The Hack Jobs Unfold - Garden Find V12 BMW E31 850i Revival - Project Marseille: Part 2
In this episode, we set about bringing back to life this legendary 1991 BMW E31 850i 6-speed that's been decommissioned for the last 10 years. But the big 12-cylinder lump had some "expert" work done on it which makes things a bit more difficult.
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    • Andreas Wallberg
      Andreas Wallberg

      Try the autodoc app for parts

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      Rudiger Thuy

      Add "COOMING UP" boxershorts to the merchandise ;-)

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      MATEJ ...... Gets a Free Five Minute shopping Spree in your store. He really Killed the intro and Blew away the OUTRO! GREAT Work Sir! 45years of BMW M + others ownership have me Hooked to your Perfect Productions. Have you heard the word " KLUGE"? It is German for fix it so it won't break the same way again, and works better. Great mentality!

    • M GmbH
      M GmbH

      I like that ur 'Retro Tee M539 #2 Classic Tee' costs 25,01€. I can tell it's calculated to it's limits 😂😂

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      When will we be able to buy the fogging oil for men?

  • Mike Hewitt
    Mike Hewitt

    Can you tell me which battery wrench you’re using please? Cheers 😉

  • Father McCree
    Father McCree

    Sand paper ! ! ARRRRRRGGGHHH ! NEIN NEIN ! ! It's called emery cloth ! Naughty man 😂😂 👍 Another great vid dude

  • Shoeb Saleheen
    Shoeb Saleheen

    i really don’t know what i love most, the workmanship or the commentary 😁😁😁 Brilliant stuff here.

  • Christian de Groot
    Christian de Groot

    Suddenly my wife wants a shirt.

  • junaid sial
    junaid sial

    I know this 8 series has a lot to be done but down the line would you do an x5? They are worthless in the states and they have so manny expensive repairs but after seeing your work I think you are the only one crazy enough to do it. First gen manual x5 yes they exist.

  • Patricio Munoz
    Patricio Munoz

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    Ibnu Fajar

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  • david weston
    david weston

    This guy is being wasted, he should be financed with his own large shop where he can train underlings and have the power to really fire the ones who don't work out. He reminds me of Ferdinand Peich, who insisted that VW build a car that does 300kph for 24 hours in 40 degrees with the interior not exceeding 20 degrees, and came up with the wonderful Phaeton of 2003 that was and is better than any Bentley or RR.

  • david weston
    david weston

    I'd like to purchase an e31 that has been refurbished by you. No kidding.

  • Pedro Oliveira
    Pedro Oliveira

    Your Spanish is good man

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    Siyavuya Badi

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    Albin Börthas

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    Ronald Andrade

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  • nissanskyline123

    Wish we had more 8 series available over here in the states

  • m.rei85

    When things start off too good, there has to be a catch. I tackled some smaller issues on my car, like a not completely free spinning back whell (drum brake). I was greeted by lots of rust and brake dust, combined with some sort of resin. The insides would only move to some punching tunes by MC Hammer. After several annoying issues with my car, which were a result of poor / not even performed by paid for maintenance by lazy mechanics of two different shops, it's very refreshing to watch you work. Attention to detail, thorough, decent and honest work.

  • Augusto

    LIKE your spanish but try speak in Portuguese of Brasil kkk You go love it !!! Thanks i love yours vídeos.. You are the One !!!

  • William Broadfoot
    William Broadfoot

    This channel is awesome, wish videos were released more frequently. Would love to see revival of a neglected E82 some day as that is my current daily.

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    Sub Scriptions

    You’re the only channel I watch videos from beginning to end without skipping a second. Great pace, informative and funny! Keep doing what you do !

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    Rou Pa

    This channel is the best if you like gears and german cars. Thanks for the good times.

  • Call me Ishmael
    Call me Ishmael

    Like Zionville makes much better all aluminum replacement radiators for almost any BMW that last a lifetime, I wish there would be a mfr of coolant hoses which are not rubber and lifetime quality. This is an untapped market for a world of automobiles that continually need replacement of a rubber part that was originally formulated in the 1930’s. Surely the industrial world of high pressure hoses has an entrepreneur that wishes to become wealthy with a hundred lines of ‘superior to original’ product.

  • Call me Ishmael
    Call me Ishmael

    A little rubber artists roller works perfect for applying sealant to a gasket or anything flat.. lasts forever, easily cleaned, small and cheap. Applies a perfectly even thin layer every time.

  • Turder

    We need clones of you to start channels like this but about Mercedes and Porsche

  • Diego González
    Diego González

    Número 1

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    hartono robby

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    It’s itchy dude 1


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    Who u TV

    Which manufacturer of fuel lines did you use on this machine? I want too buy fuel lines on my car.

    • Who u TV
      Who u TV

      @M539 Restorations Thank you.

    • M539 Restorations
      M539 Restorations


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    Bill Deibner

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    Frank Andrews

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  • Eugene Cooper Jr
    Eugene Cooper Jr

    Cool dude, I subscribed. 😎✌️

  • Kirk Scott
    Kirk Scott

    Recently went to get handbrake actuator done on x5 to realise yesterday the " BMW SPECIALIST " has removed my trim from the front of my rear wheel (in wheel arch) which is now missing and also 3 screws missing from from the front inside of the wheel arch so I agree miss screws FIRED Bare in mind I paid £1200 to fix a handbrake....

  • serbianvampire

    Love your videos...Just a question??? You packed it all in a 40-minute video but how many hours did you spend on the car???

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    Nick Stathes

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  • gobxo

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  • technopro 2000
    technopro 2000

    If you want to keep learning Spanish, i will gladly invite you to Spain to give you a lot of spanish lessons while we both work on my BMW E90 320i, i live in the Coast and we have always a lovely weather here! 😉👌

  • AmraphelofShinar

    I'm still waiting for the BMW Group Classic to sponsor this guy. Hello? BMW are you there? There is only one way. The way of the OEM.

  • Sam Van Geel
    Sam Van Geel

    3 Spark plug threads stripped ??? Guess the previous mechanic had a torque key in kgm instead of Nm 😅 People like that should only be allowed to work on wheelbarrows. You’re in for a few more surprises.

  • Abud

    Wie ist das mit dem Luftmassenmesser beim M60 Motor beim 730i? Kann ich z.B. von Hella ersetzen oder muss Bosch sein?

  • Irman Oval
    Irman Oval

    Thsnk you for sharing video

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    arafat chowdhury

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    Steve Maclean

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  • Charl Daniels
    Charl Daniels

    I am following you from Cape Town South Africa. This is one of my favorite channels, I learn so much here. Your E46 Tourer project inspired me to go out and get one too, they are not easy to find here in SA, especially a decent 325i. My car now is a E90 335i N55, I was hoping to find some videos on your channel for this car??

  • Linas Balke
    Linas Balke

    "The only spark plugs you want to use". Well... they are neither the correct sparkplugs by BMW, nor by NGK. BOSCH FGR7DQP or NGK BKR6EQUP. So yes, Multi-ground electrodes, but not BKR6EK

    • M539 Restorations
      M539 Restorations

      M73 is different, original Bosch plugs for M70 were 1 kOhm, current ones aren't.

    • Linas Balke
      Linas Balke

      @M539 Restorations Are you saying it ran poorly from the factory or recommendations for OEM replacement were added later on? Maybe I'm mixing up things, is it the same with M73 engine? I recall something from your earlier videos, which video was it?

    • M539 Restorations
      M539 Restorations

      You are wrong. Put those spark plugs in M70 and you'll learn the hard way it runs poorly with those incorrect resistance spark plugs. I covered this in previous videos.

  • A R
    A R

    I wish you a new big garage in this New Year bro ! 😁

  • Cletus Fordwicke
    Cletus Fordwicke

    Fantastic video. You helped me with my 850 several years ago, another of your virtues. Can’t wait to see the Helicoils go in. You are such an inspiration!

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    Meisterschaft 1

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    Hoonatic Bloggs

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    Hoonatic Bloggs

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    That intro and outro though, perfection 👌🏻

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    El Rincon de Ocioso

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    C. Van Anderson

    I really really enjoyed watching your video and listening to your narration, thanks for sharing!

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    John Morrison

    Do you install new plugs dry or with something on the threads? Your videos are always v. interesting, keep em coming.

    • John Morrison
      John Morrison

      @M539 Restorations why so?

    • M539 Restorations
      M539 Restorations

      Always dry.

  • Mecánica Paso a Paso
    Mecánica Paso a Paso


  • Chuck.U.Farley

    BMWs plants were actually in East Germany at the end of the war, but they managed to put a syndicate together and rebuild in the west. Horch and Wanderer were the same but not as lucky.

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    Stefan Chiorescu

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    • ImDribbling

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    • M539 Restorations
      M539 Restorations

      I think next week

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    Kevin barrett

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    Rob Schofield

    Great! The plug holes being stripped is a biggie - but as you say, correct tools will do the job. I've managed it twice with great success - just be cautious and take your time. Looking forward to the next one!

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    Stuart Stocks

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      M539 Restorations

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    • M539 Restorations
      M539 Restorations

      BMWs aren't for everyone and you are wrong.

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    • M539 Restorations
      M539 Restorations

      Ridex is shit, my friend. Will not work long or properly. I don't like Autodoc, you'll find much better prices on

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