Casually Explained: First Dates
drawing from like all my experience
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  • Gurken mit Fanta
    Gurken mit Fanta

    Wait is that at 1:42 CORONA??

  • zygard

    My brother went out with one girl Then they got married

  • StrieghtOuttaUtah

    Dinner and a movie uhhhhhhhh that is totally not what I did. Why would you think that?

  • TheMrMussolini

    “The old 1-2 works every time”

  • Fries

    2:19 May be the most smooth thing I’ve ever heard. So smooth in fact that I feel like 5 years down the line I’m going to use this line at least 1 or more times.

  • Jojo

    Just the stuff I need LTwhite to recommend me after I get rejected.

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah

    All I heard was *girls are confusing*

  • Shiva

    Me, who lives in a country where people dont date

  • Javelin Throw
    Javelin Throw

    An actual advice: don t be yourself, be your BEST-self

  • Beastys Assistant
    Beastys Assistant

    4:32 this is an actual segment lost of people are they don't even care about the person as long as its what the girl is looking for.Sigh tough wourld for us boys especially sence we have to always make moves and this is just another wall to get through.

  • Benjamin

    This video has caused me to seriously reflect on how I eat soft serve

  • Jase Gillespie
    Jase Gillespie

    Why is this the most accurate thing i have ever seen

  • Sarah Tingen
    Sarah Tingen

    Sitting on the blue ridge listening to this in the dark by gawd

  • Imtiaze Ahmed
    Imtiaze Ahmed

    This guy sounds like the guy from khan academy for some reason :3

  • Don't mind me
    Don't mind me

    The only thing that matters really is wether she likes star wars or not. If she does, you know it's the one and you just simply have to invite her for Episode III in the evening. This is the way

    • blackmoon

      And if she's able to quote more lines from the movie than you, you better wife her up! (didn't really work with the guy I liked tho lol)

  • David Saenz
    David Saenz

    Hahahaha holy fuck, the "I only date dimes"

  • Voicebox The One and Only
    Voicebox The One and Only

    Guy: So uh.. do you wanna like.. hangout sometime? Lunch.. maybe..? Girl: Sure! I’d love to! Text me where later! Guy: [holy fuck.. it worked?? how the fuck did i get this far..] Cool.. Alright.. [wait.. IM GOING ON A FUCKING DATE HELL YEAH!!] *5 minutes later* Guy: [holy fuck im going on a date.. holy shit.. what the fuck do i do.. oh fuck..]

  • Burak Öztürk
    Burak Öztürk

    i believe 0:58 is a reference to domics (

  • Ziptlytical

    lol platonic friends for 5 years, that's wayyyyy too long P

  • C M
    C M

    you are the only american who has a passable aussie accent

  • gabriel h
    gabriel h

    Instructions unclear, I don't have a date

  • Grandplat

    02:08, he says bruddas instead of bros. Im pretty sure americans dont use that word. 03:06 "2+2 is 4 -1 that's three quick maths". That's a famous line from a british comical song from a famous british song, mans not hot. This could be a coincidence or this guy is British and faking an american accent, or he might just be very interested in british youth culture. Also, a lot of things he say make sense and he seems to be using his brain

  • Linkjozee878

    ngl he would be a good stand up comedian

  • Socriba

    "I don't have a clue what's going on" I felt that

  • Calvin Bottoms
    Calvin Bottoms

    3:50 Walk her home or take her home.

  • Din Call
    Din Call

    Forget First Date I haven't even told a single girl that I like her

  • Parnika Kulkarni
    Parnika Kulkarni

    1:56 I just found a 'you suck at cooking' channel reference ✅✅✅✅✅✅

  • Subhajyoti Das
    Subhajyoti Das

    Bold of you to to assume i have money to date

  • Finn Schumacher
    Finn Schumacher

    Byside Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung is a good way to read minds

  • Sebastian Ion
    Sebastian Ion

    Pls help...Im in the middle of a date and I started making the joke about coins...Ehile I was saying it I realised my country has a different currency, and the punchline is not going to work...Pls help quickly..she's staring at me

    • Porrrnesian Parrapio
      Porrrnesian Parrapio


  • Andrew Valmonte
    Andrew Valmonte

    Maybe about 90% of this youtube channel’s subscribers are from girl he’s dated

  • ieurau -
    ieurau -

    but what if i dont have youtube channel

  • Ryan Lauzon
    Ryan Lauzon

    why did I just find this mans channel

  • SpaRk_City

    2:30 he's holding in his laughter form the joke he just told lol

  • its Alex
    its Alex

    this man sounds so serious and when hes talking the first part makes sense and the second part also makes sense *until you realise what he just said*

  • Lot Veldhuijzen
    Lot Veldhuijzen

    2:33 subtitles litterally say *awkward pause* hahahahah

  • Nicolás Cantor
    Nicolás Cantor

    4:07 omg been there, done that.

  • daisy Hotcheeto
    daisy Hotcheeto

    I’m 13 and a 12 year old boy asked me out and the place he wanted to have the “date” was on a treehouse that I made and the property that my parents own aka where I live aka he wanted to “go out” with me at my own house, now this is the first person that has “asked me out” so I’m not quite sure what I should of done, so all I said was that I’m “bad with feelings” and some other stuff because i didn’t like this guy In that kind of way, and I was trying to be as nice as possible with this kid, but I think I Broke his heart.

  • Jelte

    1:55 it took me more than a second!

  • KuuBluhKahn

    Your passively better than an empty time slot 😂😂😂🤙👍👍👍 Because I only date dimes....dude that was smooth

  • Ryan Teague
    Ryan Teague

    I mean, good thing there is no God

  • NullLore
    NullLore I’m getting there...🙁

  • Felix Biselli
    Felix Biselli

    I'm a guy and I just squirted at the dime quip

  • Menos Problemos
    Menos Problemos

    3:12 nice background

  • Max B
    Max B

    Oh, this took a while, I must have missed this channel for over a decade. Glad its doing well, my educatio-entertainment continues....

  • 0r0b0 0s0t0
    0r0b0 0s0t0

    I’ve developed social anxiety due to several lockdowns and I could never imagine to go to dates like I did in the past (maybe it’s my low self esteem) but you kinda encouraged me to try it again lmao

  • Andrew Goldsmith
    Andrew Goldsmith

    “It seems like everybody these days is having sex before they’re holding hands anyways.” Nailed it

  • Jonathan Cannon
    Jonathan Cannon

    2:40 He was doing his best to not bust out laughing

  • GuruTheCoder

    that australian accent lol


    “You’ll either get a yes or a no” Her: Ewww

  • Jessica Bellandy
    Jessica Bellandy

    I remember this pretty girl talking to me but I was so shy that I couldn't make eye contact. She eventually got mad and left. Eh I'm better now. Still single but I think I'll try to date when things open up again.


    anyone going on a date tomorrow? good vid to watch

  • Joe Frick
    Joe Frick

    First date be like: Rebeca I am your Father. Alabama Darth Vader style

  • Philip Stracke
    Philip Stracke

    I don’t know why this guy is popular. He’s not funny at all.


    "How you talk about something is way more important what you talk about" That is a very good quote. I really seem to like it

  • OnlyLlamaLiam

    lmao th edime joke took me like 30 seconds i knoew it was funnt but i didnt understand the deeper meaning till 30 seconds after

  • The PigeonLord
    The PigeonLord

    I love the fact he actually laughed in this one

  • EveryTimeV2

    Talking like I'm competent at dating might make me feel like I'm superior to others and in control who I can sleep with but really it's always been out of my control whether a woman wants to sleep with me and it's always been kinda fucking creepy to try to get them to do so even when I never asked them if they wanted it or not. Just kidding, this isn't my career.

  • Unruely

    My gf just took me to McDonald’s for our first date... she knows me to well

  • Nawak Gaming
    Nawak Gaming

    i stop after asking them out

  • MistyShadowClaw

    “I haven’t got a clue what’s going on here, but I’ll act like I do” 😙✌️

  • Joshua Conrad
    Joshua Conrad

    2:58 had me bursting out in laughter... big facts

  • Cupcaked

    I'd rather jump in a volcano than date someone

  • Aydan K.
    Aydan K.

    First date? Okay let’s forgot about the second cause I’m going to bomb🥱

  • Silas Wright
    Silas Wright

    Bro this guy just made fun of my coin collecting hobby.

  • Tarzaan

    Its like you know me personally, thank you for listening

  • théé ønly kvnhr
    théé ønly kvnhr

    That line "you ever watched casually explained" actually works

  • Luiz Guilherme
    Luiz Guilherme

    Shit got sober and the girl disapeared.

  • Jerwel Gorgonio
    Jerwel Gorgonio

    First date? Don't do that. Don't give me hope.

  • Mr. Loowiz
    Mr. Loowiz

    You can offer to pay, but don't do it every time. Men paying the bills is an outdated trend that's thankfully fading away. And of course some women fight against it, while at the same time advocating for women's rights... sexism is only bad if it affects them. That, by itself, is already a red flag, so you'll be identifying bad people early on, which is great.

  • Daniel Gerber
    Daniel Gerber

    But is she into you tho?

  • Daniel Gerber
    Daniel Gerber

    He sounds always a little depressed and bored but something tells me that this guy has had all the chicks lol

  • Timmytimtim

    i have been on 2 first dates the first one friend zoned me the second one became my girlfriend

  • Nathan Clarke
    Nathan Clarke

    that new zealand accent was excellent

  • Wolfskull

    3:45 Just a quick adendum: If your date made it clear beforehand that they want to split the bill, respect that descision. When it comes to paying, maybe ask them once if they're sure they want to split, and leave it at that. I always stated that I wanted to pay my own shit at least on the first date as soon as the planning started, mainly because I don't want to be a leech and because it takes the whole "are they splitting the bill because they didn't like me?" Puzzle out of the Picture. One of my dates really, really wanted to be a gentleman though and started arguing about how he should pay out of courtesy - while the poor waitress awkwardly stood in front of us waiting. It was weird and it made me kinda dislike him, especially since he agreed to split the first time I brought it up. Sure, you could argue that there's people out there that suggest splitting the bill as a test, and get mad if you do end up actually splitting. But do you really wanna persue a Person like that?

  • Lenny Dagostini
    Lenny Dagostini

    the end of that list is, to avoid hyperbole, as accurately as I've been described by a complete stranger that I can remember. I approximate a 10% chance of me remembering a more accurate description, if there ever was one. You should not trust that percentage since I do not know what portion of the memories I ever held I have forgotten, or how the notability of such a description affects its long term storage.

  • Terry Terrill
    Terry Terrill

    How is this little stick figure so smart

  • Cheyenne Tate
    Cheyenne Tate

    This is actually great interview advice. Thanks!

  • Samuel Mukiri
    Samuel Mukiri

    I feel like CE had too much fun with this video.

  • Emily Treu
    Emily Treu

    I always introduce myself with a tongue kiss, works every time

  • Somebody

    For a minute I forgot this guy was an actual person, not a stick figure drawn in MS paint

  • wandering awareness
    wandering awareness

    Bruh I have to stifle laughs every 20 seconds with your channel

  • DarksideOrbit

    Broke : eating soft serve by eating the ice cream on top and then the cone Woke : biting the bottom and slurping the ice cream like it's a dispenser

  • Has Adeek
    Has Adeek

    If you've been platonic friends for 5 years, hoping the next haircut will put them over the edge.... Jokes on you, its been 12, and after a week we are getting married

    • Paradox

      Where’d you get the haircut at??

  • Jacquelinewithac

    My boyfriend and I technically went on our first date like 3 weeks after 8 months of being together that was our first time going to a restaurant and doing “date” things. Romance in quarantine everyone

  • Haze B.
    Haze B.

    Or a letter

  • Alfred James
    Alfred James

    Me watching this knowing full well I have never been on a date, or plan to go on one: *relatable*

  • Scot Desmarais
    Scot Desmarais

    Describing today’s youth as poor and sinful is unfortunately accurate. There is nothing wrong with old school values and this world would be a better place if our youth embraced them.

  • Hadassah

    1:14 🤣🤣 I'm someone who wants to get married before 22, have kids, and please God. 😇😅

  • J1-1M

    lmao who else read the full list

  • Muffin HateBlueBerry
    Muffin HateBlueBerry

    Very stressful.

  • T town Boyzzz Luther
    T town Boyzzz Luther

    The ol one two

  • Chkn the vibe master
    Chkn the vibe master

    When i go on a date, were gonna do that drunk lego that could be fun

  • Matthew Page
    Matthew Page

    I get my first date with her this Tuesday by being the nice guy. She asked me out. And I’m twice her weight. Me: 285. Her: less than 140........ I’m still scratching my head at this one.

  • Bryson Eyman
    Bryson Eyman

    1:09 what movie are you talking about here?

  • Communist Naruto Uzumaki
    Communist Naruto Uzumaki

    Goddamn it covid😒

  • Andy Gao
    Andy Gao

    1:55 "people think you 're You Suck at Cooking but you're actually not that bad at cooking" .-. def same guy


    ok thx

  • Pan Lis
    Pan Lis

    Me: Wanna go out on a date? Her: Sure, where? Me: I don't know. I never thought I would get this far

  • GavinDoesAnimations

    I really want to see Jan in one of these videos