Farewell, LG Mobile: 20 Years Of Doing Phones Differently
From “Lucky Goldstar” to “Life’s Good” to … Last Gasp. That’s the rough trajectory of LG Mobile: a technology brand that over the past twenty years went from a strong second choice for American dumbphone buyers, to the only game in town if you wanted the hottest messaging phones available, to a case study on how to do Android smartphones differently - for better, and for worse.
Join Michael Fisher for a MrMobile retrospective on LG Mobile. From the LG Chocolate to the LG Wing (and the Pradas, Rumors, Flexes and Optimii in between) we’ll re-live LG’s highs and lows, and try to extract a useful lesson from its 2021 withdrawal from the mobile tech space.


This video was produced with the aid of a number of LG Mobile phones, a mixture of review samples from LG Electronics and vintage units purchased by MrMobile/Future plc. Neither LG nor any other company furnished compensation, provided editorial input, or received an early preview of this content.
This video features extensive coverage from Michael Fisher’s days reporting at Pocketnow, used with permission. Visit and subscribe at the link below.

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  • Dirty Apes
    Dirty Apes

    Thanks for the video. What is the device / tablet looking thing at 1:15?

  • Ying Zhang
    Ying Zhang

    LG remind me of Saab Automobile, Olympus camera of this world. They do things differently. The majority wants to follow the flow I guess. But thanks to these companies those of us who wants something a little less mainstream had some great fun. RIP another out of the box thinker.

  • Ridwan Ashraf
    Ridwan Ashraf

    looks like LG was trying to give an Interesting and fancy stuff. But all people wanted was a Boring phone.

  • Turbeaux Corbeaux
    Turbeaux Corbeaux

    omg RIP to the king

  • Brain stormer
    Brain stormer

    I was a Samsung user for a long time but when I got this news , i literally cried ( the first smartphone I sever held was an lg ) 😥

  • TheCardboardPizza

    I really miss my LG Voyager sometimes. Way more fun than my Galaxy Note lol

  • Erica Chishti
    Erica Chishti

    Gonna miss LG phones I have the LG V60 thinQ they were always my second choice to Samsung but I'll be looking at Motorola now

  • SemiMono

    He forgot to mention that LG was pushing screen to body ratio as an important spec before the galaxy s8 or the iphone x were even announced. Just, another thing they realized was important before the big market leaders decided to spend the marketing dollars to convince the public what a few of us were already appreciating in LG.

  • random user
    random user

    This is fake because i have a brand new LG

  • Debojit Dhar
    Debojit Dhar

    At least LG life is not good 😭😭

  • RichJuicerSwagz

    does that mean the prices for these phones will go up since they are no longer making them?

  • MarioDIY

    I remember when the LG Chocolate was THE phone to own in Highschool over Motorola's Razr, before the iPhone 3. Oh the memories...I own a G8 and I'm overly impressed with it's performance and battery life. It went up in value as a "renewed" product on Amazon after LG's announcement it was exiting the mobile phone market.

  • Patrick lewis
    Patrick lewis

    gonna miss lg my first phone was an lg and im sad there gone now rip lg life was good with ya

  • taki_Maciek

    For me, it's really a pity, that LG has rolled off the game. I use LG G7 and honestly it serves well for me, especially considering a build quality, audio jack sound and camera pictures (in daylight with support of GCAM). If there was a telephoto included, it would be a perfect phone for me. But with all respect - recently the other phone producers did better job with photo quality. I think that SONY has realized, that they have to focus on the needs of a certain group of customers (including me), whom the camera, sound, and size matter the most. Sony - don't screw it up as LG did. Cheers!

  • FlashStudios

    Double tap to wake was first introduced in the Nokia N9 witch was as quirky as any lg 😁

  • Gecko984

    I am watching this on a Samsung A 32 because my LG g6 which was the last lg line of phones to be sold in South Africa died yesterday I am still sad so my phone died and I hear that it's entire family died too

  • Tes Akun
    Tes Akun

    If LG adopt Pure android without ITS own bullshit. People Will considered buying it.

  • tae MAC
    tae MAC

    Any of you guys have the lg wing or v60? Do you like them?

  • Supa Dupa Hilton
    Supa Dupa Hilton

    A house divided against itself cannot stand. Their main group in Korea would "punish" QA in the states any time we would write up defects. They sent a nazi named "DK Woo" over from korea along with his goon Ezhil Cinnithambi. Together they fired any and all caucasians and slowly drove the phones division into the ground. Can't say I'm surprised things ended up this way.

  • sueño y miel.
    sueño y miel.

    how bittersweet. my last and final lg phone is the stylo 6, as i recently just upgraded from the lg x power that i bought in 2017. long before that, i had one of their flip phones. so. many. memories.

  • A Random Kid That Is Annoying
    A Random Kid That Is Annoying

    I'm watching this on the Stylo 6... it sucks that LG Mobile is gone

  • Zubayer Hossain
    Zubayer Hossain


  • TreyWay J
    TreyWay J

    I remember all the phone back in the day 🙈 wow 😯

  • Serge De Leon
    Serge De Leon

    Oppo xiaomi dominate now

  • Akash Bodhane
    Akash Bodhane

    Currently using lg g8x. I so love this phone. Absolutely gutted for lg.


    Who feels like crying, know that LG will no longer be with us :(

  • TeenageDev

    What song was he using from 8:00 to 12:48

    • TrueTuberYT

      Thankful Vibes by Ghost Beatz

  • sachin suresh
    sachin suresh


  • Abdul Janjua
    Abdul Janjua

    How can you forget LG 3D phone!!!!

  • TheUnholyOne

    RIP LG You were innovative and cool. And everyone just wanted identical glass slabs.

  • LittleKorok

    I loved my G4, so sad it just stoped working one day :/ The camera was amazing!

  • چinSaNe тм
    چinSaNe тм

    Rip LG... Memories.. Like Sony Ericsson..

    • RockL79

      It would make me happy if both these companies were somehow revived somehow. Sure sony still makes phones, but they don't feel the same that they used to

  • Sanna Baqi
    Sanna Baqi

    LG 3D screen!

  • Low Nitro
    Low Nitro

    You people who owned high-end LG phones will miss their mobile division. I absolutely won't, because i'm an LG K11+ owner. It's such an intentionally potential-crippled phone: it could be good for basic usage, based on the hardware it has, but since LG makes phones differently, it just isn't. If any human is reading this comment, just ask if you want to know more.

  • 50 Shades of Skittles
    50 Shades of Skittles

    Sounds like you're commentating on somebody else's video?

  • dinozaur pickupline
    dinozaur pickupline

    man its amazing how long samsung has lasted nokia gone,windows mobile os gone,htc gone now its lG,us goons used to think oppo would go out we were so wrong

  • philip willard payot
    philip willard payot

    I'm watching this over my g8..

  • TailsTheCat

    8600 and 8700 were best

  • Jarred Still
    Jarred Still

    I had an LG for many years due to the power button location and the ultra wide camera

  • Sorin Speriatu
    Sorin Speriatu

    Still using one LG G Pad 7.0, owned G2, G3 and G4. Their problems began with G5 phone.

  • Mr. G-sez
    Mr. G-sez

    9min. in the video, still nothing about the LG P920 aka Optimus 3d. whaaat???? did you forgot this innovative phone? it needs to be in a video about lg phones

  • Yusuf Khalid
    Yusuf Khalid

    If laptops are still utilizing and have room for headphone jacks built in, along with some phone manufacturers out there. Respect and love to LG for being one of those for understanding and keeping it alive, unlike most of these other greedy, lying, pathetic, lazy companies. #cough Apple #cough Samsung #cough OnePlus #cough Google #cough Xiaomi #cough Oppo #Coronavirus Huawei! I think I’m sick from not having a headphone jack anymore. :(

  • Kelly Donahue
    Kelly Donahue

    I loved my LG Helix. I still have that phone and now that LG is closing out their mobile division, I hanging on to that phone.

  • LumiaPowered

    The G5 was and is still incredibly underrated, plus reviewers did it dirty: far as I know, last fully repairable flagship with no adhesive or hardware pairing (things like TouchID), and nowadays it's a $50 used phone that can outdo most modern budget devices in specs. Sucks that reviewers panned the modules for "having to turn off the phone to swap": Who honestly hot swaps something like that all the time? Most people buy the one they want and never switch.

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell

    Where do we go now if we want good mobile audio via an audio jack?

  • YourMajesty143

    Wow, I never realized how much of an LG stan I used to be until seeing all these different models. I owned a good percentage of them before becoming a Samsung loyalist. The nostalgia and the heartbreak 😢

  • Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Bo-Laurids Jähde

    I will always love LG smartphones

  • Mohamed Haniffa M Y
    Mohamed Haniffa M Y

    LG G6 :) still working like charm.. Miss You LG.

  • Sorey

    RIP LG Mobile... I still remember how badly I coveted the Chocolate back in the day, I was still rocking an original RAZR but man I still wanted!

  • Madhawa Vidanapathirana
    Madhawa Vidanapathirana

    I believe it's Galaxy Nexus which has a curved body. Not Nexus S. (I used to have a Galaxy Nexus).

  • You Know Me
    You Know Me

    Once upon time lg g series went ahead against Samsung s series. Last competent phone against S series was LG G4. But in long term lg suck.

  • A Wanderer
    A Wanderer

    I'm dreaming and saving up for LG Wing, now my dreams would likely fade away :(

  • Tom Putnam
    Tom Putnam

    I had and loved the G6. The Camera was next level.

  • Michael Ogunloye
    Michael Ogunloye

    The Prada phone was genius, one of the first phones with its own smartwatch before Apple!! And sexy too!!

  • fendushi

    G6+ was my favourite phone. :(

  • Eduardo Villicana
    Eduardo Villicana

    RIP may you rest with BlackBerry

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat

    They only have themselves to blame for this.

  • Brian Lavoie
    Brian Lavoie

    Got the LG G3 in 2015 and it still works it was a great phone for its time.

  • Paris Cloud
    Paris Cloud

    Promising multiple years of Android updates would've gone a long way in getting me to buy one. I'm tired of only 2 or 3 years from Samsung.

  • LevelOneStart

    a loss to a korean product another win to china. i will predict the next owner would be a chinese company.. just like nokia

  • Proxz


  • darri saya
    darri saya

    Damn I'll miss lg one if them I've been using until last year when I couldn't get a phone above $100

  • eQuinox

    I bought an LG Velvet 3 months ago and it was such a great deal in terms of money, taking in account its performance, cameras, safety (military shock certificate, IP68/69 water and dust protection, OLED screen) and its super design. I was quite wondering when I bought it, how does LG make money on phones if a similar model from Apple or Samsung costs even 50% more...it seems that they were just present in the market and their great phones never made profit. Sadly, Sony will have the same faith if it doesn't change its phone marketing strategy.

  • Valentijn De Sierlijke Valkyrie Samantha Tracey
    Valentijn De Sierlijke Valkyrie Samantha Tracey

    I am still holding onto my LG V30 as my secondary device because of this. I wanted a V60, but damn, they are super difficult to find.

  • Yurin

    you know 2021 sucked when lots of people and things die

  • Memes 100
    Memes 100

    The thing with lg is that they don't advertise the phone well and also most important thing they are ignoring the mid class phone sector but I will always rember lg as a most innovative phone company. I should have but one of lg v series phone.

  • Mustapha Sabban
    Mustapha Sabban

    Its a sad reality. They've worked hard on making a good creative phone. But less on selling it. So long LG you well be missed.👏👏👏

  • MrMosoani

    I love g6 because of its unique features. LG failed because of NO software updates or support.

  • ibbad zia
    ibbad zia

    The cat randomly vibe walking at 3:19 ish is cool...

  • Ady

    LG Shine LG Renoir and LG Chocolate ones I remember the LG G3 was one of the best ;)


    All thanks to *Mightycracks* for the unlock 🇱🇷!


    All thanks to *Mightycracks* for the unlock 🇱🇷!

  • ParaPlonkers

    I’m thoroughly offended by the way you opened that box. Otherwise a job well done.

  • De Lilah
    De Lilah

    OMG. Noooooo. That's all I've bought were LG phones!

  • Sanjay Madhava
    Sanjay Madhava

    Snapdragon 801 was the beginning of the end for both LG and Sony (z3+ if i remember right)

  • slh950

    still use my G5 ... literally the best phone I've ever had!

  • therealmccoy2004

    My LG G3 BOOTLOOPED.. after that it put a bad taste in my mouth.. I lost so many pics and footage that I couldn't get back!!🤬🤬 But I was a loyalist to LG so I got the V10.

  • Jawon Chance
    Jawon Chance

    My experience with LG was very short lived. I remember in 2011 I decided to get a new phone and upgraded from a Motorola Cliq XT to a LG Optimus T. The same day I bought it later that evening the phone received an update and ended up boot looping the phone. I took it back the next day and got an HTC MyTouch 3G instead of replacing it with another Optimus T.

  • Laisaan Hamdhoon
    Laisaan Hamdhoon

    19 years not 20 years

  • Kouichi Hori Alcantara
    Kouichi Hori Alcantara

    Someone stole the show at 3:14!

  • Ben Hoswell
    Ben Hoswell

    Such a shame. I loved my G3, amazing camera for its time. I think when you start to lose the smaller designers that had the guts to try new things innovation will start to stagnate. We already see this with Android tablets, as the market shrinks to a few key players.

  • Ricky

    Wow, this is the first time I heard about this!

  • Aniket Karvir
    Aniket Karvir

    Still gonna buy lg velvet dual screen

  • Tyrique Sanchez
    Tyrique Sanchez

    I'm sorry did he say clip?!!!

  • 9aracna TM
    9aracna TM

    I've been a long-time fan of LG and have been hoping to get the Wing (still going to get it), but I always loved how they were more exciting than the other phones, I had the clear keyboard, I had the G3, and still have the G5

  • 9aracna TM
    9aracna TM


  • Alxasaurus

    Life was good. GG LG.

  • excalibur1812

    How sad I was when I heard that LG was going to quit making phones. For me, it all started with the Optimus G. When I like something, I always like to have a back up, so I bought 5 Optimus G's , 8 Optimus G pro's, Optimus G pro 2 (never released in the U.S), 3 V10's, 2 G3's, 5 V20's, a V35 and a V40. I even found an LG FX, which runs on the Firefox OS and was transparent. They were always under-rated and had such unique phones. My last LG phone will probably be a Velvet. I'll sure miss LG.

  • willhustle25

    LG was a good phone brand. I had like 3 of them G2, G4, & G7 and the only time I had a problem is when the Wi-Fi burned out on the G2. Since reading the news on LG leaving the mobile phone business behind, I decided to try Samsung A32 for my new phone. LG was a great product.

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    I really hate to hear this! I am a diehard iPhone user but I have had a few LG phones over the years. I have his said several times that if I ever wanted to play with android it would be with an LG device. Sad to see them go.

  • Cohen Thomas
    Cohen Thomas

    3:15 Watch the top left 🐈

  • Nasir Shal
    Nasir Shal

    Reviewers also help kill LG

  • Vlogging Is My Hobby
    Vlogging Is My Hobby

    So sad for lg.

  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar

    I was waiting for my LG Q6..it didn't even got a mention

  • HarD TarGeT
    HarD TarGeT

    Being a audiophile this is a sad news first HTC & now LG.

  • rawn4203

    Have had the V20 for a couple years and it was great at the start but now its slow, sometimes not opening files, an absolute nitemare with texting, and the volume is weak - hard for me to hear the other party. I think anytime (samsung this includes you too) you put all this bloatware on a phone, eventually it will catch upto you and make it slow and have to be replaced. That is exactly what is happening to me, and I now must get a google pixel 4a 5g.

  • Brian Cullen
    Brian Cullen

    I'm not sad, they didn't appeal to me. No I don't like any of the top tier phones.

  • Dynexsil

    LG are essentially the Sega of the mobile industry

  • Abayomiシ

    I still have a lg

  • FBJ 122
    FBJ 122

    This is so weird to think about.