Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Unboxing + Gameplay (Exynos 2100 variant)
Unboxing gameplay review of new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G flagship Android smartphone. Exynos 2100 variant gameplay of Fortnite, Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact, Free Fire, Wii and Doom.
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00:00 Intro
00:12 Tool
00:29 Unboxing
03:07 Comparison
03:56 Power [ON]
04:30 Camera
05:25 Gameplay
05:38 Fortnite
07:24 Wii emulator
07:56 Doom
08:10 Halo 3
08:32 Minecraft
09:04 Genshin Impact
10:00 Free Fire
10:32 PUBG Mobile
12:36 Call of Duty Mobile
13:52 Outro
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  • TheRelaxingEnd

    Samsung users here?

    • Mahmoud Abou
      Mahmoud Abou

      I am the oldest sumsung user i have (sumsung glaxy A3 2014)

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      md bahar

      YES I also love Samsung.

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  • BaldLapse

    Hot sd 888 because its made by Samsung

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    Hi bro you can gift me may 29 on my birthday pls you can gift me samsung s20+ pls

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    LAZARBEAM 2.0 yeet

    who is annoyed and angry fortnite is not on the apple store whos angry

  • Sarang

    Plsss try free fire

  • Только Факты
    Только Факты

    В этом телефоне "дворец путина" просмотрено в ютубе 😂

    • Rain


  • Lafziny Ashraf
    Lafziny Ashraf

    Hahahahaha I Have A Galaxy Note 8 Wow It's Powerfull and amazing and 6GB in Ram And Charge is Stay all day Working Thank God

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    Geometry D

    5:25 nice propaganda 🇷🇺🇷🇺

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    Ansh Sinha

    1:10 Indian rupee

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    Mohamed Sayed

    بتفتح تليفون ولا داخل غرفه عمليات 😡

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    Legend PBX gaming

    Sir i have a jio phone i poor man sir please one brand phone you gift me

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    Raffi Maulana

    10:08 game buriq 8 bit ga ada pintu🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Fabricio Costa

    what is this gamepad?

  • Arav Bansal
    Arav Bansal

    How did he download fortnite

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    Enes Tok

    Exynos is sh*t

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    mixalis korkas

    pls subscribe Greek Lego Games

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    Ваня Light

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    darhanbileg baatartsogt

    Het hutga ? Hahaha


    You have thousands of phones but want to upgrade but 😭😭😭

  • Yash Puri
    Yash Puri

    I'm using S10 + as well 😇 still working great.

  • Evan Leroy
    Evan Leroy

    Rtx on 🤣

  • watchtech best
    watchtech best

    yo guys i have question. which is better s21 ultra or iphone 12 pro for gaming

  • thudi mphaka
    thudi mphaka

    I feel like the note 21 ultra is the phone that comes with AMD processor

  • Naidu Sridhar
    Naidu Sridhar

    This is no 1 android mobile phone which dominated one + mobile also

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    Minire Rubovci


  • Zubair Khan
    Zubair Khan

    Samsung galaxy F62 gameplay

  • Nemanja Matovic
    Nemanja Matovic

    0:06 what is name this game

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    Gaming studio

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    Alemo UWU

    ugrading from A20 to this

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    atul g

    Which Gamepad used in this video?

  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander

    The silence is very annoying, I came looking for a review, instead I got gloves playing games.

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    Роксалана Скаева

    Тут есть русские?

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    Jk Granada

    Imagine a gift from idol #TheRelaxingEnd 😊😊😊

  • Entertainment Media Freak
    Entertainment Media Freak

    Weird. Pubg can't get hdr extr but cod gets very high and max? How? 🤔🤔


    I think he is in operation theater

  • Niloy Biswas
    Niloy Biswas

    Is this support 90fps in pubg ?

  • marvo

    I wish if i had good phone i cant work or something like that f money sad thing

  • Akhtar Adeer
    Akhtar Adeer

    4:42 Why should we saw time by zooming camera? Time can also be seen in Mobile itself..🤣🤣 Sorry just for fun.

  • Diko Sleepy
    Diko Sleepy

    Samsung uses Snapdragon chip more powerful then samsung with exynos, i wish my country would sell samsung with SD chip🥲

  • Jotaro Pinochet
    Jotaro Pinochet

    "I was expecting a smoother experience" Bruh don't expect that on a phone

    • Jotaro Pinochet
      Jotaro Pinochet

      @DarkSlayër quién sos vos

    • DarkSlayër

      hey denuevo que tal xD

  • Алишер Хокиров
    Алишер Хокиров

    TheRelaxingEnd!! What you can say about gameplay iphone 12 pro max and gameplay galaxy s21 ultra

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    Storm Troper

    Who would play fortnite on epic? NO ONE

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    Srijan Dhruw

    Add backgound music

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    Dadaxon Otaxonov

    Ihan huva

  • Sektor Lkt
    Sektor Lkt

    After all it's a question of optimization.

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  • Darkness play
    Darkness play

    Conclusión: fortnite no te irá fluido ni con el Android mas potente del mundo

  • Firas Alasaad
    Firas Alasaad

    whats the name of the controller at the beginning?

  • SantaJax72

    do a vid of showing hw many devices/gadgets u hv

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    AZIZJON Marupov

    Samsung S21 N○1

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    EL PriMeRo

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    sirojiddin masharipov

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    On Dre

    Yah pug & codm need to fix there controller support.

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    Garlic Bread Expert

    all jokes aside hes pretty good at COD mobile

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    Curtis Allen

    Which animation is this reviewer 😆 awesome content tho 😌👏🏽😅

  • vRegxn

    Is there any problems while using razoe kishu with the ultra

  • Death Proof
    Death Proof

    I asked Verizon for one of their most expensive Samsung devices and when I saw this. I just said yes. Take my money. Bought one for my wife also.

  • Manoel Zeferino
    Manoel Zeferino

    Samsung galaxy Note s21 Ultra It Has 16 gigs Of Ram Memory

  • Jayson Maramot
    Jayson Maramot

    Razer Kishi support are soooooooo Weak and useless 😔

  • sajitha sulakshana
    sajitha sulakshana

    Free fire

  • sajitha sulakshana
    sajitha sulakshana

    Free fire

  • sajitha sulakshana
    sajitha sulakshana

    Free fire

  • sajitha sulakshana
    sajitha sulakshana

    Free fire

  • Bradley Carrington
    Bradley Carrington

    "you can check the time easily with this phone" "you can watch sports events for free" bruh im sold XD

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    Багетик :3

    Oh my god relax

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    Putut Eko Bayuseno

    Im using S21 ultra and S10+ rn

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    Unbox high tech Channel ( copyright maybe)



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    Irregular Animator

    cant tell how well the resolution is because of how it was recorded, could you just record ur screen like bruh

  • Mr.Grizzly

    It's actually not a bad cable just short

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    Alexandre Machado

    Already a fan of these review, so quiet, relaxing and with some "irony" in the process 👏

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    Osia Tech

    Good video

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    JM Canlas

    You do live in Finland right?

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    All time Low

    You forgot ASMR in the title

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    aboodi hassan VEVO

    bad ph for game

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    Darius Fuentez

    Fun fact it was my birthday when he was reviewing the phone 👍

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    NightmareYt123 •Âřtīc Gämęř•

    Not the Exynos version...

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    Jesse Picard

    Is It possible to have the link to buy this beautiful knife please? thx

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    monowara mallika

    please give me your Samsung s21 ultra you have lot of money please give me your phone

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    I want that knife please. What is it?!?!

  • tfw no name
    tfw no name

    this thing is plain retarded. and when i thought they coudn t make something worse than that clusterfuck of a phone that was note 10, all the s20 line and the plastic 1300$ note 20 :))))))))))). Gf has s20 fe exynos and it overheats and shuts down. :)))))))))))) Xiaomi killed them for good.

  • Нурмухаммед Али
    Нурмухаммед Али


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  • Ryan W
    Ryan W

    For the price they charge , screwing EU users with the exynos chip is a disgrace

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  • Semir

    1500$ phone and lagging minecraft...while my Galaxy S4 could run it 60fps 6 years ago