Everyone Uses Chrome. But Why?
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Why is Google Chrome so popular?
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  • Tesla gaming
    Tesla gaming

    I use Microsoft Edge , it is faster now.

  • Charles Benet
    Charles Benet

    No Chrome for ten years, baby. Fuck Google.

  • Jeremy

    I've been using nothing but Firefox since around 2006

  • Karem Massalha
    Karem Massalha


  • Rodrigo Machado
    Rodrigo Machado

    Happy Braver user here!

  • Fatima-Zohra El-Ghrrabi
    Fatima-Zohra El-Ghrrabi

    Any love for chromium Edge? I never knew I had this much ram!

  • JustJeff

    I still use Microsoft Edge without any trouble. It uses way less resources then chrome and feels just as fast these days. So yeaa

  • Dmitriy

    Google did a huge marketing of Chrome in their Google-search. That's how he gained this big popularity. But also, because Chrome's simply better than other browsers in usability, also tons of extensions, adblock primarily.

  • Anonymous


  • Valerie Карреон
    Valerie Карреон

    I don’t like Chrome cause I try to stay as far away from Google products as I can. The only Google service I use is LTwhite. I use Safari.

  • Tuna Yücer
    Tuna Yücer

    I use Opera, yes!

  • Yash Solanki
    Yash Solanki

    Brave for better browsing 🔥🔥

  • Linus G
    Linus G

    Anyone else enjoying the new edge??

  • Kudabesi id
    Kudabesi id


  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b

    Mozilla > chrome just because I love foxes 🦊

  • Inadover

    Vivaldi for personal use, Firefox for web dev. The perfect balance

  • Steve C
    Steve C

    Brave works for me... Chrome engine but without the tracking and nonsense Google pushes in Chrome.

  • WildEliteGamer Channel
    WildEliteGamer Channel

    Ever since Microsoft updated to the new Edge, I only use that now, It's just as good chrome now.

  • Nipun Attri
    Nipun Attri

    Doge browser 😂 lol

  • Deadlius

    I would use Firefox if they’d actually fix the enormous memory leak it’s had since forever. I shouldn’t have to restart it every couple of weeks because I left a dozen tabs open and Firefox decides it’s going to consume 12 GB of memory.

  • Shuvo Speaking
    Shuvo Speaking

    Opera GX is the best looking browser and based on chromium based program. Really futuristic, highly recommending it.

  • Aviral Mishra Official
    Aviral Mishra Official

    I use edge

  • mrLeL 187
    mrLeL 187

    i use firefox is that bad?

  • aneemesh

    I'd run Firefox but damn is it such a battery hog on laptops, Edge still wins there

  • Ethyl G
    Ethyl G

    Yup, Firefox. Have been using it since like 2007. Never found anything I liked better and never had an issue with it.

  • El Albert
    El Albert

    this video is so 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dairy

    I use edge dev. Yeah I'll go.

  • Nickholas Gherman
    Nickholas Gherman

    Me over here on the new Chromium Edge which imo is way better than chrome bc it has way more features than chrome

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena

    Google owns Android, they already place Chrome with the App...the same way Microsoft did with their Internet Explorer back in the day to destroy Netscape.

  • Zilet

    Go Firefox babyy

  • Stewart Moir
    Stewart Moir

    I use firefox. I used to use firefox then switched to chrome because it was faster then google data mining so I switched back to firefox.

  • Endless Logins
    Endless Logins

    Yeah yeah, Firefox to you all.

  • Timon Pinto
    Timon Pinto

    I use edge. It's faster, has tracking protection, and has almost everything chrome has.

  • Plump Cat
    Plump Cat

    I have been using the new MS Edge Chromium for 1 1/2 years and in my experience nothing comes close to it in speed, design, and ram management

  • Be cool Gaming
    Be cool Gaming

    Always used chrome since it's launch i just love it's default theme n just can't replace it with other browsers

  • Joshua Green
    Joshua Green

    0) I like synchronization between all my devices, that's why I use Chrome and will never use anything else. 1) I see Firefox as a potentially slow browser 2) I like Chrome developer tools. 3) Google stores my history through years 4) Chrome has a beautiful UI unlike Firefox's crap 5) Chrome now can group tabs 6) Chrome can generate QR code for a website 7) Chrome can wirelessly send website links to your devices.

  • Aural MXIM
    Aural MXIM

    i use vivaldi and firefox. vivaldi for all the customization an ff for second option.

  • dmars5

    Firefox here too. I've tried Chrome but it still can't beat Firefox. The biggest Con for me in Chrome is the poor file saving. In Firefox you can open a file automatically with a specific program and save on a specific folder. How come chrome doesn't have that?

  • dr_BD

    wow can the presenter be more uncomfy..maybe compress him even more between two useless props with no table space for his ellbows....

  • Zac Redington
    Zac Redington

    Chrome is horseshit.

  • David27

    Many people are now using Edge and even more will start doing so.

  • Wereig Cool
    Wereig Cool

    I literally have 4 browsers on my laptop

    • Wereig Cool
      Wereig Cool

      chrome, edge, internet explorer, and firefox

  • _ rexabhijit _
    _ rexabhijit _

    Firefox user🙋 Dont even have chrome Installed 😂

  • Thercon Jair
    Thercon Jair

    Zero mention of the number one reason everyone uses chrome - it coming preinstalled on any Android phone, which currently has a 85%+ marketshare?

  • Bill Rose
    Bill Rose

    Only one using opera, luv it never crashed ❤👌

  • John Papoutsas
    John Papoutsas

    I use vivaldi and firefox mostly but I still have chrome for all my passwords

  • MariS

    Firefox - for years.

  • Mohammad Mohammed
    Mohammad Mohammed

    Chrome ist faster than Safari and IE *showing an artikel from 2009* 🤷‍♂️

  • Croquette

    I use Microsoft Edge. I was a chrome user and I don't regret switching.

  • No Name Tito
    No Name Tito

    I use Firefox!

  • Andreas Vannfält
    Andreas Vannfält

    Why fix what isn't broken?

  • Maximus Gameplay
    Maximus Gameplay

    Any Brave users?

  • Mick - Under 15 Minutes
    Mick - Under 15 Minutes

    I use firefox

  • timotmon

    I really like Opera. It obeys color profiles, great sidebar unities. Video pop out is very good.. although a lot of the browsers have incorporated the same thing.. but still. very reliable.

  • ZAN karozamo
    ZAN karozamo

    i only use edge and opera gaming i just trust both of them for saving RAM i guess

  • Devon Nall
    Devon Nall

    Am I the only Safari guy here?

  • Seshpenguin

    As a developer, I love the overall experience with Firefox, it has the tools and information I need and doesn't get in the way either.

  • Pixeleer

    i use firefox tho

  • Andrei Vlad
    Andrei Vlad

    I see a lot of firefox comments. Everytime I try to use Firefox there's this thing with the scrolling that fucks with my head, it just isn't smooth/natural as it is on Chrome-based browsers or Safari. Even with smooth scrolling on or off or with other tweaks. Call me weird but I just refuse to use it solely because of this, currently using brave and I'm happy with it.

  • Undecided

    I use Chrome, because my email, cloud storage, digital wallet, & other stuff is connected to it.

  • Shamanth K S
    Shamanth K S

    Dogebrowser... Waiting to see April fool's video on it lol.

  • ken

    Its waterfox or ungoogled chromium for me, whichever i feel like downloading.

  • RashMundo

    Chrome is googles botnet. If you’re gonna use it, use chromium at least. Firefox 4 lyfe because I used to love Netscape

  • Harvey Brett
    Harvey Brett

    james' shirt looks too small 😔

  • XOX

    I use Brave browser for BAT rewards then purchase a kilo of coke every few months without having need of feeling guilty to spend my own money on it

  • NickSneaky

    Me: I use 2 browsers! Brave and the new microsoft Edge. I also use Firefox when i have problems Everyone: I use Chrome Everyone in the comments: Wait but i use Firefox Teachers[Wich is one of mine]: I use Opera Tech teachers: I use Opera GX! Developers: Wait i use chromium

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young

    As soon as I got a taste of the sweet Edge beta I started the transition. Now I'm a confident and secure woman. 💁🏾‍♀️ Jk, I like Edge. Its my mane.

  • The Paralives Guy
    The Paralives Guy

    I ❤ Firefox!

  • Lukatjee

    I'm running Brave, it's the best from both Firefox and Chrome

  • Romel

    Well. I don't. I prefer Firefox.

  • Aditiya Chauhan
    Aditiya Chauhan

    In The Comments "I Love Firefox " Everyone:

    • Aditiya Chauhan
      Aditiya Chauhan


  • jj binx
    jj binx

    Chrome is pure dogshit firefox and slimjet rules

  • Krankie V
    Krankie V

    I've been using Firefox since 2007 when I bought my first PC. I've had very few problems with it. Dabbled with Opera for a short time, it was fine but I went back to Firefox for whatever reason. The computers at work all have Chrome and that works fine too for the most part, but I've never felt the urge to make the switch. Firefox has been good for me and I don't really see a reason to change.

  • The Claussy Gamer
    The Claussy Gamer

    Opera has been the king for years. I've been using it for a long time. I was aware of it even longer, but at one point, the simplicity of the browser won me out.

  • Ainz Ooal Gown
    Ainz Ooal Gown

    chrome added tab suspensions so when you aren't actively looking at a tab, it puts them in suspend mode. this is similar to how extensions like the marvelous suspender worked, to reduce ram usage when using browser with many windows and tabs. so i don't reckon the ram issue is as big as a deal as it was compared to before. as for anger at chrome, they wanted to limit the popular adblocking extension ublocks capability via manifest 3 www.theregister.com/2020/12/10/googles_browser_extension_platform_rewrite/ google will only have themselves to blame for chasing away users that want EFFECTIVE adblocking capability, which google seems keen on crushing. The moment they make things like ublock useless, that's when people will move away from chrome in droves, to other alternative browsers that don't do that nonsense.

  • IC 1011
    IC 1011

    I use chrome as well but firefox is my favourite

  • L. G.
    L. G.

    If you love the free internet, use Firefox.

  • Void S.
    Void S.

    And there's people that use w3m or lynx

  • Zoro Hack
    Zoro Hack

    Microsoft Edge.

  • korukoru

    I use both just the same

  • Hambert

    The fact that the only thing on focus is the plant on the right pisses me off. Dragon cameras for this? C'mon LTT!

  • pVoqz

    I started with chrome, switched to brave and now I'm using Firefox on my Phone and PC

  • Elfo

    I use 4 Browsers: - Firefox for working - OperaGX for Entertainment like LTwhite, Netflix... - Chrome for the whole Pr0n stuff - Edge to Download the 3 above

  • Joseph Seed
    Joseph Seed

    Firefox gang lessgooo!

  • Ashish Gupta
    Ashish Gupta

    Because of the Ad blockers anyone? Just me? Shhh; don't tell em 😂

  • NevermindXY

    Firefox, people

  • Natna

    I Use Edge And I Love It!

  • Lovepreet singh Singh
    Lovepreet singh Singh

    *everyone using Chrome* Techquicke: why tho

  • GameStudio

    0:04 Edge : *cries silently*

  • Jacob

    Chrome is fast, stable and pretty secure but the privacy concerns are way too much. For example, FLoC is literally a nefarious attempt to invade our privacy to an even deeper degree than they already do. I only still have it installed for the sake of site testing. I use Opera GX primarily, though Vivaldi is a great second choice and Firefox is really solid too... though, Mozilla's recent lack of political neutrality does raise some red flags.

  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime

    Firefox. I like that I can put my menus at the top/left of the window (traditional style). And the add-ons I use aren't gimped like they are in chrome.

  • KingMB XJ
    KingMB XJ

    I use opera

  • Sunny Suman
    Sunny Suman

    Am I the only one using Microsoft Edge? Lol

  • Terrados1337

    chrome is covenient + I am pretty sure google already sold all my data to every criminal organization on this planet so meh.

  • rowazad

    geez am i the only one that uses edge? and... its great...

  • Whiplash

    Firefox users are like vegans - they always make you know what they're about.

  • RJR Fletcher
    RJR Fletcher

    I recall Firefox started getting annoying and I refuse to use "Edge" - Chrome seems to work.

  • Extrasy

    May the Fox be with you

  • Barış Tanlık
    Barış Tanlık

    Edge means best browser.

  • MGMbg

    Microsoft Edge is very nice too now