The Roop - Discoteque - Lithuania 🇱🇹 - National Final Performance - Eurovision 2021
The Roop will represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Discoteque.
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest

    Read more about The Roop's victory in Lithuania here:

    • Gonzen Tag
      Gonzen Tag

      That song sounds a bit like Robin thicke - blurred lines.

    • Marius Ratkevicius
      Marius Ratkevicius


    • MLP Tim Collector
      MLP Tim Collector

      @Kristina B What speech the broadcaster sent, then downloaded. Albania, for example, decided to send a performance from the semi-final, if I am not mistaken

    • Kristina B
      Kristina B

      You should upload last(winners) performance. Sound and camera work were much better.

    • шидэт харанхуй
      шидэт харанхуй

      Amazing performance. 👍 My favorite. Twelve points go to Lithuania. 😘❤🇱🇹

  • Ioanna Ayfanti
    Ioanna Ayfanti

    Τσουκου τσουκου τσα τσουκου τσουκου τσουκου τσα

  • amusik

    Thanks for this! This put me in a good mood!

  • ιώδης φλόγα
    ιώδης φλόγα


  • B.I.G. Milo /speroman/
    B.I.G. Milo /speroman/

    Why does this sound like it’s sampled

  • zo_mie

    it's cool but I preferred their last years song

  • Алёна Валова
    Алёна Валова

    Яндекс Еда в деле

  • Zuev77

    Ну это уже пародия предыдущей песни...((( уже не первое место конечно

  • M.Božica

    I love the heels he's wearing!! 😍

  • Byron Thompson
    Byron Thompson

    Great song last year and even better song this year. Even if they don't win, I still have high hopes for this entry scoring high as it seems to be well received by both the jury and the televote.

  • Henna

    This is pretty good when listened it few times. Not my #1 favourite. Greetings from Finland 🇫🇮

  • Višnja


  • Jelena kapitanović
    Jelena kapitanović

    Dino Dvornik - Africa reminds in some parts of the song 🎶🤩

  • Toallín-Lumostark

    I love it but I think the live is a little bit weak at some points. I don't know if this song really shows his vocal capabilities properly.

  • Pelihullu

    This sure is catchy!

  • vildehihi

    well, if this isnt a 2021 mood i dont know what is.

  • BA Nia
    BA Nia

    Гляньте мою реакцию на ЭТО

  • BA Nia
    BA Nia

    Классная песня и классное выступление:) Пока что они мои фавориты)))

  • Tina Ivanović
    Tina Ivanović


    • Lorena N
      Lorena N

      Čemu spamat?

  • Zvijerko1987

    Would pay for this music. Sounds like winner to me, 12 points from Croatia ;)

  • Daria Yurchuk
    Daria Yurchuk

    Ok guys, I have to tell you one thing... Wait for me in Vilnius in 2021😏 I’m absolutely in love with this song, my winner so far. Greetings from Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️🇱🇹

  • Andrej Lolić
    Andrej Lolić

    if this wins i will stop watching eurovision

    • Andrej Lolić
      Andrej Lolić

      @Lorena N ne brini sestro

    • Lorena N
      Lorena N

      Nemoj niti gledati.

    • Bedding&Blankets


    • Nordin Weijman
      Nordin Weijman


  • Christina Sam
    Christina Sam

    Why do you like this? If this wins, okay Eurovision is completely destroyed

    • Bedding&Blankets

      It's musically creative and also pays homage to a lot of different elements and artists. And it's a real banger.

  • Aukje Iris
    Aukje Iris

    This is cool! I love the vibe✨

  • xavier janus
    xavier janus

    You SOOOO deserve it! ❤️

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine

    Love it! It's as crazy as the performance in 2006!

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes

    I like the dancers...

  • Thomas Sas
    Thomas Sas

    12 Points from Austria to Lithuania ... Like in 2020 but corona sucks against eurovision. Stay safe!

  • Anaehs Aelias
    Anaehs Aelias

    Love this and very fitting right now. This is instantly on my playlist.

  • Exotic Ukraine. Екзотична Україна.
    Exotic Ukraine. Екзотична Україна.

    Of all the participants presented in the competition, the performance of the Lithuanian band The Roop was the best performance for me on 23.02.2021. The main advantage of their number is originality. They are not like anyone else. These are the songs that should win the Eurovision Song Contest. The value of any work of art is originality, recognition and talented simplicity.

  • Kkeipo

    This is my favourite so far i love it how it is catchy and weird in a good way.

  • Fa. L.
    Fa. L.

    Sorry Ukrain go_a shum is so freaking awesome. OK Lithuania is not soooo bad

  • Mehmet Akif Gülen
    Mehmet Akif Gülen

    Last year's song was better than this. Sorry.

  • Ivan Stojsic
    Ivan Stojsic

    Not bad song at all but to overrated in my opinion

  • Michael Mertens
    Michael Mertens

    I love that this is not overly generic like 80% of this year's entries. Catchy. Original. Bold. Weird. This is why I watch ESC. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Probz from Germany!

  • Journeyman Street Judas George
    Journeyman Street Judas George

    This will not win

  • Noksus

    I'm happy two Finnish artists/composers worked on this song.

  • Nyymi Nuolivaara
    Nyymi Nuolivaara

    I like it but it got boring in the end.

  • Alucard


  • Tine Trana
    Tine Trana

    So glad to see Lithuania sending the roop. They were my favorite last year and although I am not feeling this song as much as “on fire” I definitely think this is going to make it to the top 5. Very unique performance in every aspect 🤗 Love from Norway 🇳🇴

  • Diego Murgia
    Diego Murgia

    12 points from Italy! 😍😍😍

  • Alex Voight
    Alex Voight

    12 Points from Georgia ✌♥️


    Second best after Blind Channel Dark Side! 🖤

  • Eurovision Feels
    Eurovision Feels

    I want his heels and the yellow "The Mask" inspired outfits please and thankyou 👌 ❤

  • Electro Shot
    Electro Shot

    The beat was a viiiiiiiiiiiibeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Chrysoula Gkana
    Chrysoula Gkana

    so far, the only song with ACTUAL chances to win the whole thing... THE ROOP

  • brittlemit

    Is his fly open? Fun song!

  • Soppaneiti1

    This makes me happy

  • Krokodil Cro
    Krokodil Cro

    12 points from Croatia 🇭🇷

  • Ostap Ukrainec
    Ostap Ukrainec


  • ivana radojevic
    ivana radojevic

    Serbia Hurricane LOCO LOCO👑👑👑💣💣💣🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • AkAtu

    Great song😁 Good luck from Finland🇫🇮

  • Anar Hetemov
    Anar Hetemov

    Nice song

  • FeliksIsMyBae UwU
    FeliksIsMyBae UwU

    This will win 🇱🇹🇧🇬

  • Trude Kraft
    Trude Kraft

    Since we norwegians fucked up and send a bad song this year, im totally ROOTING for the ROOP! Good luck!!!!

  • IxChipmunk101xI


  • Даниил Климочкин
    Даниил Климочкин

    Литва ПОБЕДИТЕЛИ! 🇱🇹🇷🇺

  • Даниил Климочкин
    Даниил Климочкин

    Я влюблен в эту песню! The ROOP лучшие! 🇱🇹🇷🇺

    • Plbm Daivaras
      Plbm Daivaras

      Cia lietuvių Eurovizija O ne rusų

  • Даниил Климочкин
    Даниил Климочкин

    Литва как и в прошлом году удивляет! В топ 3! А скорей всего ПОБЕДИТЕЛИ! 🇱🇹🇷🇺

    • Александр Фёдоров
      Александр Фёдоров


  • Arleking

    Well without Keiino (Norway) in the ESC 2021 (The only ones who can be popular enough to beat the Roop). The Roop can easily be winners this year... His song is a banger and they have a really nice vibe

  • Berat Uğur Solmaz
    Berat Uğur Solmaz

    cant imagine how much money theyve spent to get dunkey and leah to dance for them

  • Gonçalo Pereira
    Gonçalo Pereira

    Out of the bag, I don't really like discoteque, it just sounds very average to me, nothing special about it besides being weird, I very much preferred their entry in 2020, but I understand why people like it. That being said, I'm pretty sure this is qualifying, but it may suffer the same fate as francesco gabbani back in 2017, eurofans loved it and then it ended up not winning. Then again, with Keiino out of the picture Lithuania might have it in the bag, at least for the televote... Anyways, I really think you could have done better, Lithuania, but GOOD LUCK!!! :D

  • Ami H
    Ami H

    THIS ARE SO WEIRD THAT I LIKE IT.. Fire once again, The Roop just keep goin' 🔥

  • Nalan Kılıç
    Nalan Kılıç

    Absolutely wonderful. Everyday I listen to this song many times. Good luck from Turkey.

  • Aleksandra Kvitash
    Aleksandra Kvitash

    Damn, boi! I’d like to join his discoteque!

  • Nalanda Tendar
    Nalanda Tendar

    Now Keiino is not coming, this is my favorite.

    • Blue Gacha
      Blue Gacha

      @Sander G Maybe, and Keiino was definitly the best, but Tix is still awesome :)

    • Sander G
      Sander G

      It was a disaster that KEiiNO didnt win. Tix just won because he has a huge following and all the kids and teens that listens to His music decided to vote for him lol

  • ✿MJF✿

    Nice! Very great song! Greetings from Finland

  • Plus Minus
    Plus Minus

    I love this one and Croatia!🕺🏻❤️💃🏼 two great dance songs

  • lurven141

    When you got rejected from the club and go out hanging with the middle-aged party-goers instead

  • Martin Balcar
    Martin Balcar

    Top 10 for sure! :) Good luck from Czech Republic!

  • Maria T
    Maria T

    win pls

  • Ivo Rockatansky
    Ivo Rockatansky

    Croatia, Lithuania, Ukraine and France are the best so far. It's not even close.

  • Luqz

    Lets be real, theres no way it has a good chance in eurovision. Smells pure dogshit. hahahaha Cant take it serious

  • Crypt3dx

    Feels like they are trying to force something with this song... like a poo?

  • How Many
    How Many

    A song that have both the ESC and new vibe

  • Oğulcan Karaca
    Oğulcan Karaca

    This is better than last year. If Russia doesn't have a better song this will win

    • Oğulcan Karaca
      Oğulcan Karaca

      @Michela Ginelli no singer no song. We have nothing. Russia still keeps it like a secret.

    • Michela Ginelli
      Michela Ginelli

      Are Little Big confirmed?

  • Masvel

    2020 song is much better :(

  • αηтнєα

    If you don't like this song you should get a Covid test done because one of the main symptoms is absolutely no taste.

  • Melted snowflake
    Melted snowflake

    12 points from Croatia 🇭🇷

  • Niki Valajera
    Niki Valajera

    The best song so far! Bravo The Roop !!!

  • Rita Bernotienė
    Rita Bernotienė

    Bravo! Šaunuoliai!

  • Str 13
    Str 13

    The worst song for me. The others are good but this one... for me no

  • Barbora Bernášková
    Barbora Bernášková

    Now THIS is Eurovision!

  • Zeljko Mlatkovic
    Zeljko Mlatkovic


  • Chi Javier
    Chi Javier

    Trying too hard.

  • LionPlays

    Now TIX is going for Norway here is the winner!

  • ᛋeᚱgey pᛚᛅᚼoᛏᛁᛅ
    ᛋeᚱgey pᛚᛅᚼoᛏᛁᛅ

    It's takes me to the 80's. Love it.

  • Екатерина Боброва
    Екатерина Боброва


  • Stefan Kaiser
    Stefan Kaiser

    The female dancer is a superb dancer.

  • Samuel Acón Izquierdo
    Samuel Acón Izquierdo

    que miedo

  • Koray Berke Satır
    Koray Berke Satır

    Lithuania 🇱🇹 is a big balloon 🎈 . And France 🇫🇷 will blow this balloon 🎈 in Rotterdam.

    • cheap wifi kids
      cheap wifi kids

      France? I can't even understand about what she is singing lol

    • Vilius V
      Vilius V

      @Koray Berke Satır ♥️

    • Koray Berke Satır
      Koray Berke Satır

      @Vilius V Good joke, honey

    • Vilius V
      Vilius V

      Stop fighting ladies we'll settle this in Discoteque 🖖🕺

    • Koray Berke Satır
      Koray Berke Satır

      @Nico Heinilä eat my baguette 🥖

  • sfgdhdhd

    Will Ferrell likes it :D

  • Tohtori Salvador
    Tohtori Salvador

    Well looks like i found my favourite! Good luck from Finland :)

  • Rene

    This song sounds a little bit like Stromae's Alors on dance🤔

  • Дмитрий Харитонов
    Дмитрий Харитонов

    В прошлом году трек был лучше)

  • clockwork orange
    clockwork orange

    ну за это уже стыдно

  • Predrag Kardashian
    Predrag Kardashian

    Croatia has over 1 million views the people have spoken!

    • Lorena N
      Lorena N

      Predrag, Predrag, a još i Kardashian... Ludilo

    • TwoRedPassports

      1 million 🇭🇷 vs 4 million 🇱🇹 So the people have really spoken 😂

    • Vilius V
      Vilius V

      I mean The Roop soon to have 4 million on their music video that's why it's not that much viewed here.

  • Jana Gulbe
    Jana Gulbe

    Hypnotic songs

  • Audrius Petrikas
    Audrius Petrikas

    Antarktidoje juk gyvena , toks geltonas pingvinas... Jo garbei jūs čia geltonai apsirengę šokate?

    • v b
      v b

      Dienos pietus-saltibarsciai

    • Audrius Petrikas
      Audrius Petrikas

      Nacionalinė geografija jį šiemet nufotografavo

  • Sveta Sveta
    Sveta Sveta

    Yes yessssssssssss - SUPER