Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!
These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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  • Vegito Saiyan
    Vegito Saiyan

    Can you make god of high school Jin mori vs dragon ball goku Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Morningstar

    Could you guys please take into consideration everything that film theories Science episode for pose fight. Even if poe loses it would be nice to see the numbers that they came up within that episode when it comes to his fighting, also would be really sucky for you guys to do the same thing 2 pole and Iron Fist that you did to Ben versus Green Lantern

  • dry_bones580

    this one was stupid

  • JepTV 123
    JepTV 123

    Kratos vs Escanor

  • Fadafa Fadafa
    Fadafa Fadafa

    Love you guys and I definitely watch you since the holy superman battle. What I see more and more once you unveil the top speed of one of the characters I know who wins check most of the death battles which 2 superbeings fight each other the Titan girl was clearly to be defeated. Please make the fights a little bit more unpredictable so the audience can enjoy the fights more like MGS vs. Sam Fisher as an example. Both simply humans with extraordinary skills and gear but I didn’t know who would win. Positive criticism but keep up to continue your good work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Luke Sams
    Luke Sams

    “Man, they go through swords like coffee filters around here”

  • mikey zaf
    mikey zaf

    Omniman Vs Homelander

  • Saiyan_Shinobi_Hybrid

    in every death battle the character who dies in the end has the upper hand until the last 2 mins

  • Brian Morrall
    Brian Morrall

    So, just curious, who else would like to see Freeza in a Death Battle?

  • Asa_Games

    I feel like they forgot about Mikasa's Ackerman vroom powers and blakes cautiousness

  • surprised ed
    surprised ed

    whis vs boomstick would still be a interesting fight

  • Joseph Zbacnik
    Joseph Zbacnik

    It was a clear win.

  • I'am a Redguard!
    I'am a Redguard!

    The way I see it, Po's fat is going to absorb Iron Fist's 'Iron Fist' like when Po was fighting Tai Lung.

  • chauncey mosley
    chauncey mosley

    Lol RWBY style music in a attack on Titan universe bravo death battle

    • The crusader
      The crusader

      It was a mix between the two

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    Mikasa es Sukasa (Sorry, two days late for Cinco De Mayo)

  • Batou3


  • John Grady
    John Grady

    Generator Rex vs Blue Beatle? Pleeeeeeasssse?

  • cruz navarete
    cruz navarete

    Omni man vs super man

    • The crusader
      The crusader


  • dave falcon
    dave falcon

    Po vs ironfist is gonna be way more fair then people might think haha

  • WillieManga

    I love how Blake doesn't even mind losing an arm and goes on right ahead fighting a Titan after one is cut off.

  • Bluezilla

    Can ya'll make a Death battle including a Primal rage fighter like Sauron, Talon, or Vertigo?

  • WillieManga

    So now that Y, W and B now have their Death Battles, I think it's R's turn.

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson

    This battle is like taking some random guy fighting on the street and telling him to fight Prime Mike Tyson. This was just to promote RWBY at the expense of a beloved character from a show that is ACTUALLY GOOD

  • Bob Jim
    Bob Jim

    It's not that it wasn't a fun fight, but it was obvious Mikasa's the loser. Comparing characters that aren't even in a close league is kind of... Meh

  • thunderdragonaf

    Why do I get the feeling that Po vs Iron Fist is going to be a joke fight. Like Starscream vs Rainbow Dash.

    • SirKillalot98

      I don't think so. Maybe more like Goro vs Machamp or Roshi vs Jiraiya where there are comedic elements but a lot of fighting is involved.

  • Blazing Soul
    Blazing Soul

    Powers > No Powers The moral of this story ^

  • Lol Pint
    Lol Pint

    i knew blake would win cuz they talked about her longer

  • witch of envy
    witch of envy

    They should make the witch of envy from rezero fight someone

  • fallshimjager1

    Setting aside that I rather watch both of them die, the outcome was somewhat predictable, Blake should be stronger than Mikasa. However, nor the animation nor the data made much sense. To begin with, we are supposed to believe that the ribbon that was shown several times to barely hit the ground while held at shoulder 96 meters, but the ODM is less than 25 meters? In fact it was shown in this video the scene where she was "keeping up with Levi" in which she talked with him long? 30 seconds? 30 seconds going at the speed that was given in this video would mean that the cable of the ODM is several order of magnitudes larger than Blake's ribbon. It should also be noted, if the Nevermore can hit with that amount of force, should we believe that Vine's semblance hits with several times the strength of a charging adult Nevermore? Because he destroyed Blake's aura. And it should also be noted that if Blake was a crying wreck after being stabbed by Adam and Yang was knocked out from losing her doesn't make sense for Blake to lose a hand and have enough focus to catch a rocket and send it back. The same way that I need to ask, when was an Attack on Titan character shown deflecting bullets? Was it ever shown that the swords the scout use can even withstand a bullet impact without shattering? The whole analysis part was wierd, specially trying to use data with RWBY seeing as how aura and semblance seems to be retconned every single season.

  • Astérion vers: adorateur de jojo
    Astérion vers: adorateur de jojo

    For a Next time: alduin vs smaug

  • NightmarePete

    Even though I agree that Blake has the advantage, it's a rooster teeth character. They ain't about to do over one of their own.

    • AnAccidentalSandwich

      They have though. Weiss lost her death battle against a Persona character.

  • alicia Goddard
    alicia Goddard

    i feel like they used the trailer for mikasa in this video because i definitely heard some stuff that was in the trailer

  • Jamel Williams
    Jamel Williams

    Absolute filth... she can dodge bullets but not a redirected thunder spear.... Better than that DB better than that

    • J

      The animation is just for show. It doesn't any weight in the the analysis and serves the purpose of a chart.

    • SirKillalot98

      How did you want the fight to end if they can pretty much dodge most each other's attacks? One gets ambushed? They just wait until one is tired.

  • lennox's animations studio
    lennox's animations studio

    Sad Mikasa L But Blake W Is Poggers

  • Unorganized Organization
    Unorganized Organization

    Ah, I remember the days when it wasn’t that easy to guess who would win these things based on the thumbnail.... Yeah, these are too easy nowadays lol, of course Blake would win. I mean cmon there was no contest here, this is so one sided here, not a great matchup in my opinion. It’s not your fault Mikasa, it wasn’t a fair fight to begin with.

    • Philip Rodriguez
      Philip Rodriguez

      They could've picked a better opponent

  • Young King Kush
    Young King Kush

    That one seemed like some bs not gonna like

    • Jonathan Juarez
      Jonathan Juarez

      Not really Blake winning was 100% legit unlike with Yang’s win which was BS.

  • Jack MeHoff
    Jack MeHoff

    How was this even a thing? You've got someone with superpowers vs a "regular" person. Probably the most one sided match-up they've ever had.

    • the guy who likes deku
      the guy who likes deku

      not really mikasa could still give her a good fight also it was highly requested

  • Aldo Estrada
    Aldo Estrada

    Blake is a lame, OP character.

  • Ill Will
    Ill Will

    Pain (Naruto) Vs. Kuma (One Piece)

  • Org_XIII

    Does anyone know if the software they use to animate these fights is blender?

  • Diego Pineda
    Diego Pineda

    Can some one tell me the name of the song that plays at 7:34? Sounds super sick!

  • Rath dash Art
    Rath dash Art

    Blake had a glock, of course she won

  • Lufuno King Mplio
    Lufuno King Mplio

    Omni man vs Homelander Next fight Who agrees!

    • The crusader
      The crusader

      Its Po vs Iron fist

  • Vernon Hampton
    Vernon Hampton

    This was a serious mismatch. Like Miles Morales vs Static. Actually, Miles vs Misaka or Blake vs Static would make more sense.

    • The crusader
      The crusader


    • J

      Not really.

  • DiedOfDeath

    Omniman vs Homelander. needs to be done bruh

  • Edwin Kokonya
    Edwin Kokonya

    The mikasa from sn 4 would have easily kicked her ass, esp with the new odm gear, i totally disagree with the outcome

    • The crusader
      The crusader


  • Coyote 4k
    Coyote 4k

    This was clearly gunna be a wash Mikasa had weapons for titans not humans smh

  • Axel Yoo
    Axel Yoo

    You guys should do monkey D luffy vs Eren from attacks of titan

  • Mikasa's Girlfriend
    Mikasa's Girlfriend

    Why did you change the thumbnail? I liked the previous image of Mikasa better.


    Ok I’m so glad they didn’t make mikasa win.

  • Steve

    I missed rwby

  • happy clown
    happy clown

    if i was mikasa i would say "woah woah woah, you're the one trying to attack me. let's stop this fight before one of us gets hurt, all i'm trying to say is that everyone needs to evacuate" then get shot in the head because its death battle

  • Hydrosting

    Alright im gonna comment before i finish watching this. i cant wait for another biased victory for one of the characters from their own company. Edit: Lmfao just like I expected, she got robbed lmfao.

    • Jonathan Juarez
      Jonathan Juarez

      1. Yang vs tifa was definitely completely wrong however it was also made nearly six years ago, it’s time to stop bringing it up in unrelated fights especially as death battle of 2021 is vastly different compared to death battle of 2015. 2. Weiss lost her fought against Mitsuru and in a curbstomp to boot, keep in mind that was after they lowballed Mitsuru to make more fair for Weiss. 3. Blake beating Mikasa is 100% legit not only due to the speed gap but also because Blake’s abilities are much more varied than Mikasa’s, who’s ace in the hole was unreliable against the much faster and agile Blake.

    • J

      Weiss lost her Deathbattle and Blake lost her Deathbattle X.

  • ninjamonkey508

    Aura has broken from far less damage before so Blake shoulda lost hers roughly around the second time she got scratched

    • Jonathan Juarez
      Jonathan Juarez

      It takes characters at their peak though which in Blake’s case is volumes 1 to 3 as that’s where most of RWBY’s best feats come from and at her best Blake outclassed Mikasa especially in speed and versatility.

    • The crusader
      The crusader

      Its characters at their maximum

  • YankeWesker2495

    So Mikasa was worry about her safety and she killed her... damn!

  • Joker the Clown Prince of Crime
    Joker the Clown Prince of Crime

    I was hoping Mikasa was going to turn Titan

    • The crusader
      The crusader

      She can't tho

  • Ikazuchi

    Damn.....I love Marvel, but I think I'm gonna have to root for Po because DreamWorks

  • Tentacle King
    Tentacle King

    So how does Garou [Parasyte] VS Kars [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure] sound?

  • Twisted Sakura
    Twisted Sakura

    Mikasa noooooooo

  • Air breezy
    Air breezy


    • Jonathan Juarez
      Jonathan Juarez

      Please explain how Mikasa should win despite Blake’s speed and versatility advantages making Mikasa’s Ace in the hole very unreliable.

    • J

      How was it "Bull"?

  • Mordy 33
    Mordy 33

    Invincible vs Superboy

  • Soapy Bear
    Soapy Bear

    Not really an even match up imo

  • Babadock Z
    Babadock Z

    I'm waiting on Madara Uchiha

  • Kurogiri Games
    Kurogiri Games

    Adam Taurus the Bootleg Vergil

    • Jonathan Juarez
      Jonathan Juarez

      I’d say more of a bootleg Jetstream Sam honestly.

  • avian8192

    I liked it but the entire fight was basically from Mikasa's perspective. I know Blake won at the end but she was basically a brick wall most of the fight while we could see Mikasa's thoughts the whole time. I think it would be nice to equalize it.

    • SirKillalot98

      @avian8192 I guess it would have been more alienating to have legal rights to a VA and not use her. But weird.

    • avian8192

      @SirKillalot98 I get that but at the same time they don't have the original VA for most fights. Weird that they couldn't get her when they're both rooster teeth.

    • SirKillalot98

      They couldn't get Blake's VA so only had voice clips sadly. Therefore Mikasa being the more talkative one made sense.

  • GoldKitsuneBrony

    Yesss! I love the wacky match ups!

  • Dying Knight
    Dying Knight

    Why in the world would she go after the arm.

    • J

      Blake was dodging, causing her to go for the arm.

  • weeb lol
    weeb lol

    Death battle idea shinra from fire force vs deku

    • The crusader
      The crusader

      Shinra vs Bakugo is better

  • Alex Jay Ayala
    Alex Jay Ayala

    Another one sided battle 😔

  • Rashsweed

    Can we see Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto(head of the soul reapers in the soul society) [Bleach] vs Chairman Isaac Netero (head of the hunter association) [hunter X hunter]

    • Ash loverman
      Ash loverman

      Yes bro that would be such a fair fight, I dont even know who'd win

  • Ajala Kings
    Ajala Kings

    I think Po wins the next one. that whooshie finger hold is no joke


    instead of po vs iron fist you should do trevor belmont vs geralt of rivia

  • Ed James Dinzon
    Ed James Dinzon

    I'm so glad that Blake really won, but I'm not really happy that her arm was cut off

  • jdng86

    And yet I'm still not interested in watching RWBY. Funny that.

  • Charlie Slater
    Charlie Slater

    This seems kind of an unfair fight. They’re roughly the same in skill but blake has a better arsenal and superpowers. Mikasa is still better that all of RWBY when it comes to how good of a character is though.

    • Charlie Slater
      Charlie Slater

      Sorry for my terrible grammar

  • matt manfredi
    matt manfredi

    Homelander vs omni man

  • The BLU Scout From Team Fortress 2
    The BLU Scout From Team Fortress 2

    "She has two sets of ears, she must have four times the hearing." DeathBattle, the show about using math to calculate the probability of one character defeating another. Forgets how to use one of the simplest forms of math.

    • J

      Each ear is capable of hearing. So when Mikasa says that, she means that Blake better than anyone she has come across and that Blale chose to ignore her.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    If Eren was in danger, Mikasa would've gotten a power boost

    • Twisted Sakura
      Twisted Sakura

      I've seen your doppelganger.

  • Fayt Leingod
    Fayt Leingod

    2 ears makes for normal hearing. 1.x But 4 ears means 4.x the hearing? Lulz Also apparently it's a weakness that Mikasa fights Titans but Blake fights ppl and monsters. Yet this didn't seem to matter when boba Fett fights Jedis vs Samus who fights dumb pirates and monsters.

  • Mega Dog
    Mega Dog

    Ranga vs Dante

  • Healthbars battle vídeo
    Healthbars battle vídeo

    Mikasa cut blake's arm

  • AtOmAs

    dealt the final blow to eren ? HUH ?

  • TheRickrossfat

    Blake still would have won but honestly if mikasa did get the opportunity to cut of a body part it would most definitely be the head

  • Scorpio Jenkins
    Scorpio Jenkins

    you guys should do goku vs scorpion

    • The crusader
      The crusader


  • Dark Kai
    Dark Kai

    Of course the cat girl succeeds. SHE'S A CAT GIRL!

  • Arklus

    'Intangible clones' 'propel herself'

    • J

      Blake chooses how tangible her clones are. They can either be just a burst to allow her to dodge, or solid enough walk around and talk. When in the latter, she uses them to jump off of, boosting herself up.

    • Arklus

      @SirKillalot98 glyphs are a big outlier for semblances it is nearly never a good one to bring up with these kinds of discussions, however a more suitable comparison is Ren's emotion masking and emotion sight, as well as Ruby's speed and 'flight'

    • SirKillalot98

      @Arklus or Semblances can have multiple functions like Weiss' summoning and glyphs are really distinct abilities.

    • Arklus

      @SirKillalot98 or CRWBY being inconsistent with a semblance, though yours works well for a canon, but that is the only time we see a clone move, any other time they stay still

    • SirKillalot98

      Maybe they are intangible to the enemy? My only explanation for the Sea Dragon fight.

  • michael matthews
    michael matthews

    Ohma Tokita vs Baki

  • Solar Kitsune
    Solar Kitsune

    The only one we need now is Ruby we have Yang vs Tifa Wiess vs Mitsuru and now Blake vs Mikasa

    • Jonathan Juarez
      Jonathan Juarez

      @Solar Kitsune If they did ragna vs ruby Rose with research then Ruby would die horribly, even when downplayed ragna is at least planet level which is something that only the brother gods of RWBY can match.

    • SirKillalot98

      @Solar Kitsune True, But Maka and Soul always work in conjunction together. That is the whole point of their gimmick, you can't have one fight without the other. A two in one set. If they can do Shadow vs Ryuko(+Senketsu) then Ruby vs Maka can work. Ragna and Ruby just have scythes. Maka at least has "Teenage school girls trained to fight monsters using soul based powers.

    • Solar Kitsune
      Solar Kitsune

      @SirKillalot98 but soul is his own person so it would be 2 v 1 the other thing that they could do is turn the DBX of Ragna vs Ruby into a death battle and see if the ending are the same with the research

    • SirKillalot98

      Ruby vs Maka

  • yusuf mohan
    yusuf mohan


  • watsonjesse93

    I want Boomstick (with all in show abilities and gadgets) vs Murray (sly cooper)

  • Rage Amv's
    Rage Amv's

    Anyways! 8months (if I'm right) of asking for Tatsumi vs Issei! (Akame ga kill vs Highschool DxD(

  • Rage Amv's
    Rage Amv's

    Just how many times Mikasa needed to kill Blake?

  • InuKruger

    I'm tired of these motherf@ckin Rwby characters, winning every motherf@chin death battle!

    • RdySego

      Some one hasn't seen Weiss vs Mitsuru.

    • Jahmarley Ambo
      Jahmarley Ambo


    • SirKillalot98

      We only had three DBs with RWBY and Weiss lost one of them.

  • Nobody Bolanos
    Nobody Bolanos

    Although I enjoy the fights that they make, for some reason they always give weird feats of other people the characters have fought, even when they didn't go all out(for blood) during the fights they refer to.

    • SirKillalot98

      Emerald and Mercury were most likely fighting seriously in the Battle of Haven. They had to make sure the relic was in their hands and all main opposition was dealt with. So scaling RWBY, Nora, Ren, Oscar and maybe Jaune to them is fine.

  • Ignacio Martín Güino
    Ignacio Martín Güino

    Yusuke vs Gon

  • Prince of Pride
    Prince of Pride

    Cool fight but by stats alone this was an absolutely unfair fight

  • Dreshon Toney
    Dreshon Toney

    you should do itachi vs azula

  • Nik Ward
    Nik Ward

    Can y’all do Hmelander vs. Omni Man please?

  • Raphael Agostini
    Raphael Agostini

    Let’s be honest this was incredibly one sided. The military in Attack on Titian only train to kill Titian’s while in RWBY they fought monsters and semblance users

  • Harvey Page
    Harvey Page

    Do Erin next