed

    Is your big brother married lexi

  • Subha KAILASAM
    Subha KAILASAM

    She is 12years old I am 13 years old 😏 😄😄😄😁😅😂

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith

    Brent: what am I watching

  • pankhuri gupta
    pankhuri gupta

    You guys should do a q and a together! Copy and paste if you agree❤️

  • unicorn lover girl
    unicorn lover girl

    It was so funny when brent said "if that was real you will be in the pool" I laughed so hard