Casually Explained: Being Healthy
the weakest of wills require the strongest of hearts. Thank you Sam for big leg joke that I stole without asking.
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  • Miles Chow
    Miles Chow

    Why did the car say that

  • TheModer8ter

    John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven.

  • I'm bringing dabsy back
    I'm bringing dabsy back

    Plant = based Animal = based

  • BEYOND 13
    BEYOND 13

    dark mode these videos man i cant watch it at night thanks

  • tempura shrimp
    tempura shrimp

    or, my diet: eat anything you can find in the freezer that is easy to make and can keep you alive for another 6 hours.

  • JustAnotherSnowflake

    Keto squad!!! 💪🏻

  • Bonish Koirala
    Bonish Koirala

    4:12 Narrator: ....senzu bean Kuririn from nowhere: SENZU BEAN!

  • Tree Beard
    Tree Beard

    Fuck breakfast unless it's for dinner

  • Science User Snake
    Science User Snake

    2500 calories a day!? I barely get 1500.

  • Davi GAMES p53
    Davi GAMES p53

    I think im gonna be carnivorous...

  • HeartFullOfChrist

    the steve irwin comment got me thinking fr

  • isthisoneunavailable

    I've been subsisting off of literally nothing ,but steak, eggs and fish for four years. Best health I've ever been in and my ulcerative colitis is gone.

    • isthisoneunavailable

      @A - cat and doge and dogelon so....the stereotype fits

    • A - cat
      A - cat

      But I too peel the coating off my chicken nuggets

    • A - cat
      A - cat

      but do you own bitcoin? (I honestly dunno if eggs are allowed on carnivore - I presume so)

  • 2ClappedOut

    I just eat whatever the hell i want when ever the hell i want it

  • Sven Volwater
    Sven Volwater

    Fuck being healthy just had cake for breakfast😎😎

  • Roach Dogg JR
    Roach Dogg JR

    I'm fat

  • waxdw1

    I’m just gonna fast

  • BlueHunt

    This video changed my life. I will workout every day and eat all of the diets mentioned in this discussion for the rest of my life. Thank you so much!

  • TheBrianp1

    So no mention of the Mediterranean diet, CRON, or the bsic food guide which with tweeking can be useful.

  • D Whitley
    D Whitley

    Carnivore diet master race

  • Igor Kopse
    Igor Kopse

    bro i absolutely adore your channel keep up the good work

  • sesamesprinkles

    The subtle inhales makes this much more entertaining

  • Mimi 78
    Mimi 78

    Your body gets rid of toxins all by itself. Its called pooping.

  • Krista Sengelaub
    Krista Sengelaub

    Why am I learning more here than I ever did in health class?

  • Pandaboi

    My personal tips for a healthy diet. Tip 1: Cut out red meat. Not only is red meat bad for you, but it's also the worst environmentally. Tip 2: Refined sugar makes you fat. Fat does not, and olive oil is actually really good for you. Tip 3: Don't try to lose weight by eating less, it'll have the opposite effect. Eat better instead.

  • Jackson Humphrey
    Jackson Humphrey

    Am i the only one that watches him for his voice

  • Josiah Azu
    Josiah Azu


  • Adrian The Genuine
    Adrian The Genuine

    Then that means we could’ve brought back Steve Irwin, with a blueberry smoothie 😂

  • SydneyPhotography2019

    HAHAHA the blueberry under the tongue

  • Maggie Leslie
    Maggie Leslie

    i watched this for comedy and now I'm learning things

  • Sam O'Nella's gay clone
    Sam O'Nella's gay clone

    I like how he lets a couple minutes of silence so we can all try to get the joke

  • 제규형

    Can't believe people skip breakfast. How do you all resist bacon and eggs on toast? It's actually quite a large amount of calories but eh I don't care about that. But yeah great video as always and hope everyone stays healthy.

  • Anish Ogale
    Anish Ogale

    New scientific research shows that the liver contains blueberries in it !

  • shubhashish

    As a general rule "anything which tastes shit is good for health"

  • Tim Lewis
    Tim Lewis

    Gotta put lots of oil in your Tesla

  • Stela Tencheva
    Stela Tencheva


  • Craftkid Gaming
    Craftkid Gaming

    Me who eats 10 meals a day and each one is based off of a certain food group *IM AM ALL POWERFUL!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHHA*

  • Golden_Ghost

    I’m American what is health?

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    It’s a Tesla doe

  • vipul kapoor
    vipul kapoor

    6:11 is a personal attack

  • Ian W.
    Ian W.

    You’re telling me y’all actually eat food-

  • Erzhena Nikolaeva
    Erzhena Nikolaeva

    you don't skip breakfast so you will not go around hungry all day

  • Justan Ol ' Guy
    Justan Ol ' Guy

    And... now I want a Blueberry Smoothie...

  • SoulgainTM

    I'm doing intermittent fasting. Very disciplined I swear. Loved that part. :'D

  • HotmailPOFY!!

    more love ;^)

  • LoStar Covers
    LoStar Covers

    Casually Explained Keto Plz..

  • Diogo Aguiar M. Lima
    Diogo Aguiar M. Lima

    1:56 “everybody felt that”

  • Naman Bishnoi
    Naman Bishnoi

    Going to chubbyemu after this to find idiots who actually drank motor oil with breakfast cereals

  • Happiestanne

    you never mentioned the diet of "pretty much just junk food"

  • Team Inferno
    Team Inferno

    “Just like a senzu bean” loved that

  • Elias Elias
    Elias Elias

    i can relate to so much things- insane

  • Hiroshi's Gift To The World
    Hiroshi's Gift To The World

    Fun fact: we are retarded because some animals can grow vitamin's by their own meanwhile we have to eat different food

  • chris flightz
    chris flightz

    Lol ur not fully in reality yet but you’ll get there

  • Marek Lenárd
    Marek Lenárd

    Like a regular person. 😂

  • Caleb Parks
    Caleb Parks

    I eat a lot of protein and carbs, so basically... I’m chonk, but Stronk.

  • Aleksander Solli
    Aleksander Solli


  • Cey Karch
    Cey Karch

    Learn from school❌ Learn from casually explained✅

  • Vex Fang
    Vex Fang

    Students that are to broke to get something to eat. Fitness isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle.......

  • Brandon Hulme
    Brandon Hulme

    Well I’m vegan and I am a two time national champion so 🤫 I’d say it works

  • Angela Bazan
    Angela Bazan

    I’m eating while watching this

  • Stela Rezende Mello
    Stela Rezende Mello

    Every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes. Together we can stop this. Please, spread the word

  • merelyanillusion

    Imagine wanting to be healthy

  • its3am

    Now this time you are wrong my dude, cuz u said that better take vodka instead of healthy food, but i am esti g healthy and i can see how my body is changig into better day by day, but vodka only gives you acne and bad skin and fat

  • Sophie Sampson
    Sophie Sampson

    I watched this while eating cream cheese off a butter knife am I healthy yet

  • Ghostly Serpent
    Ghostly Serpent

  • Games of All
    Games of All

    All the bad points of a diet -It doesn’t taste as good as the non diet stuff

  • Games of All
    Games of All

    The morning fasting thing is relatable to most of us because most of us probably don’t get up til noon

  • Overpowered Jelly
    Overpowered Jelly

    The worst part about healthy lifestyle , is that there are people claming to make "healtly pizza or healthy donuts " etc . Absolute bull sh*t

  • Rushmeet Kaur
    Rushmeet Kaur

    Watching video, picked up vitamin pills

  • LighterSoulsGaming

    I just say fuck it and eat whatever I have in my freezer.

  • Sandpiper B F
    Sandpiper B F

    Much too informative for a casually explained video

  • El- presidente
    El- presidente

    I eat whatever is in the fridge. no diet no bullshit.

  • Pratham Tawar
    Pratham Tawar

    5:00 - "Vegetarianism limited food choices" Indians with a ton of vegitarian foods -_-

  • Nic Müller
    Nic Müller

    Just wanted to be the 6666th comment, lol

  • Rowland Centanni
    Rowland Centanni

    The next side intrinsically preach because whistle seemingly sparkle into a spooky beat. evanescent, drab oval

  • Harry Fullick
    Harry Fullick

    I've haven't eaten meat for a year now and it's pretty pog. Although seafoods are still included because I can't say goodbye to fish and squid and scallops. I live by the sea and eat a lot of fish basically.

  • Sad Panda
    Sad Panda

    5:38 so does Dino nuggies

  • Flynn Spicr
    Flynn Spicr

    this was actually informative

  • brent

    “and everyone at the restaurant will think you’re a serial killer as you peel the breading off your KFC Family Bucket.” lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Megija Bērtiņa
    Megija Bērtiņa

    Breakfast became "the most important meal of the day", just because cereal and waffle brands had to sell more so they came up with this. Of course, there are benefits of eating breakfast, but it does not make you any more healthy than you already are. Just helps your body have more energy so you don't feel like a snail all day long.

  • ilhaam ashraf
    ilhaam ashraf

    Food is food

  • Nvgboi Yes
    Nvgboi Yes

    Honestly I’m on a seefood diet I see it and I eat it

  • Werbna Right
    Werbna Right

    What's that? A tasty snack! You don't wanna go and eat a snack like that! Greedy to eat all that You'll end up with your teeth all grey! What's that? A tasty snack! You don't wanna go and eat a snack like that! Greedy to eat all that You'll end up with your gums all grey! What's that, plain white sauce? Plain white sauce makes your teeth go grey! What's that, your kidney spleen? Kidney spleen makes your teeth go grey! Well everyone has their teeth go grey Just eat yeast and it will go away! But how much have you had today? Too much yeast makes your teeth go grey!

  • Ryan West
    Ryan West

    With blueberry smoothie lol

  • Jordan Lawson
    Jordan Lawson

    The accidental tuba postnatally attend because knife precisely mate across a deranged wheel. tested, simplistic mouse

  • Ryan Kearney
    Ryan Kearney

    "If your friend is passed out in the club bathroom, you can flush out the alcohol by popping a blueberry under their tongue, just like a Senzu Bean".... 🤣🤣🤣 That line made me shit myself for like 4 different reasons. Awesome. Also, where does one procure a pepperoni holster? I have a very long run coming up.

  • im me
    im me

    Swimming is a very good workout generally, it improves your lung capacity, it strengthens your legs, arms and core at the same time and it doesn't make you all bulky. Of course you have to diversify your stokes and have a proper plan, as well as access to a pool, but all in all it is really healthy for you.

    • legrandliseur tri
      legrandliseur tri

      Except if you're like me and you seem to be unable to properly close your mouth, leading you to swallow a bunch of chlorine alongside the water from the pool, which makes your throat hurt for the rest of the day.

  • Daan R
    Daan R

    I see u Alexis Texas


    I don't care I'll eat anything anytime..

  • Lucas van den Broek
    Lucas van den Broek

    The not eating breakfast part hits home the most. I used to be frowned upon for not eating breakfast and now there finally is a name for it

  • Momiji The Lesbian Leftie
    Momiji The Lesbian Leftie

    Ketogenic diet isnt great for weightloss. The majority of weight lost within the start of Keto has always been water weight. People on Keto have actually ingested more calories in some cases. Just a regular kcal restriction works just as great over the long term

  • je suis fudgeman
    je suis fudgeman

    I just drink a smoothie once every week, and call it there

  • God

    Alcohol with fortified fiber supplement

  • Jackson Morgan
    Jackson Morgan

    Yeah basically I go to the fridge and eat what’s there that is my diet

  • v

    Glad to see my man goggins in the vid

  • Simon Eiermann
    Simon Eiermann

    5:44 am I the only one to see that Carnivorous has the exact same letters as Coronavirus

  • Izkapts

    Which macro nutrients do vegans have difficulties with? Also, that "being nice to animals" means not paying for dog throats to be cut. Did I say dog? Well, that goes for all animals. Somehow there are double morals regarding different animal species.

  • Club 6
    Club 6

    0:17 So does cyanide 😂

  • steelknight

    breakfast is the first meal of the day. if you skipped that you would never eat

  • Polly Woggy
    Polly Woggy

    The best way to lose weight is to smoke a lot of meth

  • Vexlation -RAWX-
    Vexlation -RAWX-

    The glistening glorious twist secondarily bow because kangaroo intermittently stir than a disastrous tuba. unsuitable, important crown