Xperia 1ii vs iPhone 12 Pro CAMERA TEST!
Xperia 1ii vs iPhone 12 Pro CAMERA TEST!
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Looking for an Xperia 1ii vs iPhone 12 pro camera comparison? In this video, we perform an Sony Xperia 1 ii camera test and a full iPhone 12 Pro camera test with Xperia 1 ii camera samples and iPhone 12 Pro camera samples in this full Xperia 1 ii camera review and iPhone 12 Pro camera review! In this in-depth iPhone 12 pro camera comparison, we look at the iPhone 12 pro vs Xperia 1 ii with the complete Sony Xperia 1 ii camera review and iPhone 12 pro camera review. So if you want to see the Sony Xperia 1 ii vs iPhone 12 pro, this video is for you!
Sony Xperia 1 ii Camera (COMPLETE REVIEW!):
Xperia 1 ii Photo Pro Tutorial (PERFECT for BEGINNERS!):
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  • James Lavish
    James Lavish

    Which phone is right for your photography style or needs? Tell me here!

    • Fidi Kazuya
      Fidi Kazuya

      Thanks Mr. James, this video really opens my eyes which phone i should buy next after Pixel 4A. i do like photos from Pixel, but my Dad told me: "u will never know the art of photography using that (pixel) phone. Because everything already set up on that phone". Then i tried to learn manual menu using the old cam (Canon G-16) , but i don't have any photography basic, just like my Dad, it's frustrating. And this video and Photo Pro tutorial challenges me to choose Sony for my next phone. but it's so expensive phone here in my country Indonesia. i'll save my money for Xperia 1 III. (perhaps u have video comparison for Xperia 1iii. Thanks again Mr. James. sorry for my language, not my native language here. by the way, any comparison video using Pixel 5 ?

    • kabkabkab100

      Xperia / From Thailand

    • KILUA

      For me sony is better

    • vishnu .u.l
      vishnu .u.l

      I think 12 pro

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Me too!! 😉✌️

  • Reynard Pedros
    Reynard Pedros

    Hello Mr. James ! Very detailed presentation ! Excellent comparison ! You are my landmark !!!! Great job!

  • Alberto

    loved the video overall but s it just me or did the slow motion not look slow motion lol


    Ok I will buy the sony,but tell me briefly how to learn the skill?


    24:45 bro you sure it's from a phone?😳.it's sick

  • iStorm

    iPhone destroyed Sony damn

  • Novia Rahmayanti
    Novia Rahmayanti

    That was a deep review that I looked for. Great information ❤ I prefer Sony tho ~

  • Niklas Gs
    Niklas Gs

    The iPhone pictures looks photoshoped, why would you want that?

  • Niklas Gs
    Niklas Gs

    I think the rocks looks much better on sony, but apple makes everything sharper and better hdr. But don't like the colors apple makes on the stones

  • Artem Boldariev
    Artem Boldariev

    Thanks for unbiased, deep review of the both phones from a happy Xperia 5 II owner (which has the same camera sans ToF sensor). You pretty much nailed it: iPhone is for ones who just want taking good photos straight out of the poket, Xperia is for ones who want to have more control. However, by using Xperia I learned a bit more about photography and considering buying a real camera. Also, it is worth noting that the Photo Pro has a fully automatic mode as well, and it behaves not worse than the "standard" photo app in my experience. So I just have it bound to the shutter button for quick access instread of the crippled standard application.

  • Kaza Edits Games
    Kaza Edits Games

    The only part where I think the iPhone always beats the Sony is with the sky. So much more dynamic range in every photo. Hope Sony will start working on that


    I’ll save up for a Sony Xperia..

  • namelesssnitchy

    Which one looks more realistic at 5:34?

  • Salomon Macias
    Salomon Macias

    Just bought my Xperia 1ii 12gig ram green color upgrading from a Xperia XA2 ultra.

  • Alex2900

    Doesn't the iPhone use Sony sensors?

  • mkj mkj
    mkj mkj

    Super 👌 Love from india ❣️ Xperia I ii Not Available otherwise would have Bought it

  • Stephen Marcus
    Stephen Marcus

    Thanks for framing the differences between the phone cameras so clearly. I lean toward the new Sony 1 Mark iii if the screen is brighter. I suffered with a pre-Rx100 travel camera that did not show in bright light. I learned how to shoot with the old Sony, but would always prefer to see the shot in frame. Thanks again.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Good call. The screen is dim for outdoor use and it needs to be brighter for sure in sunny regions like mine! 🙏✌️

  • Barnabás Nagy
    Barnabás Nagy

    19:58 This is the highlight for the capabilities of the Xperia for everyday use for sure. The colors, the shadows on the grass, the focus on Zoie.. absolutely amazing. The iPhone image in this case just hurts to look at, the grass is way too bright and sharp. Many images from the iPhone will look better for the majority of people just because the images are made to be dramatic, artificially perfected as opposed to just realistic - or what you want it too look if you change your settings ofc but you don't have real access to that in the iPhone. This is where the "easy mode" for the to be released Xperia 1III or 5III comes in.. The pro app will get optional computational imaging and auto settings tools. If Sony can manage the software.. they will have the best of both worlds. The variable telephoto lens will also be something to look out for.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Well said Barnabas! I appreciate the thoughtful comment!

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia

    Photo sony, video apple in my opinión

  • anonymous sun Lopez
    anonymous sun Lopez

    Time for sony to bring their A game... I hope their next release will have a new naming without the XPERIA generic naming... New rear camera design and a more bezeless display.... And a more simpler interface.... Props to the frosted glass thoo... And I hope they start making consumer attractive smartphones with more colorful colors...

  • Shantanu Chaudhary
    Shantanu Chaudhary

    Time for xperia 1mark 3

  • The Unknown & Unheard
    The Unknown & Unheard

    Subscribed ✔. Hope your subscribers blows up.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much for the support, I really appreciate it!

  • Abdullah Mubarak
    Abdullah Mubarak

    Great video! :)

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much!

  • em7

    finally a proper comparison, getting an Xperia !

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much!

  • Nin [Cypher NX]
    Nin [Cypher NX]

    So the non-pro app is basically useless, huh. It's night and day here!!!

  • Humanity TV on-ground
    Humanity TV on-ground


  • LandAR

    SONY is the best company of all time. i love SONY i love JAPAN.

  • Hersh Chauhan
    Hersh Chauhan

    Sony is professional choice that's it.

  • The 54th
    The 54th

    Sony is going to be a serious threat! Can't wait for the 1 iii

  • Jakob Mosburger
    Jakob Mosburger

    Great Video. Please do this comparison also with the new Sony Xperia units

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Hey Jakob, I've bought all these, so if Sony will send me a review unit I will be happy to do one! And thank you!

  • Neptune Khisa
    Neptune Khisa

    i cannot believe Sony beat Apple in camera battle. Apple's marketing policy alaways make itself winner. Hers Sony's photo darker and apples photo makes brighter by editng.

  • poknik kama
    poknik kama

    wow. you're so good

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much Poknik!

  • Andrei Comsa
    Andrei Comsa

    Every photo from the iPhone looks like HDR...

  • parin mirani
    parin mirani

    This is indeed a great comparative video which not only compared two beasts but also presented their strenght and weaknesses. Sony Pro mode photographs are like custom made suits, it won't everyone but to whom it fit, it fits like hand in the glove. Keep it up mate. Look forward to more videos from you, especially comparison videos like this one.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much Parin, I really appreciate that. Yes, lots of effort!

  • Moisés Silva
    Moisés Silva

    Apple uses hdr as default, sony does not. That ismthe difference.

  • Joel Canales
    Joel Canales

    Great video. Congrats

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much Joel!

  • Faisal Pessa
    Faisal Pessa

    Cant wait to see your review on Xperia 1 iii ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      I am unfortunately not yet big enough for Sony to send a review model. But thank you very much!

  • Jack Bailhache
    Jack Bailhache

    Was just about to buy an Xperia 1 ii But decided to wait for the iii coming in few months

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      May be a great call.

  • San

    how easy is Sony Camera Pro app to use for normal/basic users who doens't have experience on pro cameras like DSLR and stuff?/

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Well, it's just like a manual camera, to be honest. If you want fast and easy, go with the iPhone, for sure.

  • virtualnate

    Wish you would do an Xperia 1 III vs the S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro when it comes out!!

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thank you so much, Nate. I really appreciate that!

    • virtualnate

      @James Lavish Love the content on your channel!

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      I wish they would send me all those to review. Working on it!

  • Billal Chami
    Billal Chami

    The best comparaison for Sony Xperia 1 ii, many "tech reviewer" just test with the auto mode and they know that the 1 ii is not meant to do auto yet they announce other phones as winners !! It is a niche phone not for everyone

    • Billal Chami
      Billal Chami

      @James Lavish anytime man keep up the great work

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thank you Billal, I truly appreciate that!


    I watched your video for the first time now. Very detailed and informative. The comparison video was long but I watched the full video.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Ah that's great to hear. I am so happy you enjoyed it!

  • Chee Siang Wong
    Chee Siang Wong

    Sony needs to improve the regular camera app. Basically, if you want a ready-to-use out-of-camera JPEG, it should look closer to iPhone/Pixel's computational photography output. Those who wants to do it themselves, have full control of the camera, then they can opt for Camera Pro. Basically, nobody wants the default auto mode since it is inferior to the other two.


    Hi sir love from Pakistan 💚🇵🇰🇵🇰

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Love back from the USA!

  • Reginald Glover
    Reginald Glover

    Outstanding Review! Very comprehensive and relevant comparison! I’m torn between the two. Both are very good phones/cameras but the Experia will probably enable more creative shots.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much Reginald! Yes, I couldn't decide myself. I kept both for now. We will see what happens next cycle!

  • jay punzalan
    jay punzalan

    Im not a pro photographer so i would pick iphone all day

  • Bo-Laurids Jähde
    Bo-Laurids Jähde

    Prefer the XPERIA

  • FIXandMORE

    This review makes me want to buy the Sony phone immediately. Excellent review sir.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Haha. Thanks so much, I really appreciate that!

  • Geek Fiction
    Geek Fiction

    It's seems Sony won

  • kwamashu Library
    kwamashu Library

    Xperia 1 ii is the best smartphone by far!!!

  • rahul km
    rahul km

    In photo pro app, can we apply curves before shooting?

    • rahul km
      rahul km

      @James Lavish Oh, thanks for the reply. I remember in some Olympus (pen-f?) camera, you could create custom profiles where you could apply curves, shading etc to JPEGs (before shooting, like fuji sims). I thought that was really cool. Thought Sony's app had that too.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      No that is post processing in Snapseed or Lightroom, etc...

  • Haikal Rifqi Nandika
    Haikal Rifqi Nandika

    Wow, actually Xperia really did an incredible jobs especially for professionals. iPhone is great for non-professionals

  • Brian D
    Brian D

    Well compared and straight to the point! As for my choice, i will go for the xperia.. for both the platform and versatility. 🔥

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much Brian. I really appreciate that a lot!

  • Panino Manino
    Panino Manino

    24:40 HOLY SMOKES THAT'S AMAZING! This really makes you made at others reviews that just pretend to test the devices, look what people are missing!

  • gdg tube
    gdg tube

    Sony seems dull untill the PhotoPro is introduced in this video. But, wiith PhotoPro, it just became invincible!

  • Valeria Aguilar
    Valeria Aguilar

    Sony Xperia 1 Mark II

  • shantanu mertia
    shantanu mertia

    Hello James I think there are many apps on App Store for iPhone which lets you more control over iPhone camera such as Filmic pro and with that it will be definitely ahead of’s just my thinking 🤔

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      There are a number of apps yes, like Moment, FilMic Pro, and Halide, that all provide manual options, but the interfaces are clumsy and not super user friendly, especially for full camera users. This is where Sony did a fantastic job, IMO, with the Alpha Camera interface on the Xperia for Photo Pro...and Sony Cinema Line cameras for Cinema Pro.

  • E K
    E K

    iPhone with Sony sensors wins.

  • Jeremiah Chua
    Jeremiah Chua

    So in depth. Take aways, iPhone is for everybody who wants pictures instagram-ready, while Sony is for professionals who want all the nerdy data intact for later editing.

  • sagar binjola
    sagar binjola

    Waiting for your take on Xperia 1 MK iii as well. Love this! Cheers!

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Me too! 😉 And thank you! 🙏

  • Alexander Bandoni
    Alexander Bandoni

    James how did you edit the pool photo exactly? 😩

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      I just added some contrast with the sliders and curves, exactly like I show you here:

  • Pearljit Singh
    Pearljit Singh

    This video deserves more views. Period...

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Haha. Thanks Pearljit!

  • Prıvate

    Apple is way ahead than Sony in photography

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      AI is not even close, I agree. But they are totally different devices, as you can see.

  • Patrick Carbonell
    Patrick Carbonell

    Convincing me to get that Sony Xperia 1 ii. When you put a "Pro" on a device, it must be so because you have pros in mind, not ordinary users. Kinda ironic that iPhone uses the "pro" in its name when everything is full auto, while Xperia skips the pro when it does pro things. (Though the real pro is the xperia pro indeed).

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Yes, it definitely takes some skill to get great photos in the Xperia, but well worth it if you want that control!

  • Simpi_96

    If you capture using iphone it's a great camera. If with sony then you a great photographer.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Haha, I like that!

  • Zeljko Anzulovic
    Zeljko Anzulovic

    Can you please make this kind of comparrison with new Xperia 1 III when you manage to get it.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      I am hoping to get one from Sony, but if they don't send one I will buy myself for comparison--just may be later than other reviewers then!

  • Jelwin G
    Jelwin G

    22:23 That was unbelievable, you can almost shot a film with this phone...

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Sony did showcase a whole short film made with this phone, check out the Xperia Channel!

  • Neenad Arul
    Neenad Arul

    Dude has Magnum contact sheets! ok i trust you for phone camera reviews!👏

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Haha! I love that book! Thanks so much Neenad! 😉✌

  • anuarbin

    Your colour is always on point. AI still can't replace photographer.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      @anuarbin Well thanks so much anuarbin! I appreciate that! 🙏✌️

    • anuarbin

      @James Lavish edited. Yes.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Do you mean 'can't'?

  • Joseph Cañas
    Joseph Cañas

    Iphone is Perfect phone...

  • Joni Lodik
    Joni Lodik

    iPhone: "I can capture a great photo for you. Just take the result". Xperia : "I can give you a spacious room, full of tools that you can use to explore your skill and creativity. Create your own great shoots". Well, great things don't come easily.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      I like this analogy. Thanks Joni!

  • Aldo G Moreno
    Aldo G Moreno

    If I wanna take photos or shoot a video at a pro level I'll use my Sony mirrorless cameras. So I'll choose the iPhone for the go. Great video.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Which is exactly what most pros do. There are times where I want a little more control, but the iPhone is super easy to execute with!

  • The Red BlueBerry
    The Red BlueBerry

    Sony 🤝 LG 2 phone brand companies with lots of capabilities, but are very underrated due to bad marketing, sadly LG gave up their making of Phones, but Sony is still pushing despite being underrated, majority would pick Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, OnePlus etc... But no way, there will not be at least one person, who is willing to buy this phone from sony, and this person is me!😁

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      All too true and here's to hoping Sony will continue to push to innovate in smartphones!

  • Aleci Cruz
    Aleci Cruz

    Photo Pro App did not do an amazing job. The user who manually adjusted it, did the amazing job. Lol

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Haha, thank you Aleci! 😉✌

  • karthiklokey007 Lokey007
    karthiklokey007 Lokey007

    In the end Sony trows iPhone from the cliff 😛🤘

  • filthty boy
    filthty boy

    Quick james pre order the sony 1iii !

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Haha, I already own both these phones, so I'm trying to see if they will send me one for review!

  • Rural life
    Rural life

    I think for regular Apple is does better but when Pro Mode on SONY kick in Sony does way better especially with video

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Yeah, Cinema Pro is super powerful for a phone!!

  • Shahril Akmal
    Shahril Akmal

    Thanks man!! I really forgot about sony..

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      You're welcome! ✌

  • H. T.
    H. T.

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  • Imperator Neba
    Imperator Neba

    I tray to finde good phone for koncert.??

    • Imperator Neba
      Imperator Neba

      @James Lavish Thanks 🎸⚡🎸

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Phone cameras are difficult for concerts, as low lighting makes it super hard for these tiny sensors. In that case, I would choose the iPhone for its AI capabilities which help in super low light! ✌

  • SH Sowrov
    SH Sowrov

    GREAT review ❤️

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

  • irwan febrianto
    irwan febrianto

    SONY with Cinema Pro 👍👍👍👍

  • Vignesh Kannan
    Vignesh Kannan

    First of all...............a solid comparison. The best I've seen on youtube........ Second.......You are probably the only one who even mentioned the 20fps burst shoot with auto-focus (apart from unbox therapy's hands on video for 5 sec).

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Haha, thanks so much Vignesh!

  • Galaxy S21
    Galaxy S21

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    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      No apologies, I love mine, too!

  • Armstrong Fernando
    Armstrong Fernando

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    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      It definitely does.

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  • Theophilus Ghoststone
    Theophilus Ghoststone

    Please show people like myself that do not know about stops and the like to use the Sony Pro App to correct the exposure. We're not all professional photographers.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Hey Theophilus, I actually made a Tutorial on the Photo Pro app here:

  • King Curse
    King Curse

    There is also the argument that the iPhone wins simply by being more popular. Buying photography/videography accessories are way easier for iPhone because there is a bigger market for it. There are more apps that an iPhone can use because again, the market is enormous and making apps for it is easier. I think that the edited photos on the Sony look better than the out of camera Apple photos. But I can get true RAW photos on iPhone with basically any "pro" photo app, making many of these comparisons a lot less interesting.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      While I agree with much of what you say on the marketing side, I don't use manual photo apps on my iPhone for anything other than control for video/frame rate 180* rule. The interfaces are just so not-user friendly, enjoyable. In comparison, I love what Sony has done by incorporating the Sony Alpha camera style interface and control. And the Sony has features the iPhone does not, like eye-autofocus, burst shooting at 20fps, custom WB, etc, and a host of video controls in Cinema Pro that no other phone camera has, including iPhone...So, if you dig deeper, there is a serious difference there.

  • Ajo Thomas
    Ajo Thomas

    The legend Xperia which looks awesome and extremely super cool.... I was used to sony Xperia... But now it's not available here😔 .... Awesome one not like other phone

  • force legend
    force legend

    whats the location at 21:28, its beautiful.

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Just some desert trails outside of Las Vegas!

  • Dobermann Jeff
    Dobermann Jeff


  • Ajmal FF Game
    Ajmal FF Game

    iPhone 12 wow 🥰🥰

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth

    I would love to see videos such as this one if it's possible for you Thanks you this was absolutely great

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Thanks so much, I appreciate that and am planning more comparison videos for sure!

  • I love U
    I love U


  • Alexander Bandoni
    Alexander Bandoni

    i'm actually interested in sony xperia II. That pool picture looks amazing! Would you mind telling me how exactly you did that in sony photo pro app?

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      I just exposed it properly using the Photo Pro app and then aded some contrast to make the colors pop a bit. You can see how I do that in the video I made about adding contrast:

  • Reedy777

    i've bought the sony

  • msee

    Great video, very good information. Ideally I would like to have both cameras (phones) depending on if I wanted to be creative (Sony) or just point and shoot (iPhone).

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Right? I haven't been able to give up either myself yet! 😮😉

  • Brahim Lokrisio
    Brahim Lokrisio

    The Xperia outpout of Pro Mode is out of this world , Apple should be ashamed of calling their phones pro

  • Rohan Madiratta
    Rohan Madiratta

    Hi! Can u tell me which camera has better zoom in HD and 4k?

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Well there are a lot of factors that go into this, stabilization, color, sharpness, etc. Take a look at the video clips included in the review and tell me what you think!

  • Cosmic King
    Cosmic King

    Which phone would you recommend buying between these two?

    • James Lavish
      James Lavish

      Well it depends on the experience you are looking for: do you want easy and great photos with a snap straight out of camera? if so, then the iPhone. And if you want more control and like the Sony Alpha interface (like the big cameras) then go Sony! (I have both and use them for different occasions! 😮✌