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If you're looking for the answers to life's questions and Wikipedia was under scheduled maintenance, look no further, Casually Explained is here to help.

  • Kandy

    Ugh... I thought it was making out

  • Youropinionsucks

    2:50 forgive me but I completely froze when this came up and didn’t say it 😬

  • Linkin2603

    My philosophy is, don’t go talk to random people, wait for them to talk to you.

  • EditorialJoe

    This is fantastic Also please stop encouraging people

  • William Hayward
    William Hayward


  • Kyran grant
    Kyran grant

    Bro 500,000 is wayyyyyyy to much for a country that size india and China has much less

  • Shadow

    There used to be a place called pho king crab. I didn't get the joke till my junior year of highschool.

  • RadioactiveDragonite

    Definitely needs an updates. Too many people leaving the game

  • EditorialJoe

    "So anyway, that's my argument against universal healthcare." And LTwhite and Canada both let you get to 3.46 million subs? Now you have at least 3.4600001 million.

  • Treacherous J Slither
    Treacherous J Slither

    Disappointed that you left out Africa. But not surprised.

  • Payton Lott
    Payton Lott

    Just don’t say : je suis plein

  • Yoobi

    Didn't mention the suicide plant. 0/10

  • 144p Lobster
    144p Lobster

    I've heard some people say things like: "but it's almost impossible to ONLY use renewables for energy!" but like... the tunnbröds rulle guy so Sweden, uses 100% or at least 98% of its energy from renewables and even uses leftover foods and literal shit as energy for buses

  • Emin Çetin
    Emin Çetin

    I am watching this video from a Third world country in Tears :'(

  • Robert Cruz
    Robert Cruz

    Not gonna get pinned

  • Ivan

    But like 50 pesos is like what 3 bucks

  • V0r4xiz

    I've been to Sweden plenty of times to know how atrocious their food is but a fuckin hot dog in a burrito just takes the fucking cake, man :D Like what's wrong with you people? Snorted one too many Surströmmings, I suppose.

  • Crad

    Being able to tell an unfunny joke and everyone still die of laughter is heights i have not yet reached

  • V0r4xiz

    2:40 "And that's what we've contributed the last 150 years. You're welcome." Canadians in front of the screen: AND TRIVIAL PURSUIT, HELLO?

  • Jonistan

    I wouldn't call Saudi Arabia easy though

  • Felix D
    Felix D

    Thanks to you i passed my thermodynamic exam

  • Darian Yan
    Darian Yan

    The biggest reed flag The fact I thought this was about communism

  • ForkliftCertified

    Fucking hilarious.

  • Adhunik Manav
    Adhunik Manav

    melting from indoor climate control........and his love. *spits my tea out*

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    That's it... I'm subscribing

  • Currymcflurry • 7 years ago
    Currymcflurry • 7 years ago

    "If she/he calls you my world dont be fooled theres 8 other planets " - Einstein

  • Skedaddle Skadoodle
    Skedaddle Skadoodle

    bruh i thought he was going to go “*AFRICAN* foofoo- *K O R E A N*”

  • Wyvron

    That was the best ending to a LTwhite video ever

  • Mr. Garbage
    Mr. Garbage

    This is why they say French is the language of love. A slip of the tongue and you’re in bed.

  • Mr. Garbage
    Mr. Garbage

    If anyone wants to know why Americans call aubergines eggplants, it’s because wild ones actually do look like eggs.

  • Jaca van Heesch
    Jaca van Heesch

    4:18 thats the most american thing i have ever heard

  • Grace

    my first time watching a video teaching math after graduated from high

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    4:15 I like how one of the scooters is just empty, probably the dude just got kidnapped

  • K. IBLE
    K. IBLE

    Oh Jan

  • W S
    W S

    Of course she’s an “accountant”

  • Cordova

    2:50 😂😂😂

  • Raggum

    The legal drinking age in WV and the rest of the deep mountains is "The police are tards. They won't get us alive!" sorta deal.

  • Cordova

    “America is still figuring out what a kilometer is”

  • Nimric

    Cities in North America are crazy the only reason you would be a cyclist here is you either crave death or are to poor for anything better.

  • harryantino

    4:24 lol

  • Mono832

    If your over qualified than dosent that mean, they can still hire you?

  • Lonly Matt
    Lonly Matt

    6:29 Mincraft??!?!?

  • Sep G
    Sep G

    Life subtracter ☠️

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  • Vicci Tab
    Vicci Tab

    20-25 degrees is average? You clearly don't live in Australia

  • Arkemis Mermadia
    Arkemis Mermadia

    would you like a brick? short answer: for $1000 would you like a bottle'o air for $30? short answer: for 1mil and it's a deal

  • Dylan Cea
    Dylan Cea

    If she friendzone me i would say " oh me and my friend is actually playing truth or dare, i was not actually into you ew"

  • Santiago Franc_ouver
    Santiago Franc_ouver

    Me, watching from Mexico am I a joke to you.

  • Yuvika Das
    Yuvika Das

    I am 98% introvert, making me the *extra super classic unbelievably shy quiet girl everyone trusts*

  • Varun Negi
    Varun Negi


  • LudumEnded

    they dont have internet. i died

  • Khumo Mora
    Khumo Mora

    Dont fuck with the mouse😂

  • G FN
    G FN

    “Black people should be free” *puts colours wrong way round* 🤦‍♂️ Abraham Lincoln was Republican

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      at parties, the type to yell “RACIST” at anything that offends u

  • KurtkaN

    Turkish people getting ready to crucify him after the baklava bit:

  • Pöööl z
    Pöööl z

    I like chicken

  • Nguyen Tony
    Nguyen Tony

    It's cringe that our Vietnamese restaurant has pun in their nams

  • מינ טאובר
    מינ טאובר

    Ilove french fries in my shawarma, and I'm from Israel so it's some what authentic

  • Abhinav Moudgalya
    Abhinav Moudgalya

    His jokes and plot follow the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle...

  • Abhinav Moudgalya
    Abhinav Moudgalya

    His jokes and plot follow the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle...

  • Not really an optimist
    Not really an optimist

    tunnbrödsrulle, yes

  • Micheal Masslock
    Micheal Masslock

    Fuckin Florida

  • Andre Sousa Gavin
    Andre Sousa Gavin


  • Andre Sousa Gavin
    Andre Sousa Gavin

    I love how the home has like 50 "introverts"

  • He Who Battles
    He Who Battles

    I was not expecting a Cyberpunk 2077 reference in this video.

  • Mendars05

    Sadly I’m 14 and employed

  • Inferno Flame
    Inferno Flame

    This video was incredibly accurate especially about America

  • mosenco f
    mosenco f

    if for italian food you only mention pasta, pizza and gelato, you missed a lot of delicious food

  • Hampus Siik
    Hampus Siik

    I have now wtched every Casually Explained video available to this day thus was the last.

  • Zach

    What is sad is the fact that he is a amazingly funny sarcastic LTwhite comedian, but because of that very few will ever realize what a genius he is and how well he writes. Not many can pull off a double an tundra that well. Not only was it perfectly said, it had my ass rolling on the floor laughing. Sometimes in this jacked up world all we need is a good laugh. Keep up the great work man I love this channel and it's content.

  • King Dark slayer
    King Dark slayer

    She keeps going to my room

  • King Dark slayer
    King Dark slayer


  • termapoop

    My fingahh hurt blod gome oud

  • AM gamer
    AM gamer

    I live in Montenegro and we do eat baklava

  • Mokongthe3

    African food: ......

  • NutBuster420

    Thats actually a fucken decent Australian accent mate GG

  • Calm Mind
    Calm Mind

    25 years until we're all replaced by our future overlords, robots.

  • Canahmet YILMAZ
    Canahmet YILMAZ


  • Yeetus The Feetus
    Yeetus The Feetus

    "Henry CaVELL" 6:33

  • G.Adrian

    Eating frozen pizza with Jack Daniel's doesn't sound too bad😑😑😑