Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer
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come get yall juice
lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily
Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog
Funky Galileo - open.spotify.com/track/0TAHhMjG17P5pzlSm1sgSl?si=621fb254df494e50
Flamingosis - Sunset Park

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves

    Godlike Merch: pissbaby.art/

    • CIA

      @The Piano Boy stop

    • Tyree Wilson
      Tyree Wilson

      It's so fucking cool

    • The Piano Boy
      The Piano Boy

      @CIA is it illegal to put my crocs in 4 wheel drive

    • scott 599
      scott 599

      Do you remember when you were on cold ones and they said that you were going to make a drone that executes babies


      6.9 dislikes.....nice

  • Joseph Steele
    Joseph Steele

    Wow, right now this video has ALMOST one million likes o-o and 6.9k dislikes, I can not make this up....

  • Mr Noir
    Mr Noir

    Here’s a neat robot idea. A robot bartender, like a couple arms to grab certain drinks (or just compartments), a shaker to make cocktails and then pours it out for you.

  • Akbalaak

    Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer ... sooo usefull xD

  • Joseph McD
    Joseph McD

    Put a gun on it

  • Esem


  • Alexander Williams
    Alexander Williams

    Make a drone with arms

  • issac b
    issac b

    .and a robot that's a Michael Reeves clone

  • Killerspieler0815

    @Michael Reeves - Your dog is female, it does not lift the leg ... hahaha , Your adapter madness reminds me at my much yourger self when I missused the analog 3,5 Klinke Audio-Output of my PC creating a lever out of adapter ~10 cm long & slowly breaking the sensitive Klinke port .... the adapter was made of: Klinke Y-splitter (cheap, Straight+hard) , Klinke-Chinch (cheap, Straight+hard) , Chinch cable to SCART (this had to be flexible & long ... also adding S-Video (PAL) from a Power-VR "Kyro 2" AGP grafics card) feeding a VCR & a Tube-TV

  • Nico Lutz-Carrillo
    Nico Lutz-Carrillo

    he's alive!!!!!!!

  • Fakhri Haj mbarek
    Fakhri Haj mbarek

    Complete the c# tutorial plz We need that and stop being lazy smart ass

  • Arkzy 46
    Arkzy 46

    Or a fish tank that feeds the fish when you scream at it

  • Arkzy 46
    Arkzy 46

    you should make a drone that hover's near someone and screams

  • Captan Linebeck
    Captan Linebeck

    Make a robot that shouts "Make a robot!" every time you get a LTwhite comment.

  • Creative and funny name Haha funny name
    Creative and funny name Haha funny name

    Don’t bad mouth Columbus man. Watch your back

  • Brian Bowers
    Brian Bowers

    hell ya

  • Itz me Mahir
    Itz me Mahir

    LTwhite : you can’t say too many curse words in a video Micheal reeves : .... fuck that..

  • momislazy

    He has serious red eye

  • Itz me Mahir
    Itz me Mahir

    8 fucking months ago I wondered when he would upload again and here I am

  • Ceasoned I CrownedSpaceMan
    Ceasoned I CrownedSpaceMan

    Try making a cargo drone from watchdogs legion

  • Alamir A.
    Alamir A.

    Yo don't be insulting my boy Columbus like that bro

  • Don Rubottom
    Don Rubottom

    Pretty funny.

  • AcyclicHarp488

    Make a code that search’s ecosia to combat climate change

  • The Mysterious Moo Moo
    The Mysterious Moo Moo

    This is the best engineering video I have ever seen

  • Anythingellie7

    I still can’t get over the fact that Michael is not in fact a 16 year old boy with too much energy for his own good. And I’ve been watching him for years…

  • Leon Barrita
    Leon Barrita

    Ive rewatched this video about 5 times now cause i’m starved from Micheal content and i just realized there’s a little among us character to the right when he says “Among us”

  • ordained snd
    ordained snd

    Make robotic hands that make u cracked at fortnite

  • Justin S
    Justin S

    That top tier editing though

  • Camsters_Cool

    8:41 that is sick as shit

  • Camsters_Cool

    How did you get a 75 thousand dollar robot and why then did you make it piss beer

  • Ugly CA7
    Ugly CA7

    A robot design: got to keep that shredder working. A roomba with a taser that takes out your ankles. Or a Teddy bear that launches a knife out of its arm to stab the user.

  • Jack Alexander Conkling
    Jack Alexander Conkling

    make him shit cups so you don't even have to get a cup he just brings both.

  • UselessCroissant

    wish i had money 2 get Patreon :(

  • Gemini S.
    Gemini S.

    Me: aha now it's you with the terrible robot idea Michael: oh no, it's for revenge

  • MpcDream

    Girl screams Translate : applause

  • jennerboi

    lily needs to get a new boyfreind he fucking drived to boston from la to make a robot piss on some company

  • rama koju
    rama koju

    Make more videos

  • 09Matt Boy
    09Matt Boy

    Build a robot bot that slaps you every time you swear. Like a mother bot. WARNING ⚠️ BAD PUN COMING UP! Hey maybe you can use a motherboard. kill me...

  • Gangst3r Gary
    Gangst3r Gary

    Make a carpet but when you stand on it, it makes you fall over

  • STXTIC {._.}
    STXTIC {._.}

    I have yet to see this happen to an actual dog

  • Fannard Watterson
    Fannard Watterson

    Make a robot that checks the internet for new memes and videos that are metaphorically cursed and have them play it on Lily's tv Everytime the lights shut OFF

  • Buddy8267

    Boston Dynamics has been real quiet since this came out..

  • Nathan Jobson
    Nathan Jobson

    Cant take Michael seriously with the bowl cut 🤭🤣

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    the brain of a genius but the ideas of a child... I LIKE IT

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle

    what will happen if it is a very well lit area

  • Nick Kwak
    Nick Kwak

    Conspiracy theory: 👌 Michael reeves and ryan higa are both from Hawaii. So maybe ryan and Michael did a behind the scenes collab or smtn. Cuz the part in this video where piss bots final completion shot. seemed like one of ryan’s old videos like his nitendo paper ad

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      Just came up this idea just now but you should make a robot that poops chocolate into people’s mouth or plate or something

  • P B
    P B

    Make a robot that tazes unfamiliar hands when touching a doorknob to open it. To keep people you don’t want out of your room

  • MrTickleClown

    See you guys in about a year lol

  • Cody Mcelroy
    Cody Mcelroy

    Oh god where did you go wrong with your life I don't care where I love it

  • terrablade n stuff
    terrablade n stuff

    Make a robot that will shank you if you sleep

  • Jesse Johnsen
    Jesse Johnsen

    Anyone else think Michael's career has been a plot to get a boston dynamics robot because he was ghosted once years ago?

  • Jesse Johnsen
    Jesse Johnsen

    guess who has their fucking robot now lol


    Robo dog: Meh Robo dog that pees beer: the greatest innovation of all time

  • Nick Ross
    Nick Ross

    This legitimately is my favorite video on all of the interwebs

  • Kota Bamber
    Kota Bamber

    You should make a robot that has a conversation with you that’s hooked up to a cardboard cutout of someone

  • Edo Piunti
    Edo Piunti

    Make a robot that follows you ( perphaps spot with further upgrades) reading out loud robot building suggestions from twitter.

  • Slayer 1107
    Slayer 1107

    this is the hardest I've laughed in a long-ass time, had to pause the video multiple times so that I could breathe and wipe the tears from my eyes.

  • King Chris
    King Chris

    Now make it take a 💩 of ice cubes.

  • Erik Lichte
    Erik Lichte

    Make a suit that shocks everyone you hug

  • HankDill

    Now all it needs is to shit crack or weed or lines of cocaine

  • DJ LaykzBlu
    DJ LaykzBlu

    Just came up this idea just now but you should make a robot that poops chocolate into people’s mouth or plate or something

  • Cole Loney
    Cole Loney

    Hey piss maker you must create a big ass bay blade that attacks and shouts slurs at the robo dog

  • Omar Gonzalez
    Omar Gonzalez

    You should make a dumb AI. Instead of Alexa or seri level intelligence make it respond with not so smart commands.

  • Fancy

    I need a battle between Pissbot 9000, and the cursing vacuum

  • TheChemicalMind

    Build a giant taser

  • e2Ke

    Make a walking chair

  • Corey Winnie
    Corey Winnie

    So, this was amazing. And much respect for the drive and even joking about just turning around and going home. I have to wonder if Michael did indeed just go home.

  • Punz

    6:27 yvonne: screaming subtitles: APPLAUSE

  • Kaiser Moses
    Kaiser Moses

    Michael has insane drip

  • Aiden DelGallo
    Aiden DelGallo

    so this is how robots will rule the world? got it.

  • Mike the Tiger9
    Mike the Tiger9

    11:42 he’s like a happy little gremlin child

  • Cat Bustillos
    Cat Bustillos

    Now you need the dog to poop chocolate and then it’s a fully fledged dog

  • SharpShotLogan

    Make a door that slams in your face every time you try to walk through it

  • TotalBearGaming

    Good robot idea: Robot shoes that make you do a backflip

  • JRV Autos
    JRV Autos

    I fucking love this guy's videos YOU ROCK YOU SICK GENIUS BASTARD

  • Joe Del
    Joe Del

    Make a robot that can carry you around but if you dont pay it it attacks you👍

  • KingPhantomCat

    AMOGUS 5:54 look at the bottom

  • ᗪεɱσηɨςΔηgει

    the robot dog: (。┰ω┰。) Im trying my best

  • Floof tv
    Floof tv

    I have ADHD and I love this

  • Ral - Co
    Ral - Co

    wait its in boston? im in massachusetts and where i live is like an hour drive to boston

  • Sillybugs YT
    Sillybugs YT

    Doctors when you reach age 3: 9:17

  • Turtle man
    Turtle man

    OMG 2:31 I actually cannot breath right now

  • Carter Crowell
    Carter Crowell

    Make a airsoft gun that instead of a gearbox it is a piston

  • Mike Lastname
    Mike Lastname

    Who. Are. You. (Subscribed)

  • Not the black mask
    Not the black mask

    How did I not watch this guy before?

  • Mary Randolph-frye
    Mary Randolph-frye

    Build chest but it takes you every time you lose a piece

  • Saidscoot

    Teach a drone to piss beer for the sake of hands free sky piss

  • Jagger Marro
    Jagger Marro

    can you build a thing that says fuck you every time you walk in the door or house.

  • Gibby

    Insane tiny tony stark makes peeing robot

  • Just Johnny Wu
    Just Johnny Wu

    Everybody gangsta til the cup on the table

  • Ethan V
    Ethan V

    Micheal can you make a fly drone with an arm that can slap people ?

  • Hrvoje Horvat
    Hrvoje Horvat

    make a machine, not a fucking robot! that slaps you with a fish, and use it on your self... often

  • Marco Ulmanella
    Marco Ulmanella

    bruh build a robot to give yourself a haircut god damn

  • Emon boobis
    Emon boobis


  • goose man
    goose man

    make a fridge that heats things up

  • Charles M.
    Charles M.

    Here is one to make it more realistic. fb.watch/5k6elop-b5/

  • Author_Untitled


  • Evan Slachetka
    Evan Slachetka

    Make a Roomba that chases you with a taser


    Make a mirror that makes you uglier

  • Justin Van Rooyen
    Justin Van Rooyen

    This is my new favorite video.