Casually Explained: Group Projects
The Selective Group Memory Paradox: Every individual believes they're the only one who did any work.
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  • Jake Gagnon
    Jake Gagnon

    This could literally all be fixed if you got to choose your partners.

  • Random Panda
    Random Panda

    Yo Peter here

  • Levio100

    I've tried to "lead" a group project a couple times. When the teammates go AWOL and then deliver almost nothing, what am I supposed to do? Pester them with "reminders" they don't give a shit about? Insult them to their face? I would get kicked from Uni for speaking my mind.

  • Skye Robinson
    Skye Robinson

    Ah, the engineer dropout feels

  • SeaKayBee

    The best group project experiences are when there are four or five people and you and one other person are the only ones doing the work so at least you have that one person to rely on. And the communication is amazing, you get an A on the project. All is well. Several years later you may look back at that time fondly maybe even miss them a bit just.. not enough to hang out.

  • ayman aboufarise
    ayman aboufarise

    2:58 hey thats me! 🙃

  • TuJi

    2:16 I love that this is one of the most animated thing I've ever seen on your channel.

  • Darling

    This is spot on😂 still have 2 group projects due by the end of the May for one of my classes, it will be fun LOL

  • Luke-san

    The project is supposed to be finished?

  • insane muppet
    insane muppet


  • Cranberry

    I feel a strong kinship with you, especially when you talk about modest problem solving skills married with an evolving antipathy for intelligent life.

  • Mauricio Jara
    Mauricio Jara

    I was always that kid who would carry the whole entire group project.

  • torajuro

    fun fact: @0:33 M. Ikeda replies with "please look at the instructions"

  • Roomba

    Hehehe I was supposed to make a 7 minute video two weeks ago 🙂🙃

  • * GachaAnarchy *
    * GachaAnarchy *

    In group projects the first thing I do is ask the teacher if I can do it alone. They usually let me because I'm one of those kids who the teachers actually like, or atleast they can tolerate me.

  • jazziel totti
    jazziel totti

    I'm the guy on the group projects that never shows up!

  • Karma Cifer
    Karma Cifer

    I usually lead the team and send the final essay and the norm with names is: -If we all did our work and it was nice to work with the team, names in alphabetical order. -If there is someone that did nothing and never showed up or only pasted 2 links, don't even include that name in the report (I warned you). -If some people were super dumb but motivated and others worked well, I put first the one that contributed more to a better grade and last the one that did work, but I had to teach her everything she did (yes you Monica) or correct everything he wrote (i'm looking at you Lucas). In the last case, unless everyone were a little dumb and slow, I put my name after the hard-working ones. If not, I get mad and put my name first. I relieve all my stress and feeling of the project with the order of names xDD

  • Saint Aries
    Saint Aries

    this thing is more accurate than anything ive seen before

  • sophia the phirst!
    sophia the phirst!


  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz

    this one is brilliant

  • Monotyc Music
    Monotyc Music

    I hate group projects.

  • Thomas Mace
    Thomas Mace

    “...but was filled with contempt and disappointment for all human life.” I want this man on my team.

  • Isabella Leibering
    Isabella Leibering

    You forgot the absolutely neurotic kid who revises all of the other kid's work even though they have to label their work with their initials and will get an entirely separate grade. I am that kid. I've worked with that kid. How I am alive right now I don't know.

  • Javier Johnson
    Javier Johnson

    Some girl in one of my projects did x2 the word count she was supposed to and told me to reduce my word count

  • Victor Ray Bautista
    Victor Ray Bautista

    The chief condor laterally enter because session conversly rock vice a apathetic license. aggressive, sick desk

  • Lewis

    Group Projects have always been over 50% me. Not because I was bossy, just because I was always stuck with the ones who did little to nothing.

  • Leo Zhou
    Leo Zhou

    Y’all forgot the step where the Asian kid does the whole thing and the rest of the group presents it to make it seem like they did something

  • Patrick Arana
    Patrick Arana

    After a group project i allways think about killing my team members...

  • INFJ 4w5
    INFJ 4w5

    I always put the names in alphabetical order (unless that doesn't put me somewhere about the second last place) Also, that end was incredibly true and depressing... I'm pretty lonely and avoidant don't have friends in this city atm (for I moved here 2 years ago, knowing that after 2 years I'd move again and Covid joined me in this time), so when looking back on time together I'm always happy, but I don't hang out with people.

  • Luke Savitch
    Luke Savitch

    Wow I guess I’m more aggressive than I thought then, when I write the whole thing I put my name first, the person who helped a bit second, and the person who was useless last


    I felt this video

  • Anonymous

    This guy took some Business communication college classes

  • AzekiaXVI

    There's 4 kinds of group project when i'm involved: The Solo, where it's technically not a group project as i did it alone. Average note: 9 The Following One: Where the entire group does what one person said the best as they can (Most of the time). Average note: 8 The Improvised one: Where instead of having a plan they just make a list of what they have to make and it comes out an amalgamation of 3 of the member's ideas. Average note: 9, 7 if the teacher does't realize this is what an actual group prhect looks like. The no-group: Where noone made anything or it wasn't of very high quality so one of them had to save it in the presentation. That someone being, most of the time, me.

  • Vic

    Wtf why are all your videos so accurate

  • hmoobdaj

    Group projects are the worst. You are randomly put into a team of people with grades all over the place, so naturally some people are doing more work than others or even doing no work at all. Then your grades reflect on how well that accident waiting to happen turns out.

  • oxygen consuming individual
    oxygen consuming individual

    Recently, I was given a group project assignment. Didn't know other members, so I DMed them and made a group chat. Safe to say that this video didn't lie about a guy making the first interactions to be considered as a team leader

  • his excellency Comrade Petruvuis Maximus
    his excellency Comrade Petruvuis Maximus

    my name is peter and I have never felt more attacked

  • LowKey

    Group: How do you friend this relateable Me: yes

  • ManedWolfMonarch

    Group work: Usually one guy does all the work and everyone gets the credit.

  • Mark Duff
    Mark Duff

    A group project is the only thing that is weaker when together.

  • Moffrow

    I always just put our names in alphabetical order so people don't think I'm being passive aggressive.

  • osama bukhari
    osama bukhari

    This is Bruce Tuckmans model, I'm studying this at college right now, thanks to you i won't forget it

  • Ellie Lovelace
    Ellie Lovelace

    this is painfully accurate to my doomed computer science senior project; 1 person who couldn't speak english 1 person who never came 1 person who had serious conversation issues/seemed like a serial killer ... me who did the entirety of the project who yelled at them all in front of the class and got a B while they all got C's

  • AJ Thiel
    AJ Thiel

    I loved the part with the ruler lmaooo

  • Maxim Ilushenkov
    Maxim Ilushenkov

    I was mostly the one doing 90% of the work myself, simply because I find it quicker to get on with it and do it rather than waste time on discussing it with others. However, when we came to a big end-of-year task one time, I made up a life situation... and hardly did anything, which was fair after all the times I did all the work for them. That was the payment. Make sure to be the driving force of the group so you can afford to lean back at a time when you feel you really need a break.

  • Logan

    You missed an important dynamic: doing all the work on one deliverable with the full expectation that you'll be able to peace out on the next one

  • Witold Schwenke
    Witold Schwenke

    I've realized if you want to get a good group project done you need to have everyone do the full assignment alone and then you take all assignments and combine them into one

  • Thea Tuss
    Thea Tuss

    Watching this to dull the frustration of my current group-project

  • Ognjen

    I died when he was deleting his channel after he was told it was a waste of time.

  • exactly why L
    exactly why L

    Welcome to 2020 where we had to complete our first group project in college without ever meeting each other in person lmao .... we had two months of time and we did everything in the last week

  • Beanos

    I've never been able to pick my group and get put with absolute potatoes of human beings. One of my latest ones i hade a group mates who didn't know plagiarism exists

  • wen•dy

    i did not know placing the name second to last was an actual thing other people did

  • Elias Lee
    Elias Lee

    that comment on the name order for the person who did all the work is way too real

  • Yusuf Hussein
    Yusuf Hussein

    3:03 I need to improve my tactics.

  • wow!

    I love group projects! They teach me to trust no one.

  • Anthony Freeman
    Anthony Freeman

    "He was less good at problem-solving, but was bubbly and enthusiastic, while I was better at problem-solving, but filled with contempt for all human life." So basically SpongeBob and Squidward

  • Victor Gomez
    Victor Gomez

    2:07 I saw what you did there

  • Erzaine

    How is it that everyone somehow does all the work in the project?

  • GuruTheCoder

    1:17 code on the girl's laptop. Did ya see that coder gang.

  • vruv vv
    vruv vv

    I was that one kid who did everything at home

  • Jim


  • Cyn

    Alphabetical order on last name is how you solve it. My last name starts with an S, so will never be the last, but close to it. I can easily explain the order, so that solves that.

  • Ishigami

    Im the weird guy. I finish 90% of the project on the day its assigned. Then let the others do the work.

  • Mahim Zaman
    Mahim Zaman

    2:30 same

  • Shourik Banerjee
    Shourik Banerjee

    If I do all the work in the group project, screw putting my name 2nd last, that thing's going first.

  • ProFish

    2:07 This is adorable

  • Aeihd


  • Little Travel Blog
    Little Travel Blog

    I have three stages of such projects. 1. Hell, I sure hope I do enough. 2. Hell, I sure hope I do not too much. 3. Everyone is dumb except me. I should do this myself.

  • Azaneth Blandin
    Azaneth Blandin

    How...? How did he know about the name placement thing?

  • Hamim Zia
    Hamim Zia

    Well I straight up put my name first lol.

  • I do things specific
    I do things specific

    U mean pluto? Oh wrong video...


    Jesus loves u all so much

  • Swordsman

    I have been with a “Peter” recently... 🌚

  • yeetus

    For me, group projects always go like this: the group actively excludes me, and then they go to the teacher to whine about how I did nothing. Or I get to do all the work.

  • Alphabeta Omega
    Alphabeta Omega

    I always try to be the one compiling the project parts and writing the names. I put the name of those who did least at the front and the ones who did most at the back. And then my name last.

  • Alphabeta Omega
    Alphabeta Omega

    I once wrote the group project alone at the end It was funny and annoying to see whom the teacher liked most and least. I got a B. Someone else as well got a B. Someone got a C. And someone got an A*

    • TheWanderingMist

      And you weren't smart enough to put only your name on the project? No wonder you got a B.

    • Lilly, The Queen of Trash
      Lilly, The Queen of Trash


  • Another_loser69

    On the last slide of the google slide put credits to the images and sources along with the fact that you wrote the entire thing also put your name first

  • Dev Tomar
    Dev Tomar

    BTW Japanese was 'Shiji wo mite kudasai' "please see instructions "

  • Dazz

    once i told my group that we needed to start the project 3weeks before deadline they didnt give a fuck so i started to work and 4 days before the deadline one dude on my group tells me to send him all of my work so he can correct every mistake i made... which is why i left their group and the couldnt finish it before deadline

  • Shawn Yaboi
    Shawn Yaboi

    #6 the most awkward presentation in the history of life

  • J R
    J R

    When I put the names: 1. The friend 2. The girl I like (cuz i don't want she to know) 3. The one who actually worked 4. Me 5. The one who didn't work hoping that he sees it but knowing he won't

  • Shrestha Shakya
    Shrestha Shakya

    You kinda miss everyone a little bit but not enough to hangout with them.. Man that hit so hard

  • Colias Palaeno
    Colias Palaeno

    A few people here are saying they are the ones who did all the work, personally i wasnt too keen on the arts and crafts part of any project including a project for arts class, id rather draw up a structural schematic for a paper mache sculpture than actually make it. Id say that out of most groups ive been in, im usually the only one that liked math and hence all sorts of "boring math gunf" would be handled by me with the expertise only a completelly retarded kid could provise such as myself, that being lots of math that make no sense to an outsider but makes perfect sense in my head while still arriving at the correct answer. Like saying 8+8 = 18 - 9 + 7 = 16. This has caused a few misunderstandings during exams because id make giant leaps of logic in my head but couldnt figure out a way to properly transcribe it into the paper.

  • MiloneMysteries

    Smaller explaination: pain.

  • ThePunk

    Nah man if I do the entire project myself my name goes first, or I’ll order the names by the amount members contributed

  • Gurinder Singh
    Gurinder Singh

    I was the peter in my group and got the highest marks 😂😂

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    Who else got PTSD from seeing the PowerPoint edit screen?

  • boywithoutsoul

    You forgot the part where you hate everyone in the group

  • AzekiaXVI

    Group progress: 1: Know each other. Just know their names. 2: Tasking. "You are gonna do this part." "But i wanted to do that part" "Yeah but he's better at it and asked first" (Repeat for 30 minutes) 3: Procrastination. 4: "Hey guys since it'd due in exactly 2 hours i'm gonna make it by myself" 5: Recieve a grade of 0-4 7-10. No, it's impossible to recieve 5's or 6's

  • Voracious Sergal
    Voracious Sergal

    "5 stage process" I already know where this is going.

  • Shivam Deshmukh
    Shivam Deshmukh

    1:44 genius humour right there

  • Colin Clark
    Colin Clark

    If I do the work my name is going first

  • VSSS A
    VSSS A

    that's why i pick group mates who know nothing and will let me work in peace while being grateful for it. they might not know the skills for the assignment but are generally more enthusiastic with other work.

  • OliO AKA Squekyboy2000
    OliO AKA Squekyboy2000

    my roll in the group is always peters :( a bit to on the nose for me

  • HeadCanon

    The actual 5 stages of a group project are 1. Denial (“This isn’t going to be like last time”) 2. Anger (“Why isn’t anyone else doing anything?”) 3. Bargaining (“Well at least I can still get a passing grade”) 4. Depression (“This is due tomorrow and we barely have anything”) 5. Acceptance (“I am definitely going to fail and I’m fine with that”)

  • Bill Bumford
    Bill Bumford

    I swear I can steal this dude's hole identity

  • The Dstryr
    The Dstryr

    Shit I always had it second to ladt and I always finished it on my own.

  • JustDragons

    Did I see vex robotics

  • kj

    I remember going over this so many times in my engineering classes. Lucky enough you didnt have to deal with that.

  • Niles Black
    Niles Black

    I'm in stage 1, but no one has responded to the group chat yet.