How to Fix Frozen Pipes! - Can JerryRig-ing go too far?
Today we repair some very inconveniently placed water lines inside my house. The previous owners, during their remodel, must have put these water lines through the air intake vent. Which basically means our water pipes were left outside, uninsulated in freezing weather. This is not a good thing. So its time to JerryRig their JerryRig with our own JerryRig. Sounds safe.
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  • Jon

    Where's your "go-nogo" gauge?

  • judge dredd
    judge dredd

    Look into shark Bite fittings if working with pex (I honestly can't remember how to spell that lol) they are plug and play fitting no tools needed really only to take them off

  • Troy Van Buskirk Jr.
    Troy Van Buskirk Jr.

    As a furnace technician I doubt that that particular duct is for the intake of the furnace but I could be wrong

  • The Noob Plays It
    The Noob Plays It

    Jerry, you should have really put a nail plate under those pipes. Someone is going to throw a screw through those pipes someday.

  • Simmerpreet Kaur
    Simmerpreet Kaur

    do you have experiance breaking houses

  • Joshua Jean-Baptiste
    Joshua Jean-Baptiste

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  • Edgar Arturo Oliva Ayala
    Edgar Arturo Oliva Ayala


  • Young Harp
    Young Harp

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  • Akbar Nauabi
    Akbar Nauabi

    He is very stingy , he doesn't want to pay to a plummer

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages

    S R B Yeah , so do I // // /

  • bgr

    This was in my recommended while I was watching 8-Bit Guy's "My house is ruined" video

  • Stormy Effects
    Stormy Effects

    Wear a mask! Your lungs will thank you

  • Barbara Harrison
    Barbara Harrison

    The flat multimedia curiously bless because oil histomorphometrically frighten but a stormy rotate. standing, medical racing

  • Tom

    May have been easier to close up and insulate that intake, and run a new one. Or, that may have not been an option.

  • Jacque Dicken
    Jacque Dicken

    Need to watch a proper British plasterer at work

  • Connor Nugent
    Connor Nugent

    I never knew Americans call "plaster" "mud" :o

  • Cherie Boe
    Cherie Boe


  • Zyrppa

    In Finland we use defrost cables on waterlines witch tend to freeze. And of course we use insulation inside our walls

  • alex lovvorn
    alex lovvorn

    This guy kind of looks like the hydraulic press vhannel guy.

  • MyEconomics101

    11:14 its a ceiling. not a roof.

  • MyEconomics101

    Insulating the hot pipes will save you 100 dollars every year minimum. And reduce your CO2 budget.

  • James Williams
    James Williams

    So you had an oscillating tool but decided to hammer out the ceiling into a million pieces?

  • Jos

    Jerry, for texturing, using a medium texture paint is the quickest option for you instead of working on the putty...

  • AARON coggins
    AARON coggins

    As a general contractor watching this is hilarious You did an ok job. I don’t know the codes in your area but be careful when it comes time to resell your house. Since you showed us how you did your “magic trick” repair plumbing job.

  • Derreck McKenzie
    Derreck McKenzie

    yes the ice expands about 9% in volume, howeverits not the ice that breaks the pipe, its the pressure the ice creates that blows the pipe, which is why water blows out at the pressure it does and in the area ahead of where the pipe froze. open up your taps will allow that pressure out but your pipes may still freeze in the right condition, however usually the flow will be enough to prevent ice from completely freezing under normal weather conditions. Im actually repairing my blown pipes right now after a week of sub -40 weather with windchill reaching the mid fifties minus c.

  • MiggoxX

    American houses are like 100% drywall, no wonder you pipes freeze in winter.

  • Cody Simpson
    Cody Simpson

    Could've just crawled in and insulated that small section of pipes....

  • Shade

    Zack your lever valve for the water shutoff for your house should be plumbed in so that if the lever falls it should fall in the off position, good for safety.

  • gtone339

    Jerry "DIY" Rig the tool man! 😁

  • Chan

    Didnt you get the go no go tool? might have been helpful instead of pulling to check if it is properly sealed.

  • Jimmy Merrild Krag
    Jimmy Merrild Krag

    I'd have drawn a board over the mud while it was wet to plane it with the rest of the ceiling as a reference. [All the facepalms I have in mind, being European, has been censored to not interfere with the point in mind]

  • RocMerc

    What the hell is wrong with your house haha. This is all built so wrong I cant believe its up to code. A water line exposed to outside air? wtf

  • douglatins

    Should have insulated the pipes a bit

  • xdragon2k

    We'll see you next time when you have another problem in the house.

  • Anand Ramlochan
    Anand Ramlochan

    When jerryrig decide to make stuff rather than a Tear down.

  • Fernando Cervantes
    Fernando Cervantes

    Are you Johnny sins brother

  • Jason

    Wear a dust mask man.

  • Jordan H
    Jordan H

    That was sad. Holes through joists, no insulation and a vent for nothing. Contractors these days

  • Derrick Anderson
    Derrick Anderson

    I remodel old homes and that furnace intake doesn't seem at all normal.

  • Muqarab Awan
    Muqarab Awan

    If we jerryrig there jerryrig

  • Admiral General Aladeen
    Admiral General Aladeen

    only in the usa do houses have air intakes 🤣🤣🤣

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Your furnace draws in cold air from outside? Is this where your air filers are?

  • Mark Creighton
    Mark Creighton

    For anyone wondering, the process of this particular drywall finsh is called skip troweling. It's better and cleaner than textured ceiling finish

    • Mark Creighton
      Mark Creighton

      25 yr construction drywall knowledge

  • Rodriguez

    omg the work so shit my guy wtf r u doing??????? u need to spray youre texture then knock it down.

  • Happy Undertaker
    Happy Undertaker

    Air-cooled water pipes, how much extra for that?

  • gulf city nicholas danca
    gulf city nicholas danca

    Why not call a actual plumber or hvac expert safer and honestly better

    • Isaac Kvasager
      Isaac Kvasager

      you're awful.

  • FBN

    So there's a vent right under your floor, with little to no insulation to your floor with HOT AND COLD water lines running across it... America never fails to amaze me.

    • TheAjbp95

      Was thinking the same. /Swede

  • Science Beast
    Science Beast


  • Wolforic

    First thought. He trying to look for that ghost under 10 Degrees. Anyone up for Phasmo?

  • Djalil Derr
    Djalil Derr

    You're an awesome guy jerry you do good Diy Stuff and you explain stuff In details keep it up Hope U reach 1M

  • Sean Mack
    Sean Mack

    Only think I would have suggested would be shark bites would be done in 15 seconds done

  • Pranshu Chittora
    Pranshu Chittora

    Kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte.

  • OhMyGulay

    Now you run the risk of puncturing that pipe if you ever do anything with your ceiling

  • Benny Dong
    Benny Dong

    He is the imposter because he opened the vent. 0:50

    • Appleex


  • ZippyDoodah

    4:27 when you realise you had an assignment due but its 1 minute past the due date.....

  • Alex Kozubenko
    Alex Kozubenko

    Popcorn(ish) ceilings ewww

  • Garrison Robbie
    Garrison Robbie

    Who's house did you break into this time, 47?

  • bobbywauneka

    Great job.... 👍

  • Gonda Metzger
    Gonda Metzger

    4:26 best thing ever

  • The Man Cave
    The Man Cave

    Dude that's pex pipe. It's secured that stuffs amazing

  • godofyouall489

    Wish I had the money to fix problems as soon as I see them.

  • Я. B
    Я. B

    Old house?

  • Andrew Tsang
    Andrew Tsang

    Why routing outside air for house? my house doesn't do that

    • TheOtherBill

      So your furnace doesn't draw in indoor air that you've already paid to heat to support combustion then get put back outside. This also helps prevent cold air being drawn in through every tiny crack and creating cold drafts.

  • Juho Anttila
    Juho Anttila

    For someone living in a colder climate, cutting corners on a remodel like this is absolutely ridiculous. About a foot's length of pipe in my parents house runs uninsulated but behind a thick leca block wall, and that freezes at very low temperatures (~0 F), and that was considered a big mistake here.

  • Adam W
    Adam W

    12:00 to make it clear and even You should use sandpaper

  • Adam W
    Adam W

    I still can't get over the shock of how You live in cardboard houses. I'd love to see you struggle with a similar renovation in normal European concrete houses

  • Two Broken Thumbs
    Two Broken Thumbs

    Hot tip, when turning your water on, do it even slower than you are. It prevents a sudden rush of pressure, which is bad for the fixtures, and usually whatever faucet is closest to the valve takes a real pounding and can ruin it.

  • Kenneth Shaffer
    Kenneth Shaffer

    A good Jerry rig is when you fix the problem for yourself but it becomes some else's problem later.

  • Chris Momox
    Chris Momox

    This Old House

  • William Rogers
    William Rogers

    I’m assuming ‘mud’ is the same as plaster in the UK? 👍

    • William Rogers
      William Rogers

      @Thanasis Bethanis plaster is always a brown colour?

    • Thanasis Bethanis
      Thanasis Bethanis

      I assume so. Although I've never seen plaster not being white

  • mikeebt

    this stuff is so fun

  • THE BUDDHA 420
    THE BUDDHA 420

    They’re freezing because it’s cold as shit happens every time it gets cold in my house to

  • mako kimoto
    mako kimoto

    The hilarious field electronmicroscopically pass because shop immediately battle but a annoying salt. enthusiastic, low trip

  • The BeefMaster
    The BeefMaster

    Great video. The only suggestion I have is that you did a cut-erooski when you should have done a cut-eroni @ 4:08.

  • Ian Harrington
    Ian Harrington

    you should shut off water slower

  • Matthew Gailey
    Matthew Gailey

    Zach if he ever ends up on This Old House on PBS

  • Justin Timperio
    Justin Timperio

    Man i’m no expert with knife but at 8:12 we can clearly see a very good quality knife the person that designed it clearly knows a lot in knife

  • Justin Timperio
    Justin Timperio

    Man i’m no expert with knife but at 8:12 we can clearly see a very good quality knife the person that designed it clearly knows a lot in knife

  • Justin Timperio
    Justin Timperio

    Whos the dumass that did this

  • Richard Hanney
    Richard Hanney

    Face masks, people! Face masks!!! You don't want to breath in any of that dust

  • Richard Hanney
    Richard Hanney

    Wish we had crimping in the UK. Closest we have is JG pushfit. Good but not as simple as these. But then I wonder how reversible crimping is.

  • West House
    West House

    Have you considered converting to a higher efficiency furnace and just sealing off the envelope of the home? Not only is it easier for the furnace in terms of rust but it spares you the wet filters if it rains and you have it on.

  • Mo Patel
    Mo Patel

    Why didn't you insulate the pipes before the dry wall ?

  • Okemos Tech
    Okemos Tech

    More Tri-Pod! I'm seasick!

  • nhojziR osorbaS
    nhojziR osorbaS


  • stagg

    You might want to stick some nail plates behind the sheetrock with those pex pipes sitting right behind the rock! You never know if someone will shoot a screw or nail through that spot.

  • jfbmax

    And the gaz line?

  • Scott Schade
    Scott Schade

    Pipes need a heat source for insulation to work ... electric heat trace to fix ...

  • Darren Coyle
    Darren Coyle

    I think i would have just lagged the original pipes with insulation sleeves..

  • Josh H
    Josh H

    Not a professional, but knowing how waterlines in cabinets up against exterior walls can still get cold enough to freeze, I'll be curious to see if you still run into this problem. Im thinking that you made an improvement but didn't eliminate the possibility - instead of freezing at 0, it may still freeze at -5 or -10? The wood and drywall is probably going to insulate the pipes from the warmth of the basement better than the sheet metal insulates the pipes from the cold. I think my first attempt would have been to slip some thick insulation around the pipes from outside, but i may be putting too much faith into the capabilities of that insulation!

  • Sphene So
    Sphene So

    Why doesn't the pipes outside your house freeze (and crack) during winter?

  • egn83b

    Looks like a good repair, might need to clean your intake out?

  • Henkka

    i hate to fix these

  • Zamling Norbu
    Zamling Norbu

    We use metal pipes !!

  • Demetre Jakhaia
    Demetre Jakhaia

    texturing a ceiling is stupid (when building a new house) its ugly and a hassle to add again

  • WhataTech

    So relatable, swiftly walking back into the room after turning the water back on. lmao...... I've done this countless times...

  • Whoever Whoever
    Whoever Whoever

    oh i hate knocking down dry walls. It always left the place dusty for months. Even we cleaned up after the job, every few days, we could still see a very thin layer on furniture, especially dark color furniture.

  • Leo D
    Leo D

    Could have used shark bite fittings could have saved time and money since they dont require tools to install

  • cat


  • Ange Einstein
    Ange Einstein

    13:09 please grow a beard. Looks cool

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