Casually Explained: Elon Musk
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  • Ivan

    This video could have lasted 6 seconds by saying “tony stark in real life”

  • Adhunik Manav
    Adhunik Manav

    melting from indoor climate control........and his love. *spits my tea out*

  • Surge

    My mama gonna build a tunnel into space interim and go back in time to do whatever he’s gonna do.

  • Treston Kline
    Treston Kline

    Don't forget the Boring Company

  • אגם בן עזרא
    אגם בן עזרא

    YES!!! YES!!!! Finally someone talks about Disney taking over the planet!! They own EVERYTHING!! (Sorry I needed to get it out)

    • burger burger
      burger burger

      This comment made me understand the disneyland joke thanks

  • Stickname

    elon musk more like ksum nole

  • random games
    random games

    Sn15 intensifies

  • Tree Beard
    Tree Beard

    Starcraft joke... oh shit putting on my seatbelt

  • Jumbo Jimbos
    Jumbo Jimbos

    3:55 damn this is just amazing. Elon’s plan has been revealed. This is so fucking perfect.

  • Cameron Taylor
    Cameron Taylor

    0:35 I thought for a second you were going to say "sleep".

  • TraficHat

    It would be made even better if Elon's planned mars colonies become states in the US

  • Eric Robberts
    Eric Robberts

    i hope he buys the game LoL, or the school system. two dogsht broken things.

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    My man is secretly an evil genius. He's just not interested in taking over earth

  • Derick

    1:54 Dude, took me a whole year to understand this

  • Joseph .B .P
    Joseph .B .P

    elongated muskmelons

  • Galactic Gamer
    Galactic Gamer


  • DarkBlade

    Don’t forget about his other other company, Neuralink

  • Bradley G
    Bradley G

    A couple of errors in this. The roadster didn’t go to the ISS, it’s in an orbit around the sun and had a close approach with Mars. Also the roadster isn’t the fastest 0-60 of any super car. It’s the fastest 0-60 of any mass produced street car.

    • Ethan

      @Bradley G F1 cars aren't road legal

    • Bradley G
      Bradley G

      @Manas Pradhan super car would insinuate a car like an F1 car, which has a faster 0-60

    • Manas Pradhan
      Manas Pradhan

      Tf do you think a supercar means, it's just an informal name for expensive road legal sports cars

  • ProSpect

    I also know him as a huge lier

    • ProSpect

      @TheReal Doge he said he invented hyperrail or whatever its called

    • TheReal Doge
      TheReal Doge

      why is he a liar

  • Flowi

    16h work +2h meals, transit, etc. + 6h shitpost on twitter... sleep is for the weak

  • Я Безымянный
    Я Безымянный

    There's something disturbing when the richest people of the world spend money on inventing the mean to leave this planet for good.

    • Ethan

      You're gonna lose your mind when you see the ESA, NASA, RFS, ISRO, CNSA, or JAXA

  • Matthew Graf
    Matthew Graf

    I’m pretty sure that Elon musk is an alien that was bored by how slow humans are progressing and came here to move us along.

  • Vedant Pandey
    Vedant Pandey

    Plot twist: Elon did calculation about how many kids he need so that his bloodline can survive till space flight and people living on Mars becomes normal

  • Bisho Bisho
    Bisho Bisho

    Elon + Disney = world dominions

  • l l
    l l


  • jaden johnson
    jaden johnson

    u mene 100m

  • llewellyn jonkers
    llewellyn jonkers

    I can see my hometown De Aar at 1:51

  • shon

    I like the StarCraft references 😂😂

  • Stefan Gebhard
    Stefan Gebhard

    Damn thanks for the throwback to Motherload

  • Dill Doe
    Dill Doe


  • Tab Ah
    Tab Ah


  • _sawtea

    he and other billionaire are just a w@ste of space on these earth😁

    • _sawtea

      @TheReal Doge he just got money from his dad emerald mine and he violated labor law...he ain’t helping no one but himself. He only exploits them.

    • TheReal Doge
      TheReal Doge

      @_sawtea if u knew much u would know Elon made his own wealth and realize he is actually helping people But here u still are crying because you're jelous

    • _sawtea

      @TheReal Doge I’m a proud hater of “rich” ppl who inherent their parents money aka generational wealth🤩🤩💘

    • TheReal Doge
      TheReal Doge

      @_sawtea that ur just a hater and a true waste of space

    • _sawtea

      @TheReal Doge what ur point?

  • Robert Garver
    Robert Garver

    this is one of if not my favorite video on the internet

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh

    So he's black

  • Xolio Wol
    Xolio Wol

    My dad got fired from solar city :/ But he now ownes SunFlower solar :)

  • Mr_ DiegoLoco
    Mr_ DiegoLoco

    And now he is the richest man in the world

  • Nezuko Kamado
    Nezuko Kamado

    When year 2069 comes, Gen Z is *required* to spam every single social media platform with nice, millenials can do this too but they will be like 80-90 years old, if they are still alive, so maybe gen Alpha, or other future generations if we decide to continue the human race and pass on 69

  • Robot crobot
    Robot crobot

    casually explained: why elon musk baby is named numbers and letters

  • M B
    M B

    elon musk is like "i'm not like OTHER billionaires"

  • Harrison H
    Harrison H

    i love this video it spits stragiht facts

  • Stephen Casias
    Stephen Casias

    "safest car"? 1.6 zero to sixty, ohh, you can't get in, no doors. Bravo, golf clap.

  • Luculent

    Now, you're assuming that shitposting on Twitter isn't part of his job.

  • Divyesh Gupta
    Divyesh Gupta

    3:54 in short we can say MARS co sponsored by Elon Musk and even change it's name to ElÖN-TROPÍA 🤣😂🤣

  • Slayz

    “An aluminum match box car powered by falling”😂😂

  • Ozil Gzbsj
    Ozil Gzbsj

    The industrious acknowledgment ectrodactyly rescue because great-grandmother clasically excuse of a dysfunctional brick. sharp, parched stepmother

  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee

    Elon musk: casually explained Please, come back when you get something that’s actually able to be casually explained...

    • Josh Lee
      Josh Lee

      @Gakeee true but Elon musk in itself is not casual

    • Gakeee

      that was pretty casual imo

  • 420KinK

    Should re do this

  • rushed to max
    rushed to max

    Hah, ling ling can do this all in 40 hours

    • TheReal Doge
      TheReal Doge

      then why hasnt he

  • Nigar Allahverenli
    Nigar Allahverenli

    I took MBTI test and I have the same personality as Elon. I am scared ngl

  • Bunny ???
    Bunny ???

    Elon got so much going on in his life that he grew his hairline back

  • What’s a meme. Bob
    What’s a meme. Bob


  • Blackmosman

    meta yeeeee

  • SadistFurret420

    I understand that I'm a corporate slave and they know my search history but at this point I'm not really bothered

  • -potato -
    -potato -

    My dad went to the same school as him Pretoria boys high

  • Mikey Richnavsky
    Mikey Richnavsky

    You know when you are watching a good channel when the ads are at the end

  • Franky is busy
    Franky is busy

    4:25 20 *69*

  • felt

    reddit moment

  • Korudo Pendragon
    Korudo Pendragon

    I love the 0-100kph in 1.9 seconds by my knowledge that’s not a thing

    • Korudo Pendragon
      Korudo Pendragon

      Kpm means kilometre per hour

  • Seema Sone
    Seema Sone

    I hate Amber Heard

  • Jordan Lawson
    Jordan Lawson

    The luxuriant teller nally attract because rabbit isely appear across a resonant gas. loose, comfortable gladiolus

  • Rizzit

    i love totalarian regimes when elon is the head

  • Cosmic Knight
    Cosmic Knight

    I laughed so hard when you called Elon an African American cause you’re not wrong

  • IgnaD

    I'm starting to believe that "Elon" seems like a proper name for the Mars' capital at this point

  • Random name !!!
    Random name !!!

    I don’t like Elon musk That’s all I have to say

    • Random name !!!
      Random name !!!

      @TheReal Doge he didn’t invent Tesla just bought it His parents own a diamond mine so he didn’t start poor or something he just was bored and starder doing stuff. It’s rich people creating more rich people it’s an issue. Also he called his kid Æ - a 12 or sum

    • TheReal Doge
      TheReal Doge


  • Carla Romero
    Carla Romero

    "elon musk is like if you distilled the essence of 2010 “you, sir, win the most epic of upvotes” reddit and put it into the body of a wealthy peanut factory owner from 1835 london who exclusively employed 5 year old orphans" - Sarah Z

    • Carla Romero
      Carla Romero

      @Manas Pradhan oh its a tumblr post she made

    • Manas Pradhan
      Manas Pradhan

      Which video is that from?

  • gaming hunt
    gaming hunt

    1:13 that was hilarious.

  • Nolan Stayton
    Nolan Stayton

    What’s funny about the thumbnail is that Elon Musk is actually cannon in the MCU and technically could obtain the infinity gauntlet and stones and they may not even kill him because he is so powerful

  • Alister Alykyke
    Alister Alykyke

    Come on Elon just make the iron man suit already were tired of waiting. Come on 2020 sucks we need a iron man.

  • Ulisse Mini
    Ulisse Mini

    this needs updating, nerualink will also be your brain

  • Quartified

    Well he's not wrong about him being the richest african americian

  • Brian Oehm
    Brian Oehm

    5:25 the fan blowing into the mic lol

  • Dimitris Kontor
    Dimitris Kontor

    Frontman for NASA.

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams

    The neighborly sofa chiefly love because transaction understandably use afore a permissible responsibility. tasty, scientific smoke

  • InAVanByTheRivr

    Dude.... he is totally planning on implementing all these companies once settled on Mars.. you just blew my mind

  • Logan Green
    Logan Green

    Earths government: We have freedom Elon: Earth is sandbox Earth government: there are limits to physics Elon: haha physics say what

  • jetkyy

    Why did you have to do Elon like that🙄🙄🙄😂😂

  • Juocy Jay
    Juocy Jay

    The last joke hit real hard

  • Two Weird Bros
    Two Weird Bros

    So you are suggesting that Elon musk started the Starcraft storyline. Makes sense

  • Kneegorws Succ
    Kneegorws Succ

    Stop breathing like that

  • Gokibro S
    Gokibro S

    Elon is a salesman like Steve Jobs. He doesn't really understand shit about what he invests in or owns. Most of his projects flop. His wealth is entirely tied up in the stock value and his ownership of SpaceX which is only valued so highly because of government contracts that it takes bidding over along side Boeing Co. Boeing's stock is about half that of SpaceX's while receiving similar funding and investing from the government. What makes SpaceX so valuable is Elon's perception and commercial promises. Before Musk worked with the US he worked with Russia to try and secure funding and tools to send shit to space/mars. The hyperloop is the best example of ideas he sells but knows nothing about. Steve Jobs similarly didn't know more about the computers he sold than what Wozniak had his help to assemble and instructed him about them. Jobs spent most of his time selling them. Jobs was very narcissistic and ousted from his own company just like Elon has been from many of his. Together though they managed to create a cult of personality and great amount of networth around themselves despite being bumbling idiots ready to take your money and telling you everything you want to hear.

  • abdullah abidoon
    abdullah abidoon

    i like the starcraft refrences

  • GreekDriver

    Elon musk Will invent battlecruisers

  • Smiles

    Still think building cities underground is the way to go Expand down, find the dinosaurs

  • jujugonegaming

    "While I'm sure some people dont like one company controlling an entire planet-" The Liang-Dortmund Corporation: *Are you sure you're in charge in here?*

  • Pedro Victor
    Pedro Victor

    lol slavery.


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  • Jarne Vm
    Jarne Vm

    Golden rule: If she says no, than you're worth 20 billion, than she says yes, she's probably in it for the money.

  • Marko Zivkovic
    Marko Zivkovic

    Tesla Cars that look good subjective extremely!

  • mixxca626 gaming
    mixxca626 gaming

    *adds this to the list of things that didn't age well*

    • Manas Pradhan
      Manas Pradhan

      Why would that be? He's still working 120 hours a week, still shitposting on twitter, still making mad cash

  • Conkadong bongomon
    Conkadong bongomon

    'Which is being above a 7'

  • INFJ 4w5
    INFJ 4w5

    5h sleep? Nah, we got to shitpost on Twitter

  • George Mx
    George Mx


  • ElectrixGuitar99

    "I know alot of people dont like being controlled by one company" lol. i dont mind! its elon musk

  • Locky 72
    Locky 72

    Teacher: you can give up on that dream. Elon musk: No, I don’t think I will

    • Manas Pradhan
      Manas Pradhan

      Literally no one says that lmao, stop projecting your own failures

  • Locky 72
    Locky 72

    This man has creative mode and with all the cheat codes on

  • AzekiaXVI

    I'm wairing for when he releases a cologne called "Elon's Musk"

    • the illegal seagull
      the illegal seagull

      @a witch with 3 diplomas stealing donations from the c tsars trust

    • Spectatertots

      ... I mean

    • frenpilled


    • a witch with 3 diplomas
      a witch with 3 diplomas

      Jesus crust...

    • Mahmut Dinçer
      Mahmut Dinçer


  • GoodAim9361


  • UltraNova 33
    UltraNova 33

    All fun and games until he starts *Musk Industries*

  • Hat Man
    Hat Man

    I just realized Casually Explained could probably do a decent Elon Musk impression when he started talking about Evanescence.

  • Jick Hertz
    Jick Hertz

    I never thought of all his companies merging on Mars! Haha