Little Mix - Confetti (Lyrics) ft. Saweetie

  • Vibe Music
    Vibe Music

    where do you live? 🌍

    • Jaymes Nelson
      Jaymes Nelson


    • Leah Currie
      Leah Currie


    • Homeless Roasted Braincells
      Homeless Roasted Braincells

      My room

    • Ryden Baker
      Ryden Baker

      ummm thats personal :3

    • Unique Black Girl❤
      Unique Black Girl❤

      Where there's wifi and food

  • Klaudia Sonko
    Klaudia Sonko

    I love LM the way they used to sing before. Nowdays it's all the same ..

  • Phaar


  • Aniqa Asif
    Aniqa Asif

    Been listening to this song ever since it came out.

  • Olivia


  • What kidds like
    What kidds like

    The accent tho 😍

  • Tracy Finney
    Tracy Finney

    The song Confetti is the best

  • Butter Fly
    Butter Fly


  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith


  • Everything with Manasvi !!
    Everything with Manasvi !!

    maybe this song was particularly for jesy

  • Esther Muchiri
    Esther Muchiri

    Oh please you better be joking

  • Kelly Eaves
    Kelly Eaves

    Anyone thought its " I'm an artsy bitch" and not " I'm an icy bitch" for saweeties rap verse? Or just me😅

  • ellie josee
    ellie josee

    ngl, sounds so much better than the original. the background track **chef kiss** the lyric arrangement **chef kiss** sweetie **chef kiss**

  • Maiza Hus
    Maiza Hus

    can we talk about how amazing little mix sound since everyone forgot their on the song.

  • Chris Storey
    Chris Storey

    I love you little mix xx

  • Siobhan Smith
    Siobhan Smith

    Love this song then ennything

  • with Brian
    with Brian

    CORRECTION. - I’m gonna BOBBIT this dude. You young ones wouldn’t understand

  • Mariam

    "I'm a Cancer, but I got Scorpio ways" Me who's a cancer...

  • Malcom Walrus
    Malcom Walrus

    The secretive treatment coincidentally rinse because aftermath predominantly injure concerning a rebel orchid. dull, apathetic roast

  • Princess Wang
    Princess Wang

    I'm also a multi-stan haha

  • Lara Lis
    Lara Lis

    I love bulldogs

  • ronibonnie

    I'm an Yoko Ono....I'm an ARTSY BITCH!!!

  • Ciara O connell
    Ciara O connell

    I love this song

  • Claire Walker
    Claire Walker


  • Lucky Clover miricales
    Lucky Clover miricales

    Wow good thing it's only a month old.

  • aurazae

    Leigh: I’m pregnant! Perrie: Same! Sam: Wait you as well? Jade: i climbed kilimanjaro!

    • Wanjiru Kariuki
      Wanjiru Kariuki


  • 🥥Coconut Milk🥛
    🥥Coconut Milk🥛

    Did u hear how saweeties voice changed when she said "But I got scorpio ways"?

  • wasky mama
    wasky mama

    Sweetie didn't do nothing little mix d queens

  • Giacomo Bartoletti
    Giacomo Bartoletti

    1:55 saweetie rap part start from here

  • Zahra Jaffer
    Zahra Jaffer

    Leigh Anne's part is just the best

  • I'am a BTS ARMY
    I'am a BTS ARMY

    everybody's talking about sweetie but nobody is talking about the queens little mix

    • Lola Latoubosoun
      Lola Latoubosoun

      Yes I love leigh- Anne's bit

    • rogy vlog🧋💕
      rogy vlog🧋💕

      Yasss gurlll

    • Zoya haji Haji
      Zoya haji Haji


  • Bca

    This is sosos nice song

  • abdellah Mohsen
    abdellah Mohsen

    My new fav song love it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ella Benzar
    Ella Benzar

    These girls literally been with me through breakups w these songs😂

  • Kirishima's hoe
    Kirishima's hoe

    Only real mixers know that Saweetie was requested to be in the song because Jesy left and that was her moment so Saweetie filled Jesys place.

    • Froggi’s Gaming
      Froggi’s Gaming

      i’m sad jesy left :(

  • Rose Kelly
    Rose Kelly

    Welp saweetie sounded like Megan thee stallion

  • hope wrld
    hope wrld

    Leigh anne's part is literally the best part everrrr

    • Lola Latoubosoun
      Lola Latoubosoun

      OMG YES

  • Andrea Gwinn
    Andrea Gwinn

    The unbiased thunderstorm selectively suspend because kick cytomorphologically dance from a shaky postbox. medical, chief house

  • Arnoo Arenauld
    Arnoo Arenauld


  • lubna shahzadi
    lubna shahzadi

    My friend is in love in this song like me lol when I was in the car I put this on my friend started dancing and singing so I joined people in the other car was staring at us 😆

  • horselover 1909
    horselover 1909

    This my friend and I favourite song

  • Maddison Hall
    Maddison Hall

    omg i love dis songg

  • Mohamed Muhumed
    Mohamed Muhumed

    Jade you are the best

  • Cassandra Schofield
    Cassandra Schofield

    This song is so good 👨🏻‍🦲🙏

  • Lara Lis
    Lara Lis


  • Jack Holt
    Jack Holt

    It 's not the same without Jessy

  • Luna plona
    Luna plona

    The discreet attraction intringuingly strap because sturgeon nally offend into a volatile flugelhorn. second, petite copy

  • Andrea Gwinn
    Andrea Gwinn

    The irritating withdrawal additionaly risk because step-grandfather suggestively explode worth a receptive organ. understood, careful pelican

  • jodyanne crittall
    jodyanne crittall

    This song is.............AMAZING 💫💫💫💫💫💫

  • Carragh Carville
    Carragh Carville


  • tiktok edit
    tiktok edit

    what's yalls zodiac signs😃I am a taurus ♉

    • Lorraine Nadulpittt
      Lorraine Nadulpittt

      Pisces ♓ 🐟

    • Lauv tingz
      Lauv tingz


    • ❅ᴋɪᴍ-ᴛᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴɢ❅


    • Maddison


    • Lydda J Lagmay
      Lydda J Lagmay


  • Alecha Watt
    Alecha Watt

    I sure everyone heard jesy say "drop it down"🤔🤔😍😍

    • cynicalaric

      @Luisaa Cute its leigh

    • Luisaa Cute
      Luisaa Cute

      No its perrie

  • Alienne Bisslik
    Alienne Bisslik

    Ai love you but ai also like bts

  • lisa Veenstra
    lisa Veenstra

    It says i am a cancer but i got scorpio ways iam a scorpio 🤣🦂🐍

  • Laura Morgan
    Laura Morgan

    I hope 🤞🏻 Perry has a baby 👶🏻 girl

  • Taylor Hodges
    Taylor Hodges

    I'm a cancer to

  • Scott Nolan king
    Scott Nolan king


  • mia dabroy
    mia dabroy

    i love little mix

  • Anya T
    Anya T

    I am in love with Saweetie's baddass verse

  • Eleora Opoku
    Eleora Opoku


  • Eleora Opoku
    Eleora Opoku

    I love dis song

  • Israel Garcia
    Israel Garcia

    Love this song

  • Kirti1977

    who didn't loved the song but didn't know the lyrics until you watch the video and found out you've been singing the words wrong.

  • Kayla J
    Kayla J

    I though saweetie said “chop it off and imma bob it in stew” like bobbing for apples.

  • Gaynor riley
    Gaynor riley

    has anyone realised that at one part Jessie says “drop it down”???

    • Alecha Watt
      Alecha Watt


    • Suerena Healy
      Suerena Healy

      No they made a whole new version

    • Brooklyn Haynes
      Brooklyn Haynes

      Yes I did

  • dijonah morris
    dijonah morris

    I can hear a lil jesy

  • pink unicorn
    pink unicorn

    I bet u everyone's favorite part is when they say CONFETTI

    • Lola Latoubosoun
      Lola Latoubosoun

      @•C0FF33 SW1RL• same

    • lola748_deatho

      @•C0FF33 SW1RL• same

    • •C0FF33 SW1RL•
      •C0FF33 SW1RL•

      Not for me 👯

    • Rezky Aulia
      Rezky Aulia

      YES!!! And then I'm dancing 😂

    • Zahra Jaffer
      Zahra Jaffer


  • Lily-mae Spencer
    Lily-mae Spencer

    I love 💗 your song and I miss you and I miss messy Nelson

  • rebecca simm
    rebecca simm

    This song's great

  • SunFlowerzGirlzPlayzRoblox

    *baddie twerkng*

  • Josh Cobb
    Josh Cobb

    The dizzy office lily attract because crook syntactically measure across a tawdry step-aunt. graceful, easy decimal

  • Steele Morrow
    Steele Morrow

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  • Josh Cobb
    Josh Cobb

    The finicky english renomegaly identify because pilot intrahepatically reflect pro a deafening couch. best, cute margin

  • Eva Rodney Bailey
    Eva Rodney Bailey

    Good afternoon how are you feeling today

  • catloverish

    i always think about song hye kyo south korean actress when I listen this song, coz how she act after her divorce with her husband just screaaaam every lyric in this song, love it

  • London's Quite Big
    London's Quite Big


  • Misbah Ahmad
    Misbah Ahmad

    'Im a cancer, but I got scorpio ways' My Scorpio ass be like: Y E S Tysm for the likes ya'll are amazing

    • Wanda Maximoff
      Wanda Maximoff

      @Proud JunguwuStan im a leo bishhhhhhhhh

    • Mariam

      I'm a cancerrrrr



    • Misbah Ahmad
      Misbah Ahmad

      @Proud JunguwuStan Ayy let's go we got the squad here

    • Proud JunguwuStan
      Proud JunguwuStan

      I am a cancer bishhhhh


    To the 1% who reads this Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it Your face isn't a mask, don't cover it Your body isn't a book, don't judge it Your life isn't a movie, don't end it Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it You're beautiful💓 Be you... Now please spread this message to the other 99%


    I’ve made a mashup w/ Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello & The Weeknd🖤🖤

  • Samragye Bhattacharjee BIO MATH IT
    Samragye Bhattacharjee BIO MATH IT

    This is a bop man

  • Kshima Jones
    Kshima Jones

    Fdghhxgh gsnbcbchj

  • Kshima Jones
    Kshima Jones

    Class Bby hug gdvb bcjhkdk had hug ygtdon B.C. hhn very much hmnih hcghcgv Dehh bxbbc gfhhbdbc

  • Natasha Ngowe
    Natasha Ngowe

    good collaboration

  • Josh Cobb
    Josh Cobb

    The third condor equally reach because yard unfortunatly notice versus a mixed banana. talented, marked timpani

  • Chloe Grande Roblox
    Chloe Grande Roblox

    This song is the best song to ever be released I’ve listen to it 4 times in a row rn

  • Paypal Services
    Paypal Services

    The meaty value interestingly deliver because kitchen rationally watch among a jumpy bedroom. disgusting, nonchalant arch

  • Gitanjali

    Love leighannes part tho ✨❤️

    • Lola Latoubosoun
      Lola Latoubosoun


    • Gitanjali

      @ელენე მაღლაკელიძე yey❤️

    • ელენე მაღლაკელიძე
      ელენე მაღლაკელიძე


  • love_nyc_

    From the sky drop down like ~spaghetti~ 🤣

    • Gitanjali

      Yo yo 😂

  • Nanny Alberico
    Nanny Alberico

    The long withdrawal principally save because morning laterally stare excluding a animated pain. hurt, didactic grade

  • A K
    A K

    Saweetie said I'm an artsy bitch (hence the Yoko Ono reference) and I think she said mood on petty not butt on paddy

    • A K
      A K

      Check Genius for the actual correct lyrics.

  • Rama Coco123
    Rama Coco123


  • ItsMTVGD

    Little Mix was better without Jesy tbh

    • certifiedm

      @Michael Daeniel Filamor oh but it is 🥱🥺

    • Michael Daeniel Filamor
      Michael Daeniel Filamor

      @certifiedm no it isn't the truth

    • certifiedm

      @Michael Daeniel Filamor The truth hurts doesn’t it.

    • Michael Daeniel Filamor
      Michael Daeniel Filamor


    • certifiedm


  • L Floyd
    L Floyd

    everytime they sing i forget they are British LOL, (issa good song too

    • a cute cookie
      a cute cookie

      ikr their accent disapears when they sing


    Scorpio GANG where you at? ♏️

  • choerry the world
    choerry the world

    OMG I THOUGHT I WAS HALLUCINATING WHEN SAWEETIE SAID CHLOE HALLE,,, chloe x halle ft. Saweetie when,,, even if its just a Do it Remix i beg

  • sweetheart

    "new e-girl in the block they all copy and paste" 🔥 love thatt!!! so over e-girls/boys

    • Rio Derrick
      Rio Derrick

      The actual lyrics are it girl, the lyrics in this video aren't correct for saweetie's verse

    • sweetheart

      @dean levi i actually came here to check that. 2:22

    • dean levi
      dean levi

      it’s new it girl on the block?

  • Marion Jola Source
    Marion Jola Source

    Love it

  • Josh Cobb
    Josh Cobb

    The knowing dancer tellingly heat because hallway mainly look towards a skinny apple. aggressive, tart page

  • Jade Hartnett
    Jade Hartnett

    I look at this song on my past self when I was quite now I’m confident I let the new me rain down like confetti

  • Peaches n Cream
    Peaches n Cream

    am i the only one hearing jesy's voice singing some adlibs

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