Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins - Wow, He Was The Actual Worst! | Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian
Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far, today I wanted to talk about Donald Gaskins aka, Peewee! He was an awful person who got wayyyyyy too many chances. I mean it was quite ridiculous how many chances this guy got. The justice system should be held accountable as well if you ask me, but what the heck to I know. Would love to hear your thoughts down below. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day ahead and I hope to be seeing you very soon. Love and appreciate you so much!!
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Bailey Sarian
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    Andrea Fifer

    I feel bad for all the things that he had to go through as a child especially having young son myself I don't understand how a mom could treat their child like that and then have their lovers treat them the way that her one-nighters treated her baby and how she was just okay with that! Cannot relate. I just can't help but Wonder if you would have gotten some type of help from Social Services or CPS if he would have turned out differently. But all I know is the man he turned out to be is absolutely despicable. When Bailey was talking about the pregnant woman and her young daughter and when she said if you don't hate him yeah I'm sure you do now I felt that wholeheartedly

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    Cassie Boggs

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