Norris Nuts Clips

Norris Nuts Clips
Norris Nuts Clips

NORRIS NUTS SECRET CHANNEL - Best Highlight Moments from The Norris Nuts

  • 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞🥸

    I love watching Norris nuts videos, they always make me feel better :)

  • Grei Shira Jaramilla
    Grei Shira Jaramilla

    Sabre 10 out of 10 / biggy 3 out of 10

  • Jessica Flaherty
    Jessica Flaherty

    Sockie sabre biggy and naz should watch a spilts tutorial and whoever gets the closest wins

    • Jessica Flaherty
      Jessica Flaherty

      Or any felxibility videos

  • Kar_YTGamer

    I’ve been a legend when it was Sabre’s 13th birthday. I think in 2018

  • ProGamerIzabel

    im a pancake!

  • Emaan Shaaz
    Emaan Shaaz


  • Ferdos Zana
    Ferdos Zana

    I really feel saber because I’m short myself and I don’t grow like her my brother is four years younger than me and he is Taller than me really feels horrible I get you saber 💕🥺

  • Rihanna Rosie
    Rihanna Rosie

    The Norris nut should post little clips of naz you pigs and were they live 😄

    • Rihanna Rosie
      Rihanna Rosie


  • Yogita Singh
    Yogita Singh

    The laugh of naz got me 😂😂😂

  • Alex Solomon the 3rd
    Alex Solomon the 3rd

    I was a legend since 2019


    Very entertaining, i love sockie she is so funny and kind

  • Elena Enroth
    Elena Enroth

    Ahh I love forcing children to spend hours of their lives getting filmed and missing out on their best years because they can’t go anywhere because of fame but that’s just my opinion

  • Kanju

    Bruh honestly just stop the content you make and I cannot stress this enough is 90 percent click bait you waste people's time if you get hate comments just like this one just remember that it is your fault for making cringy videos and for click baiting -literally every person above the age of 10

  • Jane Glennie
    Jane Glennie

    That looks REALLY fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also discos laugh was so cute 😄😄

  • maari cook
    maari cook

    More memes please? :)

  • Banana_playz

    I’m in bed rn haha

  • Presley Slaba
    Presley Slaba

    Story time with Sockie is the best 😂😂😂

  • Aliesha Jade
    Aliesha Jade

    Awww this makes me so sad that she feels like that,i also get annoyed that she is gonna be 18 in 2 years and her parents still treat her like a 5 year old,its notfair

    • GreenTac

      Her parents don't treat her like a five year old her parents are very kind and supportive. They even bought her a car and everything

  • ajmal khan
    ajmal khan

    disco is so cute sabre is so nice i wish everybody in the world had a sibling just like sabre and the other norris nuts.

  • Eva Shah
    Eva Shah

    Yep I can't stretch

  • Vminkook Ami
    Vminkook Ami

    Sabre there isn’t much waves here to surf but in England you maybe could do it

  • Horse girl
    Horse girl

    When wowan that just got there perioid like Years ago and used to it when they see others get it them why they exited I wish I never had my period lol😂

  • Rusted & Busted
    Rusted & Busted

    What the heck is wrong with this comment section

  • Autumn Walker-Regisford
    Autumn Walker-Regisford

    biggy is so supportive

  • Khloe Cajuste
    Khloe Cajuste

    Wait the winner is biggy

  • Marlo McKee
    Marlo McKee

    Please try to do the splits cause now I feel bad that I can do everything you showed us but I love your videos😊

  • Brooke Shannnen
    Brooke Shannnen

    Don’t worry sockie I attempted the splits for you and got a massive cramp… you’re welcome 😇

  • Brooke Shannnen
    Brooke Shannnen

    Guys it’s 10:15 at night and I got up to do the stretching with her even though she said that if we were in bed we could just stay. You should be proud of me 😌

  • Rebecca Whyte
    Rebecca Whyte

    4 years

  • wai man Cheang
    wai man Cheang

    Don’t worry Sock I am not straightable so I am same as you but I can do split I like fancy

  • Victoria Sadler
    Victoria Sadler


  • Sam Lovell
    Sam Lovell

    I really don't care who can close a sliding door the most


    Does Sockie liked being fancy when she was younger???

  • {//Mushroom \\}
    {//Mushroom \\}

    I’m 5ft1 and I’m 9

  • Erum Joshi
    Erum Joshi

    San you should not cross you eyes cuz when someone did it they died so I wouldn't do you if I were you. I am Australian and Indian but mostly Australian:) Thank you for reading my comment!

  • Livi

    Who else is watching in June 2021?? I can't believe the norris nuts have had NN clips for 7 months already!!!

  • FayePlayz_YT


  • Xvieria Mckylee Diana
    Xvieria Mckylee Diana

    I clicked this video super fast than biggy could say "STAY SHRIMP"

  • Mizo animations
    Mizo animations


  • Boniface Komu
    Boniface Komu


  • Meryem Bagci
    Meryem Bagci

    I got mine at 13

  • Rissole

    Lol the only way to be more flexible is to push yourself just past the point you feel like is enough a little at a time each day, I'm 33 and can still touch my toes but I still do daily stretches because you only get one back in life and my Nanna always told me to stretch before you do anything else of a morning to get the blood pumping :)

  • Louise Hegarty
    Louise Hegarty

    I think boggy wins

  • Kim Hongjoong
    Kim Hongjoong

    when you get more flexible then you can say HI IM STRETCHY SOCKIE!!!!!

  • muiteko

    Can we just appreciate how theyre name is really good

  • Cyclic Waver
    Cyclic Waver


  • muiteko

    The guy that name his son biggy:

    • misty suki
      misty suki

      A swimmer 👁️

  • darlinqskys ☆
    darlinqskys ☆

    Me causally eating chips in my bed~

  • UK Tiwari
    UK Tiwari

    Indian Legends does the norris nuts fashion come in India?

  • The secret life of Cats
    The secret life of Cats

    make the sleeves shorter

  • GamerMate!

    pls do skits!

  • Matilda Kronďáková
    Matilda Kronďáková

    When I tried to do the stretching I looked exactly like Sockie. And my leg was stuck too. 😂😍

  • Tilly Games
    Tilly Games

    wait doesnt biggy win though???????

  • Thew

    What the fuck did orange make me click on...

    • Orange

      I said scary video loser

  • Averey Franklin_Ak
    Averey Franklin_Ak

    When are you guys moving in to your new house?

  • dominic coomber
    dominic coomber

    Woo Norris nuts rock.

  • E

    Ngl the 2nd girl looks like hermione from harry potter

  • barb rugendyke
    barb rugendyke

    Biggie 200 Sabre 3000

  • SK WLG
    SK WLG

    WHeREs the ICE QUEEN

  • Lilly-JO Lant
    Lilly-JO Lant

    Buggy won tho

  • cloudy ASMR
    cloudy ASMR

    biggy i think he has the better style

  • Jovi-pro

    I am not good at stretching either and can’t do the “pancake” YET! It is possible for you and I and all the other inflexible people! Soooo yes I think you should try and do the splits because it’s possible (even for you)! 👍

  • Jemima Rose!
    Jemima Rose!

    i have been a legend since when you guys did teleportation

  • Cooking Rabbit
    Cooking Rabbit

    Nazzy :where are you going? Legends:I’m going to get ducky

  • Beany Playzstuff
    Beany Playzstuff

    Read Norris nuts, from your last video I just wanted to say I understand that biggy doesn't want to share something to private and every legend telly the same. From beanyonfire:)

  • mehar saleem
    mehar saleem

    sockie i can't stetch!! and i want u to do the spilts with me atleast try

  • sxmply strawb3rry
    sxmply strawb3rry

    remember the sizzle reels yall did a year ago?what happened

  • Farrah

    You got it Biggy / STAY Shrimpy

  • K Family
    K Family

    GO GO GO GO GO GO SOCK *lets all spred the word)* YOU CAN MAKE IT

  • star..xo13

    Sabre, You are a amazing person and You are beautiful just the Way You are 💗


    Biggy was the winner tho?

  • Xx_Blossom-Star_xX

    Is it just me or even though I'm flexible I just jumped right onto my bed

  • abdullah alrajhi
    abdullah alrajhi

    Me when l saw biggy and he pushed it: chill out bruh

  • Ryan Connolly
    Ryan Connolly

    Sickie if I come down to Australia one day I will teach you


    I hv bean a legend since sabre made the video fake sick one

  • Winter Mage
    Winter Mage

    dont ever feel like that your beautiflu the way you are i feel the same

  • Amelia Baker
    Amelia Baker

    i’m having teeth extracted

  • Shiomara Sampayo
    Shiomara Sampayo

    Legends on the couch that didnt ge up XD l l l l V

  • Just Roze
    Just Roze

    Your cute