How I lost 32 pounds of FAT and 10 inches off my waist | Glow up Diaries Season 2, Episode 2
My emotional weight loss transformation story and a FULL 20 minute in depth guide at the end of this video.
To clarify Glow up Diaries Season 2:
Episode 1: the beginning
Episode 2: the end result
Episode 3 and on: the entire process and journey
*There are around 16 episodes total
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❒ TIMELINE OF THE VIDEO (if you’re confused) -
• September 2019: I moved back to LA and continued to struggle with my fitness journey.
• Nov 20, 2019 - Feb. 2020: I did in person training sessions with Steve and failed because I couldn’t get my act together. My extreme sugar addiction: January 2020 - April 2020. Lesson learned: Yes working with a trainer is extremely motivational but if you don’t want it for yourself, you will never get it. Nobody is going to come and save you. You need to save yourself. And I NEVER GAVE UP!!
• End of April 2020: I began Steve’s online workout program and succeeded.
90% of the time I did the program in my garage at my parents house or my apartment. 10% of the time I had access to a gym and would do it there.
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ABOUT THE GLOW UP DIARIES: At rock bottom I picked up a camera and began documenting my physical and mental pain that seemingly existed without meaning. For the next two years I recorded the “Glow Up Diaries” which is a raw docu-series of my deepest, most painful moments in an effort to find a newer, brighter existence. I openly share my difficulties despite the insistence of the media that such “shameful” feelings be kept in a closet.
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  • Alivia D'Andrea
    Alivia D'Andrea

    TO THE NEGATIVE COMMENTERS: I’m disheartened by the comments claiming this is just one big ad. I’ve kept my whole journey RAW and REAL with you since SEASON 1 which began in 2018. I poured my heart and soul into this video - worked on it for 1.5 week straight // 19 hours a day of editing. I was so excited to release it 😞 Thinking I can’t wait to show people what finally worked for me. I DO NOT think weight loss = happiness. Don’t ignore what I said from 18:12 - 20:25 // WATCH EPISODE 3 to see the mindset behind this weight loss journey. I was NOT paid to do this, no affiliate links. I am telling you what finally worked for ME. Advice isn’t one size fits all. The google search on Steve is to display how he was this celebrity fitness trainer who has a client list from Victoria secret models to movie superheroes. And I STILL FAILED. (And this was already so hard for me to admit. Who wants to tell the world “I got the BEST resources possible and I still couldn’t get it together.) That is the message of that segment: yes a trainer is extremely motivational but if you don’t want it for’ll never get it. That advice is really for 18 year old Alivia sitting in her college dorm room watching Steve’s transformation videos on youtube, daydreaming about working with Steve and thinking that would solve all her problems. Then I had an epiphany that transformed me. I began his ONLINE program in April 2020. This second journey led to my success. It was ME showing up to do the workout..most days. (Consistency was difficult in the beginning lol) Everybody has some sort of workout program they follow to get in shape..whether it’s a LTwhite video or an official program. I want to show people ATUmobile because I think it’s such a fantastic program but I’m not saying you need to get it. Do what works for you! This workout program works great for me but may not work for you. And I thought it would just be informative to have an interview segment with a professional to speak about topics I struggled with for a long time. Steve’s advice worked for ME, maybe not you. And yes Steve talks about ATUmobile in the interview. I ASKED HIM TO. That portion of the interview is for anyone who wants to learn more about the program if they are considering getting it, you want to know what you’re paying for. If you noticed I put bookmarks underneath the whole segment so you can SKIP AROUND. My whole purpose was to tell a story to make you feel less alone and show you the lessons I learned.

    • Shannon

      but it is one giant ad....

    • Anderson Zain
      Anderson Zain

      dunno if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google :)

    • Jennie

      I’ve been seeing videos pop up criticizing you and this video. I just wanted to say I hope you keep on going on your journey of growth and never let all the negativity get to you!! It’s insane how people are tearing you down for taking responsibility of your own life and not becoming a victim of your bad habits. The growth mindset you have is amazing. Be proud you’re not like everyone else who finds excuses in life rather than realizing they have the choice to be better. So proud of you and your a great influence!

    • Kitten Gem
      Kitten Gem


    • Cara Rose
      Cara Rose

      This was amazing I’m so glad of your journey so inspiring ignore the haters

  • Shifa Niya
    Shifa Niya

    oh ma gosh u inspired me .... 💚😥😥

  • Jeslyn Tan
    Jeslyn Tan

    if I could like this video 100 times, I would

  • Joe Nuts
    Joe Nuts

    The greatest enemy humanity faces is the mind.


    Just stop...u r destroying yourself..please

  • Charlotte Hutton
    Charlotte Hutton

    This is beautiful and inspiring and so many people go through this - food is designed to make you crave it and we have such a society of convenience that it's so easy to have lives where we are mostly just sitting around and never exercising. I'm so happy for you and this has inspired me so much!

  • Julia Ang
    Julia Ang

    Thank you for sharing this. 😢

  • suzanne bonanno
    suzanne bonanno

    This vid is educational! I've been trying to research for an insightful vid like yours that educates everything in this LTwhite vid! 🥼Your tip is similar to the vids of Dr. Ethan! Doctor Ethan's videos are helpful and he really helped me a lot on my studies. He is a informative Dr in Europe! I suggest you watch his page out and give the Dr a like here! ➡️ #MedicalStudentEthan

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    80 V

    Yo this chick is freaking loaded no hate just an observation I’m thinking her dad works in the film industry.

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  • Rosa Hernandez
    Rosa Hernandez

    Can someone please tell me how to build lean muscle I'm so confused

  • KPOP•Stxnz

    I have a question! How long did you do the workout program to see results?

  • SAB Notes
    SAB Notes

    The video is very well made congrats but not everybody can pay or can have the help of Steve and the resources that u had. I know that's your personal story but I thought that was about tips and recommendations...

  • Alexa Rimmer
    Alexa Rimmer

    I’m legit just sad for you bb. You deserve to be happy with yourself regardless of your weight. It makes me sad that you thought you weren’t worthy of happiness & love as a “heavier” girl when you were already at a super healthy & normal weight. Your relationship with food is obviously really not great and none of what you went through helped you improve it. This is not hate. I’m actually so sympathetic because I’ve been there and felt exactly the way you feel. I hope you’re able to find peace & happiness no matter your weight in the future.

  • OfficialBlossom YT
    OfficialBlossom YT

    I tried the same thing she did, I lost 40 pounds! your episodes are very inspiring thank you

    • OfficialBlossom YT
      OfficialBlossom YT

      also, i almost cried watching this video

  • Eva Hansird Rivera
    Eva Hansird Rivera

    Wow. You just gave me hope again. I’m 44 and have so much doubt due to slowing metabolism. THANK YOU!!!!!

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    V King

    This information should not be free. Wow, thanks for the Steve clips!

  • Lance Pablo
    Lance Pablo

    I love your journey and the time you've put into this. I've been on a similar boat and this is the most realistic video I have came across. Thank you for sharing! You're very inspiring. Much love and keep up the great work!

  • Alexis Rose
    Alexis Rose

    Oh my gosh I can’t tell you how hard I cried doing my at home workouts in the beginning.... I relate to so much she’s saying and doing!!

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    Kim Marie

    why is she always skipping from april 2020 back to december 2019 and than back to january 2020

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    hani ahangar

    dear Alivia I learned so much from your journey.Now im aware which im not alone after years of struggling and sadness.tnx for every thing.

  • Magali Bosetti sola
    Magali Bosetti sola

    hey, you save my life.trully

  • --

    This sums up almost my entire college experience struggling with binging, restricting, stress, self-esteem, identity, depression, anxiety- just so much. I failed classes, isolated myself, simply couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore... I lost myself. I wish I would’ve seen this last year but I’m so thankful and proud of you for being brave enough to share your journey because it’s everything to see that I am not alone and it’s possible to truly care for yourself this way.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    SpongeBob SquarePants

    Omg I love her😭

  • Cindy Sobtafo
    Cindy Sobtafo

    Shouldve added a trigger warning cause this is literally horribke for someone with an ed

    • Ella Chaim
      Ella Chaim

      @mszsu THANK YOU! i have binge eating disorder and this inspired me so much to change my life.

    • mszsu

      It's literally a video titled "How I lost pounds of FAT". As someone with bed, I find her series more inspiring than triggering but if I felt vulnerable to feeling triggered, I wouldn't click on a video about someone's glow up and how they lost 10 inches off their waist.

    • Ella Chaim
      Ella Chaim

      They can choose not to watch it

  • Arwen Barrett
    Arwen Barrett

    I honestly think its so dumb people think this is just an ad. Even if you don't do the program, the information is still vital.

  • Ashi Mina
    Ashi Mina

    Omg your transformation shocked me. So happy you trusted the process. It’s never about giving 100% every singe battle, but rather not giving up and being consistent. It is then you will slowly get better and better.

  • Jennifer Lockyer
    Jennifer Lockyer

    This series has clicked with me so much. Its incredible and very helpful. Thank you for sharing your journey, it shows alot of strength

  • riczek

    This is insanely helpful, i don't know how to thank you. It made me realise what my mistake was all these years. I'm so overwhelmed with emotion, motivation and mostly just feeling so so understood that i just cried SO hard. I needed this so much, you are a blessing.

  • Beatriz

    What about therapy?

  • Maya Saleh
    Maya Saleh

    Sorry if asking this question is rude or makes you uncomfortable, but how long did it take you to lose weight?

  • Trena Daily
    Trena Daily

    You are amazing! You inspire me, made me cry, talked truth into my heart, and made me feel that I am worthy to be the best me.

  • Huda Fatima
    Huda Fatima


  • Kowan Robbins
    Kowan Robbins

    Thank you thank you thank you. You are brave and amazing for sharing your journey. It’s hard to open up because there are people out there that wants to be horrible. I have shared your video with my sister and son. You are an amazing human being and I have learned and am so grateful that I saw your video. 🌹🌸

  • MC

    This is so triggering and relatable. Coming here from fledge fitness' review of this video. My takeaway is that diet culture and media's projection of the 'perfect' body sends normal sized girls down a path that actually leads to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.

  • Mamta Kumari
    Mamta Kumari

    Hey Alivia, *you know I follow you since 2017 and you become fatty and thin fatty and thin many time , But I stay normal in whole time I watched you, matlab Itna Khane ko milega to tum log fatty to banogai na,*

  • Wawawawa 00
    Wawawawa 00

    Can you do the workout vdeo on how do you achieve your body goal? And without equipment please💌

  • Raziyee

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  • annabelle Plouffe
    annabelle Plouffe

    19:49 what happened 😱

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    Elle Marie

    you are so inspirational! and i struggle myself with weight loss but this whole series has given me confidence and the will power do it. like i’ve got this!

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    Jasmine O.


  • saritha jagajith
    saritha jagajith

    I'm 157 cm tall and 50 kgs. I want to lose 9 kgs. :-)

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    Arpita Kabra


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    Yasmine Maged

    I LOVE you!

  • Ani Lee
    Ani Lee

    I definitely know how you feel it’s deadly hard but definitely possible it’s all about controlling your food habits.. I binge sometimes too and then I feel guilty but with time you just simply get used to eating less once you start seeing the results you don’t want to ruin it you know and over the time you kinda get used to it but the most importantly never give up even if binge happens the next day try to eat less and carry on with your diet.. I lost 45 pounds in 5 months and I am proud of it it’s hard but possible everything is in your head and it’s totally possible to control it but it’s hard for sure for people with food addiction cuz everything looks super delicious and even more delicious when you get hungry .. but I usually touch my tummy and then I realise how fat I am and should stop eating and that usually helps for me to stop..

  • Sara Shadman
    Sara Shadman

    Thank you Alivia ♡ thank you for doing this for you and for us ♡

  • Late Night Languages
    Late Night Languages

    This really hit home for me I feel like I have the same mindset she previously did. Has anyone else tried his program? Nothing I’ve tried before ever works, I get frustrating I’m not losing and just give up.

  • P Smith
    P Smith

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    Necole Schutkowski

    I knew that you would do it❤💪

  • Yande Gibbons
    Yande Gibbons

    Her journey is really inspiring and I’m so proud of Alivia and how much happier she is now! But there is some miss information on what Steve was talking about. Because he is a fitness trainer and not a registered dietitian. I’m not either, but check out Abbey Sharp’s response to this video as she is a registered dietitian. No hate to her series or this video though because it is really good. It’s just some of the things she said could be quite harmful to people.

    • Yande Gibbons
      Yande Gibbons

      Especially the comment Steve said about delaying eating when you’re hungry by ‘Chewing gum, brushing your teeth and drinking water’. Because these are actually common anorexia tips and can lead to an eating disorder or even more bingeing than before.

  • Xanthe Fearn-Thomas
    Xanthe Fearn-Thomas

    This video has genuinely changed my life! Thank you so much ALIVIA!

  • Kana Kaminaga
    Kana Kaminaga

    Btw, do you know how beautiful you are?!!!

  • Charles Daventry
    Charles Daventry

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  • amanda

    wait me and u look almost identical and my heaviest was 150 too

  • Michelle lie
    Michelle lie

    I literally love u for doing this, thank you for making this series, ur first episode hit me so hard because i relate to it so much and change has been a hard thing for me too, but ur videos really motivate and inspires me, thank you.

  • LBSanchez

    I just saw your video and I absolutely love you, your courage through pain, your strength beside tears, your journey, your happiness, your faith when you felt weak, your bright smile on your final glow... I was lost, and you switch on the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks a lot for this story, your story, and thanks for being that person ! xOxO

  • Cindy

    Wait, if you sign up to the program do you get charged or...?

  • Kendall Moore
    Kendall Moore

    So all you did was follow Steve's plan? And you look like that?! Good for you!! If that's not all you did, what else did you change?

  • Dazai Osamu
    Dazai Osamu

    I feel you, that's one thing that stops me in my weight loss journey is how I eat. Every time my pants were tight I refused to just accept it and go a size up, why? Because then I'm giving into being someone I don't wanna be. This inspiration is helping me since I once again am back at the start of my Journey. As a competitive Taekwondo Martial Artist it's vital for me to get back into shape but my bad eating since Quarantine and the habit of just ordering fast food was wasting my life and money, I'm definitely gonna take your advice and help to progress more forward. Thanks Alivia

  • losa sakarosa
    losa sakarosa

    I love this Alivia.

  • Susan Beaulieu
    Susan Beaulieu

    i just knew ppl were gonna come across this video and try to "cancel" alivia for going through this entire journey. I've been watching this series since the first episode ever and i can admit some of the methods she used was unhealthy yet she did put a disclaimer stating she changed and to not attempt the unhealthy weight loss plan. just watch the video or dont. that simple.

  • rachael

    I don't know who needs to hear this, but 1) if your body looks like hers or she reminds you of yourself, don't listen to her self-loathing rants about how disgusting she looks in her Y/N wattpad fic narrative style voice. you don't look disgusting. your body is wonderful at every size. 2) you don't have to eat fucking cauliflower rice instead of white rice to lose weight.

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S

    Steve honestly is amazing though let's be real, he's helped so many people and I can't help but wonder if he's been exactly where she is now in these episodes and that's why he's so wise and dedicates himself to helping others, because he knows the pain too

  • Katie Loghinov
    Katie Loghinov

    To anyone struggling with mindset, I highly recommend the app NOOM!! (this is not an ad im being serious) the app is amazing and has completely shifted my mindset to start loving food instead of binging it.

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S

    I almost said "man I wish I was 147lbs", but then I remembered I'm 30weeks pregnant and that probably wouldn't be the best idea considering that my thin and low weight lol. Granted though I gained most of this weight after my first daughter and lost weight during this pregnancy like I did with my first, it still probably wouldn't be the best at this time and losing weight now isn't my main concern, just becoming healthier for myself and most importantly my children.

  • Rebecca Coulter
    Rebecca Coulter

    I love this. I look like you used to. It’s funny how much I can relate, I feel like I keep trying and failing. Thank you 🙏

  • Cara Sandford
    Cara Sandford

    watching this, i cried with you. i’m currently going through this and have been for years. it’s so scary watching yourself go through it but putting it on the internet is a whole another level. you’re so strong. thank you for this!

  • McKenna Doyle
    McKenna Doyle

    I for real started crying because I could relate to everything. I have struggled for the longest time and I’m still on my journey. This video made me so inspired, thank you for sharing your story.

  • S M
    S M


  • Jason Platt
    Jason Platt

    The most important thing I can say, and the one big thing that is missing here, is that weight management is 100% (ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!) in the kitchen. IT IS NOT IN THE GYM. You lose weight in the kitchen and at the table. You go to the gym for FITNESS. Losing weight and getting fit are two different things, though they impact each other. I do not like how they seem to be combined here. Regarding the overall advice from the "expert", there's some good info here and some not-so-good info. This guy definitely is halfway there when it comes to his program, but there's a lot he focuses on that's just nonsense. I already know a lot about health and fitness so I can pull the garbage from the gold, but not everyone is like that. The best thing I can say is to not take one person's advice by itself. Do research into things like fasting and insulin response and then separately look into whatever your fitness goals are. Someone who is 50lbs or more overweight cannot just go hit the gym. That same person can follow proper nutrition at home by themselves and get to a weight where the gym is much more beneficial. Remember, losing weight happens IN THE KITCHEN and AT THE TABLE.

  • Alicia Shazzam
    Alicia Shazzam

    Thank you for pointing out the insulin spike because so many people just talk about calories in and out, not about what those calories do.

  • Sarah McCarty
    Sarah McCarty

    Wow Alivia thank you so much for this video. I'm quite a bit older then you, but I found you so very relatable. I've been fighting my food addiction my entire life. So much of what you said is exactly the things that go through my mind every single day. It's been the one thing in my life I haven't been able to conquer in all of my 30 years. I've tried so many times that I'm now at the point where I don't trust myself anymore just like you said about yourself. I have never seen any videos where people talk about the way I feel so perfectly. Thank you for this. I feel like what I'm lacking the most is support. My husband is very supportive but he battles his own food addictions as well so isn't much help. I hope to at some point find someone to come along beside me for encouragement and strength. But for now I will keep battling on my own. Thanks for all the work you put into this. It was very encouraging.

  • _mikushkina

    Wow.. I am so proud of you!

  • NiiChii Light
    NiiChii Light

    I wish this video came out earlier I've been in this journey for so long and I'm thankful to learn new things

  • Oliwia Surymt
    Oliwia Surymt

    I love that she told us to not compare her weight to your own. She is so thoughtful I appreciate it so much. I tend to compare myself to others and it's so toxic. I can't believe my brain is wired the way that when I get the chance I compare myself to others so quickly...

  • old account
    old account

    What if you don’t feel happy, or comfortable after you loose all the weight?

    • old account
      old account

      Thanks, I needed to hear that

    • H K
      H K

      Maybe it weight wasnt the main issue. In her case it wasnt weight either, it was believing she was weak and not trusting herself

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    I'm not labelling you but I am curious. Did you see any therapists who specialise in disordered eating? I feel like your family was there for you for your weight loss but maybe not for your mental health?

    • kiwi


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    Kherchim Thumlhi

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  • Jerlyn Ibarra
    Jerlyn Ibarra

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  • Amanda Martin
    Amanda Martin

    I've been dealing with your same issue for years as well. I never thought i'd relate to someone so much about my relationship with food. Your videos are so unfiltered!

  • Katie O’Malley
    Katie O’Malley

    Your glow up diary helped me lose weight freshman year. Now I’m a senior , due to covid I’ve been so depressed and I couldn’t get out of bed and ate junk food to help “the pain” . Seeing this video got me inspired. I’m only on day 3, though I’m already feeling better. There’s been many tears as I force myself to get out of bed and workout and not indulging in binge eating. Though day by day I’ll get better. I know the light at the end of the tunnel with come. Right now it’s hard to imagine, but I know I’ll be so much more happy and healthy if I tough this out.

  • C

    Thank you for sharing your story❣️

  • karina Martinez
    karina Martinez

    You are so unique, from your vulnerability , to your editing skill , to your personality , to your inspiration thank you for releasing this

  • Vasilisa Di
    Vasilisa Di

    I honestly had exactly the same story... but with different ending. It's called binge eating disorder, i honestly believe that person can't cure from it unless he/she stops restricting food.

  • Tina Hammer
    Tina Hammer

  • anon poe
    anon poe

    This is really beautiful and has me extremely emotional and motivated. Thank u

  • no name
    no name

    It’s not hate. Her video is sooo concerning. If you‘re reading this, please PLEASE remember that the amount you eat/your weight dont define you ❤️❤️

    • kiwi

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  • Roshonakah Sanchez
    Roshonakah Sanchez

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  • Erica Flores
    Erica Flores

    This literally me from the age of 13-17(now) I want to improve myself I want to feel better about my body. I watched her stretching video to grow taller 2-3 years ago and Clicking on this video I was like hm she looks really familiar and I scrolled down and I see the video I watched 3 years ago and Seeing this video and how much her body had changed really made me relate to her.

  • Alexandra Erickson
    Alexandra Erickson

    Thank you for this. I can’t stop watching.

  • Chloe Greenham
    Chloe Greenham

    hi alivia if you see this please be careful with not spreading a fatphobic message! i understand your journey is for health and feeling better in your self but sometimes this can come across as fatphobia - we need to be careful not to stigmatise a heavy weight with bad health! there's so much research out there on the effect of fatphobia on health as opposed to weight itself and i think that could make a really great video! xx

  • Varrent Gwen Syafaqa
    Varrent Gwen Syafaqa

    Hi I know somenody probably won't see my comment;/ but is strength training and weight training two diffrent thing?

  • Shubhi Mishra
    Shubhi Mishra

    Hey, at 32:12 when they talk about the timing of the food, can someone please explain to me as to what is the appropriate time window to eat food before working out ? (Because I have an exam coming up and I won't get the time to read the book)

  • N S
    N S

    I am curious, when were you overweight? because ive seen your stretching videos from 3 years ago, you were skinny, was that before of after weight problems?

  • Erin Callaway
    Erin Callaway

    You have done such a beautiful job on this series. I don’t think people understand that you are a real person, and you don’t deserve the mean comments. Hope you are doing well!